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  1. Boska - Adjustable truffle-cheese slicer cm. 8x20,5

    Boska - Adjustable truffle-cheese slicer cm. 8x20,5

    This slicer with adjustable stainless steel blade is excellent for slicing hard cheese, truffles, mushrooms and other vegetables. The thickness can be determined as desired. The flat handle provides a secure grip. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe.

    The summer break is now over, which means it is time to get back to our routine.

    Let's keep our mornings fun and relaxed.

    With the right cheese slicer you can make a delicious sandwich (or grilled cheese) in no time!


    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  2. Boska - Pro 'M' fondue set - 1.2 liters

    Boska - Pro 'M' fondue set - 1.2 liters

    A fondue pan that can be used with any type of stove, including induction stoves.

    The cast iron pan ensures that all the cheese melts evenly and does not burn or stick easily. The perfect gift for cheese lovers!

    Enjoy fondue in style
    The cast iron skillet with oak handle and cast iron base give the Fondue Set Pro a sturdy yet elegant look. The pan has a 40-ounce capacity, enough for 1.9 pounds of cheese. The set comes complete with base, burner (excluding fondue fuel) and four fondue forks. A perfect gift!

    Suitable for any type of stove
    Surprise family and friends with a delicious cheese fondue dinner. This fondue pan can be used on a gas, electric, ceramic or induction stove. If you have a different heat source, such as a microwave or oven, we recommend using a different pan to heat the fondue.

    After use, wash the fondue pan and forks by hand. A little warm water and detergent is sufficient. The base and flame tamer can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This way your Fondue Set Pro will last for years.

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    Only 1 left
  3. Staub - 18 cm Fondue Set black

    Staub - 18 cm Fondue Set black

    The round Fondue Set from the STAUB Speciality range is specifically designed for chocolate fondues. You will be able to create exceptional desserts to surprise your family and guests. The pot is made of cast iron so it can be filled with any ingredients. The black STAUB fondue set pot has a diameter of 10cm, is 7cm tall and has a capacity of 0.25 litres. You can use it on any hob, including induction hobs. This set comes with four colour-coded forks so is perfect for small gatherings. Diced fruit dipped in hot chocolate is a treat everyone loves. Cast iron has excellent heat storage capacity and keeps hot chocolate warm. Delight your guests with this STAUB Fondue Set on the dinner table.

    For tasteful and convivial moments

    The handle makes it easy to transport

    Optimal heat distribution of the cast iron ensures tenderly melting and creamy cheese

    Includes 6 fondue forks and burner holder


    Net weight: 4.60 kg

    Length of product: 24.30 cm

    Width of product: 18.70 cm

    Height of product: 10.00 cm

    Upper diameter: 18.00 cm.

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    Only 1 left
  4. Boska - Fondue Forks Monaco+

    Boska - 4 Monaco+ Fondue Forks.

    The Fondue Forks Stainless Steel are not only stylish, they’re super functional too. These fondue forks will match every fondue pot and will enable you to go wild dipping into cheese or chocolate. Have a few more guests than you were expecting? No problem. With this extra set of fondue forks, you’re ready for anything!

    Extra firm grip Thanks to the three teeth at the end, you’ve got an extra firm grip on the cheese. This way, your dippers won’t fall off your fork as easily. The ergonomic handle lies comfortably in your hand. The use of stainless steel gives the fondue fork a stylish appearance.

    Set of four The fondue forks come in a set of four. Want to pick up a block of cheese during drinks or dive into a delicious fondue? Choose these handy forks. Who’s picking the date for our next party?

    Monaco+ fondue forks are not only tasteful, but functional and are good for various types of fondue because of their design.

    The special feature of the triple tip ensures a secure grip of bread, meat or fruit. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable handling.

    Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

    Material: stainless steel

    Size: 22 cm

    Quantity: 4

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    Only 3 left
  5. Boska - Cutting board with cheese scraper - Friends line - cm. 23x6

    Spice up your dishes by creating delicious and eye-catching toppings right at home!

    Cheese curls are deliciously thin, melt-in-your-mouth and perfect for a rich pasta or fresh salad.

    Hosting a soiree?

    Break out the cheese curler and let your friends have fun creating their own curls to enjoy.

    European oak design.

    This gorgeous solid oak tool is incredibly easy to use.

    Five pins on the board hold the cheese firmly in place, making it easy to slide the blade over the cheese without slipping.

    The oak handle gives the Cheese Curler Friends a unique handcrafted look, adding an optional handhold for stability.

    BOSKA tip: Tasty curls Our BOSKA cheese experts recommend trying a Tête de Moine on your new curler.

    Its delicious, bold flavor is perfectly contrasted by the thin, delicate layers created by the curling iron.

    For an extra touch, use the Friends Cheese Curler to create chocolate curls.

    These delicate chocolate ribbons will become instant favorites!

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