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  1. Barbasol - Nose, sideburns and beard trimmer

    This trimmer is designed to offer precision and versatility in the smallest and hard-to-reach areas of the face.

    It features interchangeable heads designed specifically for each grooming area. For example, the nose head features a pointed, protected shape that allows it to remove unwanted hair from the nose safely and effectively. It also features a cutting system that prevents pulling or pinching of the sensitive skin on the nose.

    As for sideburns and beards, the trimmer offers a specific head that allows for precise shaping and defining of contours. The sharp, high-quality blades ensure an even and precise cut, allowing you to achieve the desired look.

    It is powered by batteries, which means it is portable and does not require the use of cords or cables during use. It is lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient to work on small areas of the face.

    - Detail trimmer, trims and shapes difficult areas such as under the nose, sideburns and beards.
    - Micro trimmer, stainless steel blades allow you to trim delicate areas.
    - Nose trimmer, easily and conveniently clean up unwanted ear and nose hair anytime, anywhere.
    - Washable heads, run under water for easy cleaning.

    Recommended use: Trim nose hair, sideburns and beard.

    Country of manufacture: China

    Packaging: Plastic box



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    Only 4 left
  2. JRL - Replacement Head SF03 Fresh Fade 1050 - JRLSF03

    JRL - Replacement Head SF03 Fresh Fade 1050 - JRLSF03

    Rust-free, self-sharpening, long-lasting stainless steel blades - stay sharp for every cut.
    Adjustable screw with zero clearance.

    Compatible with Fresh Fade 1050 model.

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    Only 2 left
  3. JRL - Replacement Head BF 03G for 2020C Cordless Professional Trimmer Shearer

    JRL - Replacement Head for 2020C Cordless Professional Trimmer Shearer BF 03G

    Rust-free, self-sharpening, long-lasting stainless steel blades - stay sharp for every cut.

    Compatible with JRL model 2020C

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    Only 5 left
  4. JRL -T-Wide Trimmer Fresh Fade 1050 SF 04 - Original replacement blade head

    T-Wide Trimmer Fresh Fade 1050 SF 04 - Original replacement blade head Rust-free, self-sharpening, long-lasting stainless steel blades - stay sharp for every cut. Compatible with Fresh Fade 1050 model
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    Only 6 left
  5. JRL - FreshFade 2020T Trimmer

    FreshFade 2020T Trimmer 360°

    Exposed Ultra Sharp T shape blade

    Patented Smart-Clip Technology

    Cool BladeTechnology: Blade stays cool and Sharp after extended use

    2 Hours battery life

    7,200 Revolutions Per Minute

    Superior Motor: 3 times more powerful on torsion than most trimmers on the market.

    Quiet Motor: Quiet motor, under 60dB, creates quiet working environment Global Universal Voltage

    Stainless Steel blade Ideal For lining designing and dry shaving

    Hanging Hook


    1 Screwdriver,

    1 Brush,

    1 Lubricant Oil,

    1 Blade Protector.

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    Only 10 left
  6. JRL - Professional Cordless Hair Clipper FF 2020C


    Reference: JRL/FF2020C

    Professional Cordless Hair Clipper FF 2020C JRL

    This professional hair clipper reaches the level and even surpasses numerous models of traditional brands of professional machines. It performs with guarantees in the daily work of any barber or hairdresser with up to 4 hours of battery work, a system of blades capable of preserving lower temperatures and regulating the working revolutions between 6000rpm and 7200 rpm. Without a doubt, a good choice for demanding professionals.


    Cold blade technology.

    Smart-Clip Technology, featuring constant speed.

    LED Display (battery life)

    Lever lock for extended use

    Lithium Ion battery with a maximum duration of 4h and a charging time of 3h.

    Motor type: 6.5W rotary low sound

    Revolutions: 6000 to 7200 rpm

    Blades adjustment: 0.5 to 3.5mm (can be adjusted to 0mm)



    Cleaning brush

    Lubricant Combs: 10 combs (0.5, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    Charger adapter

    Blade protector and adjuster.

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    Only 8 left
  7. Moser - Li + Pro 2 Mini - 1588-0050 - Professional Rechargeable Beard Rule

    Professional cordless beard trimmer, with Li-ion battery, 100% Made in Germany, 2 year Italian warranty

    Cutting width 32mm; Cutting height 0.4mm. Innovative carbon coating for optimized cutting performance, 40 times stronger than standard Moser heads. Entirely stainless and washable.

    Easy to remove head, for easy cleaning and quick change with a new head or a second optional Diamond or Designer head for precision cuts and creative hair designs

    Cordless or fixed network cable operation. Extremely efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, without memory effect, with quick recharge in 80 minutes and autonomy up to 120 continuous minutes.

    Buttons with integrated charge control light.

    3 speed levels, suitable for every need.

    Electronic motor equipped with microcontroller, to guarantee a constant cutting power.

    Extremely light and silent. Only 120 g. Particularly comfortable and ergonomic seamless body.

    1 variable plastic rise, with selectable height from 3 to 6 mm; charging base; plug transformer with low energy consumption; cleaning brush; oil for cutting head maintenance.

    We recommend constant lubrication using the oil supplied inside the package to be applied on the legs after each use.

    Excellent for private and professional use - Pre-shipment check guaranteed by our internal assistance and regrinding laboratory.

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  8. Moser - 1400 Mini professional Corded Trimmer - 1411-0087 - BLACK

    1400 Mini professional Corded Trimmer STAR BLADE: Precision-ground stainless steel blade set STAR BLADE “Made in Germany”. VARIABLE: MultiClick® cutting-length adjustment with 5 lockable positions 0.7 – 3 mm. STRONG: New, quiet and powerful oscillating armature motor featuring 50% higher performance. INCLUSIVE: 1 attachment comb 4.5 mm, cleaning brush, oil
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    Only 16 left
  9. JRL - Universale Clipper Guards Set (8pcs)

    JRL Universale Clipper Guards Set (8pcs) JRL Universal Clipper Guards fit most hair clipper brands on the market, Size: 0(1/32"), 1/2(1/16"), 1-1/2(3/16"), 1(1/8"), 2(1/4"), 3(3/8"), 4(1/2"), 5(5/8") Advantages: Protects the scalp from the sharp edges of moving blades. Universal (can be used with any make and model of hair clipper). Resistant. Adequate space between the teeth for precise adjustment of the cut. Smooth and rounded edges.
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    Only 9 left
  10. JRL - beard trimmer - FreshFade 1050 Cordless - hair clipper

    Adjusts professional beard without wire / rechargeable at three speeds, with interchangeable cutting head in stainless steel and fixed cutting height at 0.5mm. The height of the cut can be increased using the 4 plastic spacers included in the package (from 2/3/4 / 5mm)

    * 3.7V and 800mAh non-removable Li-ion battery
    * Battery life of 90 consecutive minutes and full charge in 1h.
    * 33mm wide stainless steel cutting head with removable and interchangeable height of 0.5mm
    * LCD display to monitor the speed used and the remaining charge minutes
    * Three different cutting speeds: 5000/5500/6000 revolutions per minute
    * Power button and selection of separate speeds
    * Lightweight, for maximum convenience
    * 4 Plastic risers included
    * 2m cable for direct connection to the mains or for connection to the charging base, included in the package
    * Maintenance lubricating oil and cleaning brush

    Excellent for private use. pre-shipment check guaranteed by our internal assistance and re-grinding laboratory.

    We recommend constant lubrication by using the oil supplied inside the package to be applied to the blades after each use.

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    Only 10 left
  11. Barbasol - Rechargeable hair and body trimmer

    Barbasol Rechargeable Hair and Body Trimmer is a versatile device designed to cut and trim hair and body hair conveniently and effectively. This trimmer was developed by Barbasol, a renowned company in the men's personal care industry.

    The trimmer features sharp and precise blades designed to deliver smooth and accurate cutting results.

    An important feature of the Barbasol Trimmer is its charging function. The device is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, which means there is no need to use cords or cables during use. This provides greater freedom of movement and allows you to use the trimmer wherever you wish without worrying about finding an electrical outlet.

    - Ceramic blades, non-corrosive and heat-resistant for safer and more comfortable cutting/shaving for sensitive areas.
    - Adjustable guide, get 3 different lengths for even cutting.
    - Fully waterproof, use anytime in the shower, washable for easy cleaning.
    - Built-in light, illuminate while shaving so you never lose a hair.
    - Rechargeable, USB charging for 90 minutes of shaving time.

    Recommended use: adjusts hair length and shaves body hair.

    Country of manufacture: China

    Handle: waterproof material

    Length: 14.5cm.

    Width: 390mm.

    Packaging: cardboard box


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    Only 8 left
  12. Heiniger - Libertas - Professional Trimmer Shearer - 710-220

    - 36 mm precision T-blade made of chrome-plated carbon steel
    - Deeper shave and high-precision cut of 0.3 mm
    - Battery or mains powered
    - Very quiet, minimal vibration
    - Perfect balance between sharpness and cutting reliability

    Speed:5'500 dbs/min
    Dimensions:144 x 30 x 35 mm
    Weight including battery: 121 g
    Charging time: 60 to 75 minutes

    Autonomy: 80 minutes

    Supply: charging station, oil dispenser, allen wrench, cleaning brush

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    Only 1 left
  13. Heiniger - Pegasus Mini - cordless beard trimmer - 710-210

    - High-quality machined trimmer blade ensures precise cutting of hair contours
    - Nearly silent and low vibration
    - Slim design: fits perfectly in your hand
    - Easy cleaning with removable quick-change system

    Operating time: up to 120 minutes
    Charging time: 90-120 minutes
    Cutting length: 0.3 mm
    Adjustable comb: 3-6 mm
    Speed: 5500 dbs/min
    Dimensions : 146 x 30 x 38 mm
    Weight: 120 g

    Supply: charging station, comb holder, accessory comb, oil dispenser, cleaning brush

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    Only 1 left
  14. Wahl - Cleaning spray - 4005-7052 - clipper

    Wahl - Cleaning spray - 4005-7052 - clippers.

    Cleaning spray keeps all heads clean and protects against corrosion, ensuring longer head life.

    Keep the unit on in a downward-facing position and spray 2 or 3 times directly on the head.

    Under no circumstances should the spray be sprayed on the housing or penetrate inside the appliance.

    Turn off the appliance and clean the head with a soft, clean cloth.

    If additional lubrication is desired, spread a few drops of head oil on the head before each use.

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    Only 7 left
  15. Wahl - Groomsman rechargeable beard trimmer - clipper

    Perfect for shaping beards, mustaches, sideburns and the nape of the neck
    Made in the USA
    Complete with:
    - special elevation with 5 positions for beard and 3 special elevations for mustache
    - Toothbrush
    - Lubricating oil
    - Recommended for individuals
    - resharpenable blades
    Guaranteed inspection by our in-house service and resharpening laboratory.
    We recommend constant lubrication using the oil provided inside the package to be applied to the blades.
    Depending on availability, the item may be shipped in a different color than the one shown in the photo.

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    Only 2 left
  16. Wahl - Professional cordless combo - 08592-017H - clipper

    Wahl - Professional cordless combo - 08592-017H - clipper

    Professional Cordless Hair Clippers and Trimmers.

    A limited edition combo consisting of black Cordless Super Taper and Beret Stealth, enclosed in a handy case.

    High-precision, rustproof chrome-plated blades that are quick and easy to remove.

    Convenient adjustment lever allows you to change cutting length without changing heads.

    Ideal for ultra-short contours and trims.

    Key Features.

    • Exclusive black design
    • Stylish carrying case with WAHL logo
    • Included attachments


    Cordless professional hair clipper + trimmer


    SUPER TAPER: DC, 5500 rpm | BERET: DC, 6000 rpm

    Battery Autonomy

    SUPER TAPER: 90 min autonomy, 120 min recharge | BERET: 75 min autonomy, 60 min recharge. They also work flush


    SUPER TAPER: Taper Blade with adjustment lever | BERET: Removable Beret Blade

    Cutting length

    SUPER TAPER: 1-2 mm | BERET: 0.4 mm

    Cutting Width

    SUPER TAPER: 46 mm | BERET: 32.5 mm


    SUPER TAPER: 290 g | BERET: 115 g

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    Only 6 left
  17. JRL - SF07G Replacement Head for Cordless Professional Trimmer 2020T

    JRL - SF07G Replacement Head for Cordless Professional Trimmer 2020T

    JRL STD Gold FF2020T SF07G Ultra Cool Stainless Steel Blade Head

    Original JRL replacement for the 2020t gold edition Fresh Fade Trimmer trimmer. Ideal for razor fade cuts and shades of the highest quality and precision! Stainless steel blade that won't rust and stays sharp for a long time.

    Patented "Cool Blade" technology for constant head cooling.

    Features: Stainless steel blades, self-sharpening and long-lasting. 

    Compatible with model JRL 2020T SF 07

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  18. Barbasol - T-blade rechargeable trimmer

    Barbasol's trimmer is an essential tool for defining beard and hair thanks to its precise near-zero cut. Rechargeable and easy to clean thanks to stainless steel construction.

    - The 360-degree exposed T-blade provides a near-zero, crisp, clean cut for working
    on beard contours, sideburns and facial hair.
    - 4 risers for different hair lengths: varying from 1 to 4 mm, you will be able to work
    on different hair lengths without any problem.
    - Comfortable design: extremely handy for making super precise cuts.
    - Rechargeable: use the included USB charging cable (power adapter not included)
    - Charging time: 180 minutes
    - Usage time: 120 minutes
    - Clean under running water without hassle: stainless steel design for an
    easy cleaning of the brush head
    - Includes: 4 risers (sizes 1-2-3-4 mm), oil and cleaning brush

    Recommended use: Defining beard and hair.

    Country of manufacture: China

    Packaging: cardboard box



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  19. JRL - FF2020T Trimmer Standard T-Blade SF07

    FF2020T Trimmer Standard T-Blade The FF2020T Trimmer Standard T-Blade is a Rust-free, long-lasting, self-sharpening Stainless Steel blade that stays sharp for every cut making it easier to design with precision in touch areas. Fits on trimmer FF2020T Comes with both stationary and moving blades
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  20. Moser - Beard Trimmer - Primat 1230 Mini - 1411-0052 - Hair Cutter

    Cut hair / beard trimmer "Made in Germany" on the wire, small, practical and fast to use. Suitable for both the regulation of the beard for hair styling, cutting head has a professional stainless steel, re-sharpening.

    Cutting height 0.1mm
    Weight: 200 grams without cable
    Cable length: 2 m.
    Dimensions: 135 x 40 x 40 mm
    lubricating oil
    Brush blade cleaner
    Additional thickness 3 mm.
    Two-year warranty

    We recommend a constant lubrication chart using the oil supplied in the package to be applied on the blades after each use.

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