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Timers and Minute Minders

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  1. Bengt Ek Design - Kitchen Timer with Pink Elephant Design

    Ek Design - Elephant kitchen timer

    Kitchen timer: Scandinavian design meets Swiss precision in Bengt Ek Design. In this case a witty and playful design.

    The cute pink elephant will help you prepare great lunches!

    Timer base: ø 8cm x 9h cm.

  2. Bengt Ek Design - Kitchen Timer

    Bengt Ek Design - Kitchen Timer Kitchen timer: The Scandinavian design meets Swiss precision in Bengt Ek Design. In this case a witty and playful design. The friendly timer "appliance" helps you to prepare delicious lunches! Timers Bengt Ek Design - electric coffee / planetary / blender a must-have for home cooks and foodies. Timer 60 minutes.
  3. Gefu - Digital Radio Roast Thermometer with timer HANDI

    Cook and roast with precision! Enjoy the ease and autonomy that cooking or roasting with the digital radio roast thermometer brings. You will constantly receive updates on the temperature which will be displayed on the hand device and received by radio. As soon as the meat is cooked as well as you want it, a signal will sound. Using the roast thermometer you can access pre-programmed cooking times for different meats. The integrated timer serves as a tool for the precise preparation of other dishes. Measures temperature during food preparation Timer: up to 99 min. 59 sec. Alarm when a certain temperature is reached (temperature can be set) Stainless steel probe (180 mm) with 1 m heat resistant cable 2- part sender and receiver Alarm range between sender and receiver: 20 m (range depends on the space and surroundings) Temperature display can be set to °C and °F Can be used with different kinds of meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken...) Choose how well the meat should be cooked (bloody, medium, well done...) Including battery. Steel probe 18 cm long, 1 meter long cable 11,8 cm. x 5 cm. x 2 cm.
  4. Bengt Ek Design - Kitchen timer Cow

    Bengt Ek Design - Kitchen timer Cow

    Kitchen timer: Scandinavian design meets Swiss precision in Bengt Ek Design.

    In this case a witty and playful design.

    The nice Swiss cow will help you prepare great lunches!

    Timer base: ø 8cm x 9h cm.

  5. Adhoc - Floating filter for Tea with hourglass

    Ad- Hoc Filtro galleggiante per tè con clessidra girevole.

    Il primo filtro ad uovo galleggiante per tè ed infusi. Grazie all'assetto perfettamente bilanciato, il filtro rimarrà sempre in superficie a portata di mano. Non sarà più necessario ripescarlo dal fondo del bricco o della tazza.
    E' il filtro ideale per la preparazione di tè ed infusi. La clessidra permette di sorvegliare il tempo d'infusione è magnetica e quindi facile da girare e togliere. Materiale: acciaio inox, vetro e plastica. La clessidra può avere una tolleranza di alcuni secondi
  6. Kuchenprofi, Digital probe thermometer with timer

    Sonda con termometro - timer digitale per cottura alimenti con funzione Wire-less 30 metri. La sonda collegata ad una base che funge da trasmittente. Possiamo trasportare l'apparato display ricevente fino a 30 metri di raggio. Il temometro ha la possibilità, oltre a quella manuale, di essere usato in maniera "suggerimento" dove possiamo selezionare otto tipi di carne (manzo, agnello, vitello, carne macinata, maiale, tacchino, pollame, pesce ) e fino a cinque tipi di cottura differenti a seconda della carne ( al sangue, media, cotto al sangue, mediamente cotto, quasi ben cotto e ben cotto ). Manuale in ITALIANO.
    Caratteristiche :
    - sonda con cavo in acciaio inossidabile (resistente al calore)
    - allarme alla temperatura programmata
    - il campo di misura va da 0 a +250°C - ideale come termometro da arrosto per il controllo costante della temperatura in forno e per la cottura di zuccheri
    - dotato di sostegno da tavolo e di calamita per il fissaggio
    - orologio, timer e cronometro
    - indice digitale facilmente leggibile.
    - batterie incluse.

  7. Brainstream - BeepEgg Classic - ONE EGG FITS ALL

    Brainstream - Beep Egg BOILING EGGS THE EASY WAY - [EGG]STREMELY GOOD GIFTS The singing and floating egg-timer guarantees perfectly boiled eggs and lots of fun. BeepEgg is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with the real eggs. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, BeepEgg® will play a tune. The inner high t[egg] components of BeepEgg® always work and are “Made in Germany”. This functionality, combined with a certain sense of humour, makes BeepEgg® an ideal gift for numerous occasions. Here is another cool, innovative and fun item that is actually really useful. Do you like your eggs cooked egg-sactly right but have trouble timing them to perfection? The Beep Egg is the solution! The easy way to cook eggs, Beep Egg can sense when the conditions in the pan are just right for an egg to be soft-boiled, medium-cooked or hard-boiled. A temperature sensor detects when the water is boiling and then from that point, a timer will start to count down until the perfect conditions are reached for the ideal egg.Simply put the Beep Egg into the water with your real eggs and cook it in there with them. When the eggs are ready, the Beep Egg will play you a tune! When they are done, you lift the Beep Egg out of the water with your now-perfectly boiled eggs, rinse it off and it is ready to be used next time! The Beep Egg is an ideal gift for anyone who hates cooking but has to boil an egg occasionally, or anyone that loves cooking but has so much on the go at once, they need a little help to keep track of it all! No more morning disappointments - enjoy your eggs exactly as you want them, every time! For those of you with large families with different preferences - use several Egg-Beeps at the same time! The Egg-Beep will play its melody for 3 minutes, or until cooled off using cold water. When not in use, store it in the fridge to keep it at the same temperature as your eggs.
    Special Price $13.69 Regular Price $17.11
  8. Gefu - Digital meat thermometer TEMPERE

    The digital meat thermometer is essential for temperature measurement during cooking. The measuring range is 0 to +250°C. An alarm set to the required temperature helps to prevent overcooking. Adjustable timer up to 99 min. Stainless steel probe (160 mm) with 1 m heat-resistant cable. Fastening magnet. Stand-up display. for temperature measurement during cooking measuring range is 0 to +250 °C adjustable timer up to 99 min. alarm set to a required temperature stainless steel probe (160 mm) with 1 m heat-resistant cable with fastening magnet stand-up display incl. battery
  9. Gefu - Timer RETRO

    Gefu - Timer RETRO Retro look meets precision: The mechanical kitchen timer in the decorative outfit of the 1960s can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. The mechanical retro timer reminds of the end of cooking, baking or brewing times! It can be adjusted for up to 60 minutes - and is always ready to hand, because it can be placed on the refrigerator door or the extractor hood with the aid of a magnet on the back. available in different colors mechanical timer in retro-look Magnet on the back adjustable up to 60 minutes Ø 7,3 cm, H 3,4 cm metal
    Out of stock
  10. Kuchenprofi - BBQ thermometer

    Küchenprofi - BBQ thermometer - Simultaneous monitoring of the core temperature of the grill, as well as the grill and oven. Incl. Timer and stopwatch, as well as illuminated display. Portable receiver with mounting clip on the back. Range: up to 100 m Display selectable ° C / ° F Measuring range 0 ° C to 350 ° C Material: stainless steel. .
    Out of stock
  11. Bengt Ek Design - Sushi Chef mechanical timer

    Bengt Ek Design - Sushi Chef mechanical timer

    Kitchen timer: Scandinavian design meets Swiss precision in Bengt Ek Design.

    In this case a witty and playful design. The cute character will help you prepare excellent lunches!

    Timer Bengt Ek Design sushi chef is a must-have for home cooks and sushi lovers.

    60 minute timer.

    Out of stock
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