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  1. Wusthof Germany - Culinar - Carving knife and sausages - 4529/16 - kitchen knife

    Series Wusthof Culinar

    Knife suitable for cooked and raw meat.

    series forged
    - Blade of 16 cm
    - Precision forged from a single piece of steel with collar and inner blade and handle constructed in a single piece.
    - Ergonomic handle design developed in consultation with professional chefs.
    - Collar / finger guard for improved safety and security.
    - Pure perfection of function and design. The all-steel knife for gourmets.
    - Forged from a single piece of steel and fitted with a stainless steel handle.

    The Blades are obtained using the best steel and combining the most qualified elements (chromium 15% - 0.5% carbon - molybdenum - vanadium). The realization of a knife forged WUSTHOF involves the passage of about 40 cycles.

    Proper care will increase the life of the knife, making it easier and safer to work and reduces the consumption of the wire.

    A few tips:
    - Please make sure to put the knives in a dishwasher from hitting other objects as this may damage the blades.
    - The knives guaranteed for dishwashers that are not immediately washed in the machine should be rinsed under the tap water to remove the remains of the highly corrosive foods (fats, vinegar, fruit juices).
    - Not sure if the knives were more cut to perfection, corrections or sharpen by professionals in the field.

    The Wusthof knives sold by us, are personally inspected and further sharpened in order to guarantee you the certainty of a good buy.

    Wusthof All products we sell are screen printed indelibly with the logo of Collini Cutlery (see picture). The CE marking means the buyer to be sure of the quality, traceability, warranty assistance over the years and a future prime product purchased at the Collini Cutlery.

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