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  1. Waf - Corkscrew SENIOR 3B made in Italy

    WAF Corkscrews

    The elegance of a gesture that can be found in everyday life as well as on important occasions.

    Corking a bottle represents the encounter between the culture of drinking and the importance of a ritual.

    Designed for the first patent in 1965, Waf corkscrews have reached an increasingly sophisticated level of technology over time, so much so that they are now considered a classic Italian wine article. An important itinerary, where the evolution of an object is realised in a gesture: uncorking a bottle of good wine with simplicity and safety.

    Waf corkscrews are the only ones of their kind to have been designed and manufactured with these factors in mind, as well as for easy and safe cork extraction.

    Extraction takes place vertically and progressively without any possibility of damaging the cork itself or leaving any residue.

    Corkscrew SENIOR 3B

    Each piece of this corkscrew is worked individually with care and perfectly reflects the quality level reached by Waf in metalworking. The Senior corkscrew is the most coveted gift par excellence, the absolute protagonist of conviviality movements, it allows quick and safe uncorking with one hand. Invented by Walter Fortunato, founder of the company.


    Material : Bronze-plated aluminium alloy 

    Dimensions : 18.0 x 5.5 x 23.0 cm

    Weight: 564 g.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  2. Waf - Corkscrew made in Italy JUNIOR

    Uncork a bottle is the meeting between the drinking culture and the importance of a ritual.
    Designed for the first patent in 1965, the corkscrew Waf reached in time a level of technology more and more sophisticated, so now considered to be a classic wine Article italiano.Un important route, where the evolution of an object is expressed in a gesture: uncork with ease and confidence a bottle of good wine.
    corkscrew waf are the only ones in their kind to be designed and built taking into consideration these factors, as well as for easy and safe removal of the cap.
    FEATURES: ITALY - mechanical movement is made of hardened steel and is guaranteed.
    - the rack and the spiral are made from a single steel bar for turning and milling.
    - the sharp profile of the spiral makes it particularly suited to the silicone plugs.
    - on the various models are installed bushings down or brass or Teflon.
    - on all models is provided a system for freewheeling at the end of extraction, so as to avoid jamming the mechanical movement.
    The corkscrew waf is provided with a hanger in wood for wall .
    - packaging: ribbed cardboard- black colour- material: fiberglass.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  3. Waf - Champagne stopper


    In the late 1980s, Walter Fortunato designed and built the stopper sealing system that has made Waf famous throughout the world. The Block Waf System© still represents the most ingenious invention for preserving the precious characteristics of newly uncorked sparkling wines over time.

    The patent, applied in many items in the stoppers line, follows Pascal's principle that pressure exerted on a fluid is transmitted in all directions with equal intensity. By applying Pascal's principle to the bottle, the elastic teat goes to adhere to the inner wall of the mouthpiece. The head gasket with which the teat is fitted tends to rest against the top edge of the bottle, creating an initial obstacle to the escape of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide, again due to Pascal's principle, enters the teat through the hole below and as the pressure increases it goes to expand against the glass wall thus creating a state of overpressure inside. The external fixing bracket is designed to counteract the vertical thrust that the stopper receives and thus ensures its tightness, which has been tested up to 6 atmospheres.

    Waf - Champagne stopper

    The classic never wanes. It is perhaps the bartender's best partner when it comes to reliability and safety. Practical and ergonomic it allows one-handed opening and closing of the bottle.

    Equipped with -Block WAF SYSTEM © with certified seal over 6 ATM.

    MATERIAL: High-carbon chrome-plated steel.

    Plastics certified for food contact.


    DIMENSION: 4.5 x 4.0 x 6.2 cm

    WASHING: by hand, do not use abrasive sponges and/or detergents.

    Only 16 left
    Only 16 left
  4. Waf - Led Lampshade portable and Rechargeable -ONE-LIGHT Fb/90


    ONE-LIGHT is an 'outdoor, in-door' portable and rechargeable, which can be the neck of a bottle.

    NOVELTY One-Light is a portable and rechargeable 'outdoor, in-door' LED lampshade that can be easily accommodated on the neck of a bottle.

    On the coffee table of a restaurant or bar, in a living room, in a studio to illuminate shady areas, -ONE-LIGHT can become a furnishing accessory that is impossible to resist.

    An essential and modern design, it fits perfectly into any environment.


    USB cable included for charging the lamp.

    ONE-LIGHT conveniently recharges with any battery charger.

    Charging time: 5-6 hours.

    Material: Matt painted aluminium alloy body


    DIMENSIONS: Ø 103 mm x 88 mm x Ø 77 mm .

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
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4 Items

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