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  1. Stangen - 501 - Abrasive Paste for Hone

    Stangen 501 abrasive paste is an ideal product for sharpening hones of various sizes. It is a high-quality abrasive paste formulated to easily remove rust, dirt, and impurities from hones, allowing them to precisely sharpen razors. The paste is easy to apply and ensures effective cleaning of hones, enabling them to last longer. Thanks to its abrasive formula, Stangen 501 paste is able to sharpen hones gently, preserving their shape and characteristics.

    Brand: Stangen

    Pack composed of two blocks (each measuring 38x9x9 mm, weighing approximately 8 grams) of hone paste with two different grit sizes.

    Only 10 left
    Only 10 left
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1 Item

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