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  1. Biosec - Book - dry - techniques and recipes - IN ITALIAN

    Biosec - Book - dry - techniques and recipes - IN ITALIAN Dried, dehydrated, freeze-dried, crumbly, crunchy: Kosmos cooking these words that evoke the absence of lifeblood, communicate visually, taste and hearing very precise. The soft polenta tuile, which melts in the mouth, the concentrated essence of sun-dried tomatoes, which is released in contact with the palate, the special aroma of dried cod are part of an extra dry it has been associated with a nice repertoire of perceptions. The removal of water contained in the food, is due to heat or the passage of air, a proven method of preservation, but also a system for the amount of the same to change in a radical way. After forcing the boundaries of taste and upset the aesthetics, the curious gastronauts step explorations in this different sense sector in which it concerns about the structure of materials, the balance of the plate. This article looks at Stefano Masanti various techniques food its natural moisture to escape. Evaluates the results produced by different instruments: conventional oven, microwave and dryer and offers a number of recipes to show how amazing dry ingredients in signature roles can have meals. Publisher: culinary Bibliotheca Publication date: 31/102016 Pages: 96 In large format Italian language to couple a nice idea with our Biosec dryer.
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  2. Bamix - BOOK RECIPES COOKING WITH BAMIX - in Italian (Articles home)


    Book recipes to prepare and cook with bamix. 160 pages with recipes and instructions for each dish: appetizers, main courses, desserts and sweets to be performed with the famous mixer to bamix Swiss dive.

    Discover how easy it is to use and versatile for chopping, blending, chopping, slicing, kneading, beating, pulverizing, whisk, mix well and a lot more thanks to its amenities that make it a true pocket-sized food processor.

    With a foreword and recipe by chef Daniele Persegani.

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  3. Biosec - Book - The drying in the Kitchen - IN ITALIAN

    Biosec - Book - The drying in the Kitchen - IN ITALIAN Finally, a new cookbook Biosec: "The drying in the Kitchen" Tips and techniques to preserve and enjoy the pure taste of the food. Thousands of ideas, hints and tips to preserve and enjoy the most of your dry goods, preserving and enhancing flavors and colors. Sixty six famous blogger and star chefs recipes, tricks, tables with food and timing, all it needs to stimulate imagination and creativity in the kitchen. Features: - Drying guidance - 66 recipes and 208 pages - Full color - Introduction and tables for proper drying Package Contents: - Book Cookbook
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  4. Triangle - Book Garnieren & Verzieren - vegetable carving - IN GERMAN

    Better eating with kohlrabi flowers, melon stars or wave skewers. With the book "Garnieren & Verzieren leicht gemacht" of Georg Hartung you can easily make of your buffet a feast for the eyes. The book "Garnieren & Verzieren" explains the basics of decoration, so for example color sequences and choice of the tools. The ideas shown by the book "Garnieren & Verzieren" can easily be put into practice, thanks to the step-by-step-explanations ant the fotos. title of the book: "Garnieren & Verzieren leicht gemacht" author: professional cook Georg Hartung 95 pages, many colored fotos, paperback.
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  5. Murdoch Books - Party Cakes For Kids

    Party Cakes for Kids
    Nel libro si parte dalle torte e decorazioni più semplici per arrivare a decorazioni via via più complesse, il tutto corredato di foto e spiegazioni. Questa tecnica decorativa da molta soddisfazione e si possono ottenere decorazioni accattivanti già alle prime prove. Inoltre si tratta di un passatempo creativo che si può praticare in compagnia dei bambini: un modo simpatico e intelligente per passare dei pomeriggi divertenti.
    Editore: Murdoch Books
    Lingua: Inglese
    - 160 pagine.
    Contenuto: ricette e tecniche di base, decorazione con cioccolato, decorazione con le creme, carta modelli.
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  6. Wilton - Wedding Style - Libro decorazione torte

    La torta nuziale, nei matrimoni di oggi , non viene più confezionata in casa ed è raro trovare la ricetta nei moderni libri di cucina. Per chi desiderasse avventurarsi nella realizzazione delle torte nuziali il libro di Wilton "Wedding Style" è una miscela favolosa di cucina e di arte. Questo libro porterà il debuttante attraverso le basi più semplici a realizzare una bellissima torta nuziale.
    PAG. 124 lingua inglese.
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  7. Nordic Ware - Recipe book Bundt cake: the old donuts, in Italian

    Recipe book "Bundt cake: the old donuts", in Italian Monica Zacchia, Francesca Caprino Illustrator: A. Gambini Publisher: Multiplayer Editions Necklace: iFood Year edition: 2017 Pages: 246 p., Ill. , Paperback
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