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Fish and Shellfish

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  1. Laguiole En Aubrac - Oyster Opener Knife with oyster shell handle - Gift box

    Laguiole En Aubrac - Oyster Opener Knife with oyster shell handle - Gift box

    Ref.C2I99CQHI - Oyster knife with oyster shell handle

    Presitigioso Open Oysters Laguiole En Aublrac.

    Handcrafted realization

    Blade: 12C27 Stainless Steel Handle: in oyster shell.

    Blade length: 60 mm.

    Blade thickness: 3 mm.

    Total length: 180 mm.

    Packaged in an elegant wooden box.

  2. Laguiole En Aubrac - Oyster Opener Knife with mussel shell handle - Gift box

    Laguiole En Aubrac - Oyster Opener Knife with mussel shell handle - Gift box

    Ref.C2I99CQMIH - Oyster knife with mussel shell handle Presitigioso Open Oysters Laguiole En Aublrac.

    Handcrafted realization

    Blade: 12C27

    Stainless Steel Handle: in shell of mussels.

    Blade length: 60 mm.

    Blade thickness: 3 mm. T

    otal length: 180 mm.

    Packaged in an elegant wooden box.

  3. Zyliss - Seafood picks

    Zyliss - Seafood picks Enjoy a mess-free seafood experience with Zyliss Seafood Picks. This set of dual ended stainless steel picks is perfect for removing meat from crab legs, lobster tails, oysters and much more. You can pick and pull difficult to reach spots with the fork end. Flip to the spoon end and you'll have access to a seafood tool that's ideal for scraping and scooping. Zyliss Seafood Picks feature a robust stainless steel construction that's tough enough for any task while remaining rust resistant. Focusing on functionality, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over 60 years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the company has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated. Set of 4 dual ended stainless steel picks Spoon end - ideal for scraping and scooping Fork end - shaped for grabbing and pulling 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee - Dishwasher Safe
  4. Triangle - Fish pliers, stainless

    Triangle - Fish pliers, stainless The tapered, serrated jaws of the fish bone pliers are precisely worked and grab fish bones safely and precisely. Even deep embedded and fine bones are removed without damaging the fillet. With spring for fatigue-free working. Stainless and dishwasher safe. Material: stainless steel Dimensions Length: 20cm Width: 6cm Height: 1.4cm
  5. Rivsalt -Freeze & Serve - Himalayan Salt Plates

    Rivsalt -Freeze & Serve - Himalayan Salt Plates FREEZE & SERVE includes four himalayan salt plates, which turn any starter or dessert into a RIVSALT gastronomic experience. to use, simply pop the plates into your freezer for a couple of hours and take them out again just before serving. the plates have one flat side; great for starters like sashimi, tartar or salad, and another side with a rounded cavity; perfect for desserts like vanilla ice cream with grated raw LIQUORICE. In Michelin 2-star restaurant, Vila Joya in Albufeira Portugal, FREEZE & SERVE plates are used to exquisitely present butter. How to freeze & serve Freeze the plates for 2-3 hours. Take out just before serving. After using, wipe clean with a sponge using as little water as possible and no detergent. Dry with a kitchen towel. Leave to dry for at least 12 hours before placing back in original packaging. Store in low humidity conditions.
  6. Wusthof - Seafood Set - 6 knives for crab and lobster

    Wusthof - Seafood Set - 6 knives for crab and lobster Set of 6 crab knives made in Solingen, Germany by Wusthof Dreizack. Item number 3330. Bright red hard plastic handles with sturdy steel blades steel. Each blade is signed "Dreizack - Solingen - Germany" together with the Wusthof logo. Each knife is 14cm long. It can be used in all stages of cleaning, preparation and serving of crabs. High quality, vintage set still in the original packaging. Including pure linen placemat. If on the whole the knife can be included in the paring knife category, and therefore shows a certain effectiveness also in peeling and cleaning fruit and vegetables, it is also clear that it has been designed for a more precise task, specifically to work on crustaceans. In this sense, the profile as a can opener is perfect for slipping into the carapace and therefore allows the crustacean to be opened with precision and limited effort, while the antennas can be eliminated through the hole on the blade. Here are some secrets to choose crabs and to cook them easily: first of all the best crabs are the males, which you can recognize from the smaller and pointed abdominal wing. It is advisable to choose intermediate size crabs, because those that are too large have a more fibrous and difficult to cook flesh, and small ones have little. To cook the crab just rinse it under running water and then boil for about 5 minutes in salted water or fish broth. Then, with the help of a knife, lift the abdomen and eliminate the gills, lungs and stomach of the crab, leaving instead the white pulp and the creamy part. And of course don't forget to open the claws with the special pliers, because they are full of exquisite pulp and finally use the Wusthof laid knife to enjoy the pulp and enjoy your meal.
  7. Made in Italy - Kitchen / fish scissors

    Made in Italy - Kitchen / fish scissors Multi-purpose kitchen scissors of the highest quality, finished manually and accurate in every detail. Suitable for cutting fish, meat and vegetables. Micro-serrated blade for long-lasting thread hold. Total length: 22 cm. Blade: 8 cm.
  8. Mercer Culinary - Oyster Knife with Poly Handle, 10,2 cm, White

    Mercer Culinary - Oyster Knife with Poly Handle, 10,2 cm, White Use this Mercer Culinary boston style oyster knife to effortlessly open oysters and prepare signature seafood dishes in your restaurant or catering kitchen! Offering superior strength and function, this Mercer Culinary M33029A boston style oyster knife is sure to become an essential tool at any seafood venue. The long, narrow blade makes it extremely versatile and effective at opening any type of oyster. Textured poly handle for sure grip High carbon, stain-free steel blades for durability and sharpness Rounded blade tips for safety Rounded handle back for comfort Limited Lifetime Warranty
  9. Sagaform - Seafood Set - 4 forks and seafood cracker

    Sagaform - Sea food Set - 4 forks and seafood crackerSagaform is a Swedish company that produces design objects for the kitchen and the home bar. The Sagaform objects are functional and friendly and rejoice those who donate them and those who receive them. Founded in 1988, Sagaform works with the most important Swedish designers, and its products have quickly become famous throughout Europe. Set consisting of 4 forks and lobster pliers Sagaform. For shellfish lovers a necessary article on your tables. With this handy tool you can crack even the hardest shell! A must-have for the traditional Swedish Kräftskiva crayfish party, this is also an indispensable kitchen accessory for anyone who loves crustaceans. Features: - length 20 cm forks - caliper length 16 cm - packed in 2 linen bags.
  10. Kai - Select 100 Fish Scaler

    Stainless steel fish scaler by Kai The Kai fish scaler is made from one piece of high-grade steel and like this very stable. The Kai fish scaler is delivered with a plastic cover, which allows collecting the removed scales. Serrated teeth remove scales while ensuring less mess than traditional fish scaling with a knife Scales are removed by teeth, while leaving flesh intact; with less effort and less mess Made from stainless steel for strength and to prevent corrosion Dishwasher safe
  11. Victorinox - Multipurpose kitchen shears - v 7.6363.3

    MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN SHEARS FEATURES Stainless steel blades with micro-serration Unbreakable synthetic handles Handle recession to open screw-cap jars and crack nuts Item number 7.6363.3 Length.: 20 cm Weight 129 g
  12. Cuda - Descaler

    Product Description Great for removing fish scales with less mess! Aluminum Alloy descaling head Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grip Innovative head design captures scales for less mess Unique serrations for scale removal Designed to descale with horizontal or vertical motion Full-tang construction Hang hole Thumb/finger rest for increased comfort and control
  13. Opinel - n. 9 Oysters and Shells - knife

    From the famous French company Opinel, a particular issue of a folding has become a timeless classic. A knife studied for the opening of oysters and shells, thanks to the shape of the blade and to its generous thickness.
    Blade in Sandvik stainless steel (carbon content 0.4%)
    Exclusive Virobloc to lock the blade in closing and opening.

    Ranked # 9
    Type of production: industry
    Production Lama France
    Blade: stainless steel
    Handle: bubinga wood
    Blade length: 65mm.
    Blade Thickness: 2.2mm.
    Length closed: 118mm.
    Thick when closed: 22mm.
    Overall length: 180mm.
    Weight: 62g.
    Closing: Virobloc

  14. Triangle - Fish tweezers

    The triangle fish tweezers removes safely fishbones from the fish. The two diagonal gripping pliers of the triangle fish tweezers close tightly and precisely and allow like this a safe removing of the fishbones. The triangle fish tweezers is a shapely fish tweezers with straight handle. The triangle fish tweezers is fabricated in Solingen from stainless steel and like this dishwasher safe.
  15. Skrub'a - Gloves cleaner fish - The Fish Glove

    GUANTI Scrub'a per pesce dedicati alla pulizia di pesci, frutti di mare e molluschi. Sono realizzati in nylon ruvido, per una migliore manegevolezza anche nella presa. Aiutano, inoltre, a proteggere le mani dai cattivi odori, incubo di tutte le casalinghe. Taglia: M . Lunghezza totale: 24 cm I guanti Skrub sono pratici, igienici e lavabili in lavastoviglie.
  16. Triangle - Lobster Set - 1 lobster scissors + 6 forks

    Lobster set with a pair of lobster scissors and 6 lobster forks Massive, rustless and of high quality, the Triangle lobster pliers is suitable for cracking hardest parts of the lobster. The Triangle lobster pliers cuts the shielded body of the lobster into several parts. The Triangle lobster pliers of Solinger quality is made from rustless, ice-hardened high quality steel and serves like this long-lastingly as useful kitchen helper. The Triangle lobster fork is a good complement for the Triangle lobster pliers and removes easily the meat of the lobster. Specifications Brand: Triangle Colour: silver Weight: 325 grams Delivered as a set: yes Number: 7 pieces Material: stainless steel Blade characteristics: smooth Handle length: 10.5 cm Material handle: stainless Dishwasher safe: yes, but we strongly advise against it Country of origin: Germany
  17. GSW - Pentola cuoci cozze in smalto - 1kg.

    Pentola cuoci-cozze gsw smaltata per ca. 1kg di cozze il coperchio serve sia per tenere in caldo, sia per raccogliere le conchiglie in tavola lavabile in lavastoviglie per tutte le fonti di calore, anche induzione Ø 18cm Preparazione: Le cozze sono un gustoso frutto di mare cucinabile in diversi modi: al vapore, in acqua bollente, alla griglia, al forno, etc. Sono ottime mangiate da sole, magari accompagnate dalle patatine fritte o dal pane tostato, oppure incorporate in un piatto di pesce. Per ottenere una buona impepata, infatti, le cozze vanno semplicemente messe in pentola e coperte. Ci penserà' il vapore che svilupperanno, proprio perché coperte, portarle al giusto grado di cottura. Una volta pulite, queste si mettono in una casseruola capiente a bordo alto, insieme a qualche cucchiaio di olio extra ed a un due - tre spicchi d'aglio schiacciati. La pentola va poi coperta e passata su fuoco vivace. Durante la cottura, le cozze vanno mescolate in un modo particolare: bisogna prendere la pentola per i manici e, tenendone il coperchio, bisogna scuoterla dal basso verso l'alto. In capo a pochi minuti - giusto il tempo di fare aprire le cozze - l'impepata è pronta. Va servita immediatamente, dopo averla spolverata di ABBONDANTISSIMO pepe nero macinato al momento. Si può, volendo, accompagnarle con spicchi di limone e fettone di pane casareccio tostato. Buon appetito.!
  18. Laguiole En Aubrac - Coltello Apri Ostriche - Conf. regalo

    Presitigioso Apri Ostriche Laguiole En Aublrac con manico in acciaio. Realizzazione artigianale

    Lama: in acciaio 12C27 Stainless Steel
    Manicatura: acciaio inox.
    Lunghezza lama: 60 mm.
    Spessore della lama: 3 mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 180 mm.
    Confezionato in elegante scatola di legno.
  19. Cuda - Marine Shear

    Scissors & Shears Cuda Titanium Scissors & Shears contain extreme functionality with leverage. Engineered with the fisherman in mind, our Marine shears provide micro-serrations for accurate and pristine cuts and have an integrated de-scaler to finish the job. Our Micro-Scissors come with dual serrations so they grip and cut braid crisply and without fray. This 8" Marine Shear features detachable handles for easy cleaning. Blades are Titanium Bonded High-Carbon Steel which is 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper longer. One blade edge can be used as a fish scaler and another blade has an integrated bottle opener. Cutting edges are serrated for increased performance. Full tang construction and non-slip Cuda scale pattern handles. Titanium Bonded blades stay sharper longer Integrated fish scaler and bottle opener Serrated Blades grip and cut. Separate for easy cleaning Visible full-tang stainless steel construction Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips & Lifetime Warranty
  20. Del Ben, 4-piece set for lobster, kitchen

    Del Ben - Set 4 forchette forgiate in ebano per aragosta- lumache

    La cucina è in Italia la stanza più vissuta ed amata di tutta la casa. Scegliere come arredarla è compito di chi la abita. Il piacere di completarla è di chiunque possa scegliere un regalo unico come le proposte S.E.T. della linea Del Ben.
  21. Drosselmeyer - Caretta pliers and 2 forks for shellfish

    The best accessory to eat crayfish, crab or lobster! The Caretta pliers have an exclusive design, with an integrated spring-loaded handle and an open jaw to accommodate any size of claw or leg. The patented double lever action makes it an easy, clean and efficient way to enjoy shellfish and seafood without making a mess. Simply place the claw at the back of the serrated jaw and squeeze gently, until the shell cracks. To extract the meat in one piece, simply repeat a few times on different sections of the claw. The upper jaw ensures the broken shells splatter away from the user. Made from quality stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Weight: 199 grams Length x Width x Height: 17.5 x 9 x 2.7cm
  22. Global knives - GSF18 - Crab and Lobster Knife 5cm - oysters

    Knife for cutting and opening crabs and lobsters; the hole in the blade is specially designed to easily remove the lobster antennae.

    Use: Crab, Lobster
    Blade length: 5 Cm.
    Total Length: 16 Cm.
    Weight: 66g.

    GLOBAL Japanese knives are the favorite of Chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world.
    The first GLOBAL knife was designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada, who gave the knife he created a new and revolutionary design.

    The main features of GLOBAL knives are:
    - Lightness: GLOBAL was the first company in the world to make an empty steel knife in the handle. This feature allows you to reduce the weight of the knife by 30%.
    - Manageability: thanks to the lightness and anatomical shape of the handle, GLOBAL knives lend themselves to continuous and prolonged times of use, minimizing user fatigue.
    - Wire hold: GLOBAL knives are made using the best steels and the most modern manufacturing techniques. In the blades there is a high percentage of Molybdenum / Vanadium thanks to which the hardness of the steel reaches 56/58 Rockwell of hardness, consequently increasing the life of the wire.
    - Sturdiness: being the GLOBAL knives completely in steel (both the handle and the blade) they are practically indestructible.
    - Elegance
    Awards acquired by GLOBAL knives:

    1990 - Japanese Good Design by MITI
    1991 - Selected for International Design Year Book
    1992 - Selected as Best Cooks' Knife in Benelux
    1995 - Selected as Best Knife by WHICH Magazine in the UK
    1996 - Selected as Sharpest Knife by A LA CARTE Magazine in Germany

    All Global products marketed by us are indelibly screen-printed with the Collini Cutlery logo (as in the image). This marking guarantees the buyer to have certainty about the quality, traceability, guarantee over the years and future privileged assistance on the product purchased from the Collini Cutlery.

  23. Kai - Shun Fish Bone Tweezers

    Shun DM0901 Fish Bone Tweezers The KAI Shun Fish Tweezers are the perfect tool for removing small bones from fish fillets. They can also be used to remove pin feathers on poultry. They have a length of 14cm and a width of 2 cm. They are made of stainless steel, thus its strength and durability is guaranteed. You won’t have to worry about corrosion or about food particles getting trapped because it has a smooth contour that facilitates the cleaning of the tweezers. However, we recommend you to wash it by hand and not in the dishwasher machine. These tweezers have an ergonomic design that allows you to have a comfortable grip and use them with great ease. They are also equipped with wide gripping edges which are the ones that allow you to hold and remove even the smallest fish bones. As part of the Shun series, these tweezers are guaranteed to be products of great quality. In fact, the Shun series is always known for offering products of high quality, and that is why the Shun series is one of the most popular series of KAI. With more than 100 years of expertise, KAI is one of the leading brands in Japanese cutlery. The brand KAI is known worldwide for its top-quality products which combine the Japanese tradition with the latest technology in their manufacturing processes. Fish bone tweezers by shun Spring loaded for comfort Extra wide, sharp edges to remove the tiniest of bones Won't damage delicate fish flesh Hand wash and dry; limited lifetime warranty; made in japan
  24. Lékué - Silicone Makisu

    A new version of the Lékué exclusive roll up sushi mat, perfect for making futomaki "thick sushi rolls". Hygienic, light and resistant, so you can make your best recipe more quickly and simply. Choose two or three fillings and prepare a futomaki with a different flavor and color. Roll your maki sushi in an easy and hygienic way. Do you feel like making makis? The silicone Makisu mat allows you to roll food, whether Japanese or not, in a comfortable and hygienic way. Its non-stick surface does not retain smells or odours. Measures: 240mm width. height 3.5 mm. depth 207 mm. Before using the product for dishwasher
  25. Robur - Pinza aragosta - cucina

    Nel 1960 nasce la Robur e diversifica la produzione in forbici per tutti gli usi. Oggi dopo il progressivo potenziamento, iniziato negli anni '70 con l'inserimento degli automatismi nei processi produttivi, si è arrivati al marketing, alla ricerca di nuovi materiali, al design esclusivo. I suoi articoli sottoposti a tecniche di produzione all'avanguardia, sono da tempo apprezzati su molti mercati, non solo per la vasta gamma di modelli proposti realizzati in acciaio di prima qualità , ma soprattutto per le linee ricercate e i particolari molto ben curati che ancora oggi vengono rifiniti manualmente.
    Robur-Forbice/pinza per crostacei.
    Ideale per troncare ed estrarre la polpa delle chele delle aragoste.Completamente in acciaio inox con lunghezza totale cm.19
  26. Robur - Set 3 pezzi cucina

    Nel 1960 nasce la Robur e diversifica la produzione in forbici per tutti gli usi. Oggi dopo il progressivo potenziamento, iniziato negli anni '70 con l'inserimento degli automatismi nei processi produttivi, si è arrivati al marketing, alla ricerca di nuovi materiali, al design esclusivo. I suoi articoli sottoposti a tecniche di produzione all'avanguardia, sono da tempo apprezzati su molti mercati, non solo per la vasta gamma di modelli proposti realizzati in acciaio di prima qualità , ma soprattutto per le linee ricercate e i particolari molto ben curati che ancora oggi vengono rifiniti manualmente.
    Tutte le forbici sono assemblate per mezzo vite. Forbici in acciaio stampato a caldo, nichelate, acciaio aisi 1050. - acciaio inox aisi 420 trattamento termico a sali chimici. Durezza lame 52-56 hre. nichelatura 8 micron.

    Robur - Set 3 pezzi cucina - design by "Coltelleria Collini" include:
    - forbice cucina
    - schiaccianoci
    - pinza per crostacei.
    Special Price $52.49 Regular Price $65.61
  27. Sanelli - Coltello Ostriche - coltello cucina

    La linea Premana Professional delle Coltellerie Sanelli è stata realizzata analizzando e risolvendo, in ogni minimo dettaglio, i problemi che si presentano al professionista, al privato o all'appassionato più attento che usa quotidianamente questi strumenti di lavoro.

    Uso: Coltello Ostriche

    Lama: Acciaio chirurgico 54-56 HRC
    Impugnatura: Polimeri sterilizzabili anticorrosione
    Lunghezza lama: 65 mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 200 mm.
    Peso: 115 g.
  28. Triangle - Scrapping - Fish Scaler

    Triangle - Scrapping - Fish Scaler This kitchen tool is made to easily remove the scales attached to the skin of a fish that will be prepared and cooked whole. Since fileting a fish will remove the skin and scales with it, scaling the fish will not be a concern. However, fish that are cooked whole with the skin intact require that a Fish Scaler be used for easy removal and stripping away of the scales, which are not an edible part of the fish. The Fish Scaler is built with a jagged stripping blade that lifts the scale and then extracts it as it is moved over the scales joined to the skin. The curved buffer that is built opposite the blade keeps the scales from being thrown in random directions as they are removed with manual force. Made from stainless steel, the Fish Scaler is easy to clean after each use. The frame is made of stainless steel, the plastic handle. Total length cm. 23
  29. Victorinox - Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife

    Victorinox - Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife. Shuck like the ultimate pro with this dexterous new shellfish go-to. Our Oyster Knife is compact, yet chef-level competent. Its bent blade effortlessly glides through shells and the ergonomically shaped handle is crafted from a slip resistant synthetic, ensuring safety and precision with every slice. An essential piece of kitchen kit for the shellfish aficionado.
  30. Wusthof Germany - Forchette per Aragosta - 4 Pezzi

    Set di 4 forchette produzione Wusthof per aragosta e granchio.

    Semplice confezione di 4 forchettine per aragoste, con linea elegante, comode da utilizzare, ma interessanti anche da regalare. Completamente in acciaio inox.Questa forchetta è un essenziale per l'amante dei crostacei.
  31. Kai - Kitchen shears - DH - 6002

    Kai - Kitchen shears - DH - 6002 As a matter of fact, the kitchen scissors of this page belong to the KAI Select 100 series. This is an accessory capable of performing several different functions in your kitchen. Indeed, with this pair of scissors you can cut fins of all types of fish, open food packaging, cut herbs and much more! Therefore, it is super useful not only if you are a professional cook or simply a hobby cook. The blades of these scissors are fully made of a high-quality stainless steel, making the it super resistant to corrosion and incredibly durable. In addition, these blades have micro serrated edge, which creates a non-slip effect and adds precision especially when cutting through the difficult scaly skin of fish. It is important to add that these blades are removable, thus washing these scissors becomes easier. Furthermore, the handle is made in an ergonomic shape, which gives you a great grip while performing your cuts. The handles also are made in a larger size, allowing you to use the scissors with the best comfort. In addition, it is made with a high-quality synthetic material for better endurance.
    Out of stock
  32. Sagaform - Oyster Set

    Sagaform - Oyster Set With a serving plate, knife and linen napkin Attractive design High-quality This set contains everything you need to enjoy oysters in true style! In addition to a serving plate with space for eight oysters, it also includes an oyster knife and a linen napkin for optimal hold while opening the oysters. All this in Scandinavian design! Materials : Stainless Steel, Cotton, Linens ABS handle. • Stainless steel • Diameter 250 mm
    Out of stock
  33. Artis - The Astacus seafood crackers

    Artis - The Astacus seafood crackers The Astacus and Homarus seafood crackers are refined designer items, easy to handle, hard wearing and a pleasure to use. They are made with fine materials and precision tooling. The levers for instance are in a special aluminium alloy developed for aeronautics, which is then hand brushed and polished. To ensure long-term colour and shine the surface undergoes an anodic oxy-coloration treatment. Thanks to its robust construction and solidity, it's especially good for easily cracking seafood claws.
    Order to enable the surface to maintain color and gloss in time a treatment is performed oxy anode. Thanks to their robustness and solidity are particularly effective for easily crush the claws of shellfish.
    Dimensions: H 150 mm x W 35 mm x D 14 mm Weight 85 g

    Out of stock
  34. Artis -The shellfish forks Lángos 4 pieces

    Artis - fork for shellfish lángos 4 pieces The fork is shown Langos pulping of shellfish in general.
    And 'formed from a special ergonomic handle in polished aluminum colored and protected by an oxy anodic treatment. The end of the fork is instead made of polished stainless steel hand.
    Dimensions: H 200 mm x W 15 mm x D 15 mm
    Out of stock
  35. Triangle -The oyster opener

    The triangl oyster opener is a good helper for opening oysters. Just push the blade of the triangl oyster opener between the two halves of the valve so that the muscle of the oyster is cut; then turn the opener. The triangle oyster opener is made from stainless high quality steel and like this dishwasher safe. The triangle oyster opener is fabricated in Solingen and provided by a black synthetic handle with hand protection.
    Out of stock
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