BOSKA makes Food Tools for Life and believes that quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. The goal is to design products that last a lifetime. It all began near the city of Gouda, when smith Willem Bos produced his first cheese tools for local farmers. Ever since, our family tradition has been to create clever and quality tools that let you enjoy Cheese, Chocolate, Pizza, Meat & Veggies to the fullest. They love it! So, whether you're cutting, melting or presenting, BOSKA helps you create mouthwatering food and a party on your table.. Enjoy! At BOSKA we believe Quality is Sustainability! It’s our frustration that 90% of housewares are bad, boring or too expensive. Lots of products in our industry are made to only last a couple of years and we think that’s nonsense! Stone, steel & wood At BOSKA we produce products primarily made from natural raw materials such as stone, steel and wood. That’s not always sustainable, so we use our natural resources in the best possible way by aiming to make products which last a lifetime. We create to last! Positive impact Our Food Tools are designed to be fun smart & to maintain their beauty throughout its lifetime. We strive to make a positive impact, expanding beyond the niche to the global market, by making our products affordable for the many. This is why BOSKA has a place in every home. We promise So people stop buying substandard products so you can stop them throwing out & being thriftless. And let’s make real good stuff, have less waste & more taste ;).
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  1. Boska - Cutting board with cheese scraper - Friends line - cm. 23x6

    Spice up your dishes by creating delicious and eye-catching toppings right at home!

    Cheese curls are deliciously thin, melt-in-your-mouth and perfect for a rich pasta or fresh salad.

    Hosting a soiree?

    Break out the cheese curler and let your friends have fun creating their own curls to enjoy.

    European oak design.

    This gorgeous solid oak tool is incredibly easy to use.

    Five pins on the board hold the cheese firmly in place, making it easy to slide the blade over the cheese without slipping.

    The oak handle gives the Cheese Curler Friends a unique handcrafted look, adding an optional handhold for stability.

    BOSKA tip: Tasty curls Our BOSKA cheese experts recommend trying a Tête de Moine on your new curler.

    Its delicious, bold flavor is perfectly contrasted by the thin, delicate layers created by the curling iron.

    For an extra touch, use the Friends Cheese Curler to create chocolate curls.

    These delicate chocolate ribbons will become instant favorites!

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  2. Boska - Adjustable truffle-cheese slicer cm. 8x20,5

    Boska - Adjustable truffle-cheese slicer cm. 8x20,5

    This slicer with adjustable stainless steel blade is excellent for slicing hard cheese, truffles, mushrooms and other vegetables. The thickness can be determined as desired. The flat handle provides a secure grip. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe.

    The summer break is now over, which means it is time to get back to our routine.

    Let's keep our mornings fun and relaxed.

    With the right cheese slicer you can make a delicious sandwich (or grilled cheese) in no time!

    These days, while stocks last, toast bags are free when you buy a Boska cheese slicer.

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  3. Boska - 3-piece MONACO+ Butter Spreader Knife Set

    Boska - 3-piece MONACO+ Butter Spreader Knife Set.

    From simple herb butter to fine spreadable cheese: you can spread everything in style with this set of butter spreader knives.

    These three compact knives are made of high-quality stainless steel.

    The blade has a unique diamond pattern and is extra thin. This makes it extremely easy to spread anything. It has a well-weighted texture and is extra thin. The handle fits perfectly in the hand so the butter can be spread finely.

    They are dishwasher safe.

    Translated with (free version)

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  4. Boska - Fondue Forks Monaco+

    Boska - 4 Monaco+ Fondue Forks.

    The Fondue Forks Stainless Steel are not only stylish, they’re super functional too. These fondue forks will match every fondue pot and will enable you to go wild dipping into cheese or chocolate. Have a few more guests than you were expecting? No problem. With this extra set of fondue forks, you’re ready for anything!

    Extra firm grip Thanks to the three teeth at the end, you’ve got an extra firm grip on the cheese. This way, your dippers won’t fall off your fork as easily. The ergonomic handle lies comfortably in your hand. The use of stainless steel gives the fondue fork a stylish appearance.

    Set of four The fondue forks come in a set of four. Want to pick up a block of cheese during drinks or dive into a delicious fondue? Choose these handy forks. Who’s picking the date for our next party?

    Monaco+ fondue forks are not only tasteful, but functional and are good for various types of fondue because of their design.

    The special feature of the triple tip ensures a secure grip of bread, meat or fruit. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable handling.

    Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

    Material: stainless steel

    Size: 22 cm

    Quantity: 4

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  5. Boska - Cheese knife set Oslo - 3 pieces cheese

    Boska Holland has been a cheese fanatic for more than a century. A passion that began in Bodegraven, near Gouda. In the town where the original Gouda cheese is made, Willem Bos made his first handy cheese tools for local cheese makers. From day one, it has been a family tradition to share this passion and inspire every cheese enthusiast with innovative cheese products.

    Boska achieves this through innovation. The energetic and dynamic team is responsible for creative new ideas on a daily basis. The result is the continuous development of beautiful and, most importantly, functional dairy products . From tapas fondue to the perfect cheese knife . Their main goal is the development of durable, beautiful, and intelligent productsthat invite you to discover new possibilities with cheese ... These products will continue to surprise you and your cheese consumption will become a real pleasure. Make the most of this delicacy!

    Boska - Cheese knife set Oslo - 3-piece cheese.

    With the Oslo cheese knife set, you have the crème de la crème among cheese knives. More than 120 years of Boska experience have been combined in this knife set, the best solution for cutting cheese. From hard parmesan to creamy brie: handle every kind of cheese with this stainless steel knife set with oak handle. Functional and well designed, winner of a 2018 Red Dot Design Award.

    The perfect gift for cheese lovers and hobby chefs.

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  6. Boska - Pizza Baker BBQ Mini

    Bake mini pizzas with the Pizza Baker BBQ Mini.

    A well-constructed lid and a bottom made of cast iron allow heat to be equally distributed, producing a great pizza crust of the best brick oven quality. Your pizza is ready in 5 to 10 minutes. This pizza oven is so compact, you can take it everywhere you go. Bake a pizza barbeque style

    How do you bake a pizza using a barbecue grill? Simple! Place your homemade pizza on the cast-iron bottom of the Pizza Baker with a lid over it, and make sure it's on a barbecue setting.

    Wait 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the barbecue grill) and your amazingly sumptuous pizza is ready to eat. Brick oven quality pizza A pizza made with a Pizza Baker is not just a pizza. With a crispy, crunchy dough, it is as good and fresh as from a real pizzeria. Holes provided in the cast-iron bottom and in the lid evenly spread the heat over the whole pizza. Soggy pizzas are a thing of the past!

    Small portable pizza oven The Pizza Baker BBQ Mini is incredibly compact. With a diameter of 19 cm, it is suitable for baking small 18 cm pizzas. Thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere, to any barbecue event: in a park, at a garden party, or to the beach.

    After use, wash Pizza Baker BBQ Mini by hand.

    A gift for him or her Looking for an original Christmas present?Or a gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, a wedding, a birthday or Valentine's Day? Then look no further! The Pizza Baker BBQ Mini is the perfect gift for every pizza lover, man or woman. And much nicer than a standard gift card, don't you think? Just put a bow on top and you're done.

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  7. Boska - Serving Board Friends

    Boska - Serving Board Friends

    Do you have something big to celebrate? Or are you just winding down on the couch? The Serving Board Friends  always makes for good company. Use this smart, rectangular design, no less than 60 cm long (not counting the handle), to present cheesy bites, dips, tapas, and other hors d’oeuvres. That’ll catch everyone’s eyes! Oak wood cheese board Thanks to its handy size, this board is well-suited to every occasion. The oak wood material gives the board a stylish look, but it also means that it’ll last you for years. Extend the lifespan of the board by using the Boska Cheese Board Oil (320080). A couple of sprays is enough to protect it from unfriendly odors and stains. Perfect for a delicious cheese board This cheese board will catch eyes due to its rustic appearance and tasteful detailing. On top of that, its size makes it perfect for a delicious, generous cheese board. The rectangular design means that you can easily put the board back in your cupboards or hang it by its handle on the wall after use. This  this board is a available in XL, L, and M.

    Serving Board Friends M - 40 cm Serving Board Friends L - 60 cm Serving Board Friends XL - 99 cm
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  8. Boska - Cheese Knife Set Monaco

    With the Cheese Knife Set Monaco+, you've got the cream of the crop, as far as cheese knives go. Over 120 years of experience has been poured into this series. The Monaco+ knives provide you with the best solutions for cutting cheese. Whether you've got a creamy Brie or a hard Parmesan, with these stainless steel knives, you can take on every type of cheese. This is the ultimate present for true cheese lovers and home cooks. Complete cheese knife set This complete set of knives provides you with the best cutting solutions for every type of cheese. The knives are extra sharp. They are also non-stick thanks to the quilted pattern, among other qualities. Use the Soft Cheese Knife to serve soft cheese. The cheese won't stick to the knife thanks to the thin blade. Your soft and semi-hard cheeses also won't stick to the Semi Soft Cheese Knife due to the holes in the blade which minimize contact between the knife and the cheese. The Hard Cheese Knife won't bend while breaking hard cheeses. All of these qualities make cutting and breaking cheese a piece of cake. Essential for home cooks The Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ is an essential set for every home cook or cheese connoisseur's kitchen. The knives are made of extremely strong stainless steel. You won't need to waste a lot of time washing up. The cheese knives are dishwasher safe, so they'll be clean again in a flash. On top of that, they come with a 10 year guarantee. This way, you'll be serving the most delicious cheese boards and other dishes for many years to come.

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  9. Boska - Party Pick Set Clog Yellow

    Boska - Party Pick Set Clog Yellow


    You’ll have loads of fun stuffing your mouth with cheese and snacks thanks to these cheerful cheese picks. The yellow clog, with its typically Dutch cheesy design, rounds off the set. Your party will be even more fun with these cheese-shaped picks. Let’s dig in! Funny party picks These picks are even delightful after your gettogether has ended. The picks can go in the dishwasher and will come out good as new. Time to pin down a date for the next party! CollectionCheesyColourYellow / SilverMaterialStainless steelGuarantee10 yearsPackagingGiftbox

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  10. Boska - Choco Coasters

    Choco Coasters

    Serve the most delicious chocolate and hot drinks on the Choco Coasters. The four marble boards have enough room for both a small cup and a piece of chocolate. The marble will stay nice and cool, which prevents the chocolate from melting and keeps it in peak condition. They are suitable for cookies and other sweets as well.

    For chocolate and hot drinks

    You're probably familiar with the following tale. You get a chocolate bonbon together with your coffee and rest the chocolate on the saucer, leaning against the warm cup. Your chocolate then melts and your cup gets dirty. You won't encounter this problem anymore with the Choco Coasters!

    There's enough room for both, and the marble will stay at the perfect temperature for the chocolate.

    Serve in style

    The four coasters are made of white marble and have copper-colored accents. This way, you'll be serving your favorite chocolate in style. It also matches the other Boska Chocowares. And the coasters are also suitable for serving other sweets.

    Easy to clean

    After use, wash the coasters by hand with some warm water and dish soap or wipe them with a damp cloth. That way, they'll be clean again in no time. In short: as a true chocolate lover, you'll be having fun for many years to come with these Choco Coasters.

    Special Price €13.23 Regular Price €15.57
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  11. Boska - Cheese Curler Amigo

    Cheese curls are the perfect finishing touch for your dishes. They’re delicious on top of an Italian pasta or a fresh salad. They’re also a hit at happy hour. It’s a fun way to nibble at the yummiest cheeses. The Cheese Curler Amigo, with its stainless steel knife, is suitable for Tête de Moine and chocolate. Thanks to the five short pins around the board, you’ve got an extra firm grip on the cheese. Experience it yourself; curls look great on you!

    Easy to assemble and disassemble

    Turn the plastic handle and the cheese will transform itself into beautiful curls. They’re instantly ready to serve or to use as a perfect garnish. The cheese curler is easy to assemble and disassemble. That way, it takes up very little room and is ready to serve in no time. The cheese curler comes with a 10 year guarantee!

    A versatile cheese curler

    Pick up the delicious Tête de Moine cheese from Switzerland, and serve it with a glass of sherry. For those with a sweet tooth, mount a chunk of chocolate on the Cheese Curler Geneva. Do you know someone who deserves this ultimate flavor experience? This unique gift will hit the mark! Let your guests taste the perfect cheese curl! Turn the cheese curler in a clockwise direction and use it on cheese that’s fresh out of the fridge.


    A unique gift for every festive occasion

    Looking for an original gift for him or her? A present for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother's Day? Well, you've found it! The Cheese Curler Amigo is the perfect gift for him or her. Just put a bow on top, add some Tête de Moine cheese and you're done.


    Collection Amigo

    Colour Brown

    Material Wood / Plastic / Stainless steel

    Type of cheese Tête de Moine

    Guarantee 10 years

    Product diameter 222 mm / 8.74"

    Product dimensions 222x222x143 mm / 8.74"x8.74"x2.63"

    Product weight 776 gram / 1.71 lb

    Packaging Giftbox

    Product dimension in packaging 237x225x57 mm / 9.33"x8.86"x2.24"

    Product weight in packaging 972 gram / 2.142 lb 

    Shape Round.

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  12. Boska - Pizza Wheel Oslo

    Boska - Pizza Wheel Oslo


    Use a Pizza Wheel Oslo+ to cut your favorite pizza in easy-to-handle slices. The sharp pizza roller has a non-stick BSF™ surface. The entire construction is made of stainless steel, all the way to a handle made of oak, with the blade firmly attached to a holder. This makes this knife extraordinary sturdy and user-friendly. What kind of pizza do you enjoy the most?

    Non-stick pizza cutter

    Cut a pizza without any red saucy mess? That is possible with this pizza roller. This pizza knife has a non-stick BSF™ blade. This special non-stick method will remain equally strong for the pizza cutters entire lifetime. This translates into years of enjoying deliciously prepared pizzas.

    Extremely sturdy pizza cutter Sometimes, pizza cutters can be flimsy and unstable. That is not the case with a BOSKA Pizza Wheel. Thanks to a handy design, you can effortlessly cut through every pizza and pizza crust. Pizza roller with wooden handle The handle of this pizza cutter is made from high quality oak wood. It is not dishwasher-safe. Wash it by hand after each use. This way your pizza cutter will stay beautiful and very useful for a long time, and you will enjoy cutting many a deliciously made pizza. SPECIFICATIONS

    CollectionPizzawaresColourBrown / SilverMaterialWood / Stainless Steel

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  13. Boska - Cheese Knife - Oslo

    Boska's history began more than 120 years ago when blacksmith Willem Bos made his first professional cheese tool. In 2000 they began designing cheese products for home use, such as fondue sets, cheese cutting boards, cheese knives, and cheese slicers. In 2018 they introduced the revolutionary Marie Fondue set, the world's first bain-marie fondue set.

    Professional cheese knife with sturdy oak handle. Cutting with this knife is safe, use both hands to cut and hold two handles at the same time. The knife blade is nonstick thanks to BSF ™ technology, a special nonstick method. This makes it easy to cut cheese and for it not to stick to the blade.

    The Dutch cheese knife is ideal for cutting with ease both fresh and aged cheeses with a hard rind. The curved shape of the blade allows it to cut any type of cheese on the cutting board, even if the board is not perfectly flat. Thanks to the two handles, one positioned vertically and the other horizontally, hands are protected during use. We recommend hand washing and oiling your hands regularly.

    SIZE: 5X27.5 CM

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  14. Boska - Essential BBQ Tools Monaco+, Set of 3

    Boska - Essential BBQ Tools Monaco+, Set of 3

    The Essential BBQ Tools Monaco+ give you everything you need for the perfect barbecue. These three dishwasher-safe tools are made of 100% stainless steel, have a diamond pattern for a non-slip grip and have been tested by experts. Perfect for preparing fish, meat and vegetables both on the BBQ and in the kitchen. S-hooks included.

    Professional BBQ tweezers The BBQ Tweezers Monaco+ let you safely handle pieces of meat, fish and vegetables on the barbecue. Thanks to the sharp points and diamond pattern, foods like chicken wings and zucchini slices are a piece of cake to pick up and flip. A handy tool that is popular with lots of chefs and BBQ experts.

    Safe and strong barbecue spatula The BBQ spatula is used to flip burgers and other flat foods when barbecuing. Thanks to the flat, rounded edge, you can easily slide this handy BBQ tool under any type of food. And the long handle keeps you safe from the heat source at all times.

    Unbreakable barbecue tongs What makes the BBQ Tongs so unique is that they're unbreakable. Thanks to the teeth, grip function and diamond pattern, you can grip food firmly that would otherwise slide off your BBQ tool. A barbecue partner for life! -Lifetiem guarantee on this BBQ accessory Our BBQ tools put you in perfect control with a timeless design. Tested and approved by experts. Perfect not only for barbecuing, but also for kitchen use. The tools are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, have a diamond pattern for a no-slip grip and come with a lifetime guarantee. Combine perfectly with the other Food Tools in the Monaco+ collection. Collect them all!

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  15. Boska - Pro 'M' fondue set - 1.2 liters

    Boska - Pro 'M' fondue set - 1.2 liters

    A fondue pan that can be used with any type of stove, including induction stoves.

    The cast iron pan ensures that all the cheese melts evenly and does not burn or stick easily. The perfect gift for cheese lovers!

    Enjoy fondue in style
    The cast iron skillet with oak handle and cast iron base give the Fondue Set Pro a sturdy yet elegant look. The pan has a 40-ounce capacity, enough for 1.9 pounds of cheese. The set comes complete with base, burner (excluding fondue fuel) and four fondue forks. A perfect gift!

    Suitable for any type of stove
    Surprise family and friends with a delicious cheese fondue dinner. This fondue pan can be used on a gas, electric, ceramic or induction stove. If you have a different heat source, such as a microwave or oven, we recommend using a different pan to heat the fondue.

    After use, wash the fondue pan and forks by hand. A little warm water and detergent is sufficient. The base and flame tamer can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This way your Fondue Set Pro will last for years.

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  16. Boska - Boska - Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ Black

    Boska - Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ Black


    From soft Brie to hard Parmesan cheese - with the Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ Black, you have the perfect cutting solution for every type of cheese. These unique, stainless steel and non-stick knives - with a genuine leather sleeve - create a perfect and stylish gift for true cheese lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

    High quality cheese knives

    The knives in this set are part of the Monaco+ collection. This ensures that you’re getting knives of the absolute highest quality. The Monaco+ collection was developed using over 120 years of experience in making cheese tools. Cutting cheese is a piece of cake with these stylish knives.

    Suitable for any type of cheese

     This unique cheese knife set has the best features which make cutting all types of cheese as easy as possible. Use the knife with the holes in the blade and the one with the narrow blade to cut soft and semi-hard cheeses. The unique black coating and the quilted pattern on the blades make the knives extra non-stick. With the remaining knife, you can break through the hardest cheeses with ease.

    Indispensable in the kitchen

    This knife set is a must have for true cheese lovers and cooking enthusiasts. After use, simply clean the blades by hand. Some warm water and dish soap will do the trick. The knives will stay in tip top condition when stored in the included leather sleeve. Which cheeses will you choose to surprise your family and friends with?

    An original gift

    Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Or a gift for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, a wedding or a 50th wedding birthday? Good news: You've found it! Thanks to its unique color and handy leather sheath, the Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ Black is the perfect gift for any festive occasion. Then you'll surprise him or her with something much nicer than a standard gift card, don't you think?

    The knives contain a titanium coating. As a result, they can sometimes differ slightly in color, compared to the other knives or other black BOSKA products.

    Out of stock
  17. Boska - Pizza & Cheese Knife Oslo


    Cutting pizzas is super easy with the Pizza & Cheese Knife Oslo+. Thanks to its two-handed system and slightly curved blade, the knife slices smoothly through hard crusts. The pizza knife is non-stick thanks to BSF™, made from stainless steel and features an extra sturdy oak handle. Also handy for cutting cheese.

    Non-stick pizza knife The knife's blade is non-stick due to BSF™. This special non-stick method will remain equally strong for the pizza knife's entire lifetime. So you can easily cut up as many pizza slices as you want without anything sticking to the knife.

    Extra sturdy and safe pizza knife The stainless steel of the blade runs all the way through to the handle. This makes the knife extra sturdy and very user-friendly. What's more, cutting with this knife is very safe because your fingers stay away from the blade area. That's because you use two hands when cutting while holding the two handles. Knife with oak handles This BOSKA pizza knife has two wooden handles, which means it's not dishwasher-safe.

    But pizza knives of this type are easy to clean by hand. A bit of warm water and dish soap is enough. Regularly spray the handles with BOSKA Board Oil to protect the wood from splitting and becoming damaged. This will help keep the pizza knife beautiful and functional for years to come.


    Pizzawares Colour Brown / Silver Material Wood / Stainless Steel

    Type of wood European oak

    Guarantee 10 years

    Product dimensions 440 x 40 x 50 mm / 17.32''x1.57''x1.97''

    Product weight 284 gram / 0.63 lb Packaging Hangtag

    Product dimension in packaging 440 x 40 x 50 mm / 17.32''x1.57''x1.97''

    Product weight in packaging 284 gram / 0.63 lb

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  18. Boska - Choco Curler Marble

    Choco Curler Marble

    Create the most delicious chocolate curls with the Choco Curler Marble. They make a delicious snack or topping for cakes and desserts.

    The marble curler will stay nice and cool. This keeps the chocolate at the perfect temperature and prevents it from melting. It's a must have for choco lovers. Original snack Who says that you can only serve savory snacks at a happy hour or party?

    Surprise your family and friends by putting this curler on the table. Let everyone create their own curls and enjoy this original snack. However, are you in the mood to try something different? Then change it up and use a half wheel of Tête de Moine cheese instead.

    Stylish curler The Choco Curler is made of white marble and has beautiful copper-colored accents. This gives it a stylish and elegant look. The pins in the plateau keep the Boska Choco Curler Discs (available in Milk and Praline flavors) firmly in place while you're curling.

    That way, you'll have delicious curls in no time at all.

    Years of fun After use, the Choco Culer will be clean again in a flash.

    Wash the plateau, the pin, and the knife by hand, or wipe them clean with a damp cloth. That way, you'll be able to ke


    Article number 320420

    Collection Chocowares

    Colour White / Copper colored Material Marble / Stainless steel Guarantee 10 years

    Product dimensions 160x160x100mm / 6.4"x6.4"x4"

    Product weight 1.14 kg / 2.4992 lb


    Packaging Giftbox Product dimension in packaging 215x188x35mm / 8.6"x7.52"x1.4" Product weight in packaging 1.25 kg / 2.7588 lb

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  19. Boska - Cheese Curler Marble

    Boska - Cheese Curler Marble

    With this Cheese Curler Marble, you’ll be giving your cheese the perfect curly look. Use the curls to garnish your favorite dishes. Thanks to this handy kitchen tool, you’ll turn every recipe into a culinary sensation. The cheese curler is fitted with five short pins around the board. That gives you an extra firm grip on the cheese. The luxurious marble board and the stainless steel pin round off a wonderful product! 10 year guarantee Are you in the mood for a fresh salad or a delicious Italian pasta? Try using this handy cheese curler to make the garnish. Also put it out during your next happy hour. It’s a unique way to nibble at the yummiest cheeses. After use, throw it in the dishwasher. No handwashing necessary here. The cheese curler is easy to assemble and disassemble. That way, it takes up very little room and is ready to serve in no time. The cheese curler comes with a 10 year guarantee! The ultimate flavor experience Try it with chocolate for a change. Create the chocolate curls, serve it on a dessert, and voila, you’ve got a sensational flavor experience. Do you know someone who deserves this ultimate flavor experience? This unique gift will definitely hit the mark! Let your guests taste the perfect cheese curl! Turn the cheese curler in a clockwise direction and use it on cheeses that are fresh out of the fridge.

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