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  1. Schonhuber - Digital scale with detachable cutting board

    Schonhuber - Digital scale with detachable cutting board

    Food scale with bamboo cutting board and removable stainless steel tray.

    Practical real bamboo cutting board, ideal for preparing the ingredients of your recipes thanks to the integrated weighing scale and the removable stainless steel tray.

    You can also measure the volume of water and milk.

    Precision thanks to the advanced sensor for accurate 1g measurements. -

    to read the weight thanks to the backlit LCD display that also indicates when the battery is low. -Food weigher automatically resets and switches off.

    Maximum capacity 5kg.

    Dimensions (WxDxH) 36x23x3.5 cm

    Functions with 2 x 1.5V (AAA) batteries not included.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Schonhuber - Baking paper round, Ø 13cm

    Schonhuber - Baking paper round, Ø 13cm

    Decorative and practical: The white, round, food-safe plate paper has a wide range of uses, such as being a basis for buffets or catering, or for packing pastries and other foods.

    Available in round size Ø 13cm



    Food safe.

    Only 27 left
    Only 27 left
  3. Schonhuber - 8 Bags for cooking on grill and oven -BBQ

    Schonhuber - OVEN+BBQ BAGS LARGEVantaggi:
    Mantiene il forno e il barbecue puliti Evita la caduta del cibo attraverso la griglia Ideale per marinare (salsa, vino) Non più alimenti bruciatiModalità d’uso
    Mettere tutti gli ingredienti nel sacchetto. Ripiegare due volte su se stesso il lato aperto Praticare dei piccoli fori nella parte superiore trasparente per permettere la fuoriuscita del vapore Posizionare il sacchetto sul barbecue o nel forno (su un ripiano di cottura) Per un aspetto più grigliato lasciare il sacchetto parzialmente aperto Pronti? Strappare per aprire la parte superiore trasparente. Attenzione al calore!
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. Schonhuber - Pressa per hamburger in acciaio inox

    Schonhuber - Pressa in acciaio inox per creare il perfetto mini hamburger. La Pressa Hamburger by Schounuber pressa la carne, contribuendo ad evitare che l'hamburger di disintegrarsi sulla griglia o rimanere crudo nel mezzo.
    STAMPO forma PRESSA HAMBURGER in acciaio inox. Facilmento smontabile per la pulizia. Diametro: cm. 6,50.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  5. Schonhuber - Anti-heat glove

    Schonhuber - Anti-heat glove Made of special cotton, reinforced execution on the inside and on the thumb, resistant up to 240 ° C.The glove can be an excellent gift idea for Christmas holidays and other occasions. Measurements: 19 x 45 cm.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  6. Schonhuber - HeatsBox STYLE+

    Schonhuber - Container HeatsBox STYLE+

    HeatsBox STYLE+ -HeatsBox STYLE+ is the perfect companion and combines performance with elegant design.

    Heats meals in 15-25 minutes.

    HeatsBox is designed and patented in Switzerland.

    2 year warranty.

    A hot meal in 15-25 minutes

    HeatsBox heats or even cooks your meal in just 15-25 minutes.

    Temperature-controlled heating

    Prepare your favourite meal with fresh ingredients.

    Regulate your meal according to your lifestyle.

    Connected to the app

    Select the desired temperature and timer for meal preparation. Everything under your control.

    Detachable inner dish

    The inner dish can be pulled out for easy storage, transport and cleaning.

    100% leakproof

    The HeatsBox and the additional lid for the inner dish are 100% leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about transportation. Connected to the mains socket

    Extra long 1.5 m power cable to power the HeatsBox with any power outlet. 

    Material: PP, stainless steel, aluminium 

    Food safety: FDA and LFGB-certified

    Heating technology: Bottom and side heating

    Connectivity: 5th generation Bluetooth 

    Power: 100W 

    Voltage: 110V or 220-240V AC

    Cable length: 1.5 m / 5 feet

    Max. temperature Temperature: 85°C / 185°F 

    Interior dish: 925ml / 31.3oz 

    Exterior dimensions: 222 x 166 x 78 mm

    Net weight: 0.8 kg / 1.7 lbs.

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  7. Schonhuber - MINI Ring for serving - Adjustable food-ring

    Schonhuber - MINI Ring for serving - Adjustable food-ring

    Ring for serving. Made of stainless steel, it is adjustable in diameter to create and decorate fantastic hors d'oeuvres, pasta dishes and desserts in complete freedom.

    Measurements: from 7 cm to 9 cm.

    Height 5.5 cm.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  8. Schonhuber - Oliera in vetro 1/4lt. - decori assortiti - cucina

    Oliera in vetro 1/4 lt.
    Contenitore olio/aceto , per dosare in modo semplice e senza sprechi. Il beccuccio è dotato di un piccolo bordo in gomma, dotato di forellino per intrappolare l'olio in eccesso e coperchietto di chiusura. Contenitore è realizzato in vetro, il tappo è in acciaio e silicone.
    Altezza: cm 22 ( con il tappo 27 cm)
    Capacità: 1/4 lt.
    Only 7 left
    Only 7 left
  9. Schonhuber - Set 2 asciugamani

    Un'originalissima torta, che nasconde un'asciugamano in spugna

    (cotone 100%)

    dalle seguenti misure: 20 x 20cm.

    Disponibile in color marrone e rosa.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  10. Schonhuber - Babette cup for utensil

    Schonhuber - Babette utensil cup for pots and grills

    The BABETTE Original is an innovative utensil cup that attaches to your pots and pans when cooking, serving, and can be used as a measuring cup. Adjustable to fit the height of saucepans and pans, it can also hold the lid when attached. Now you can prepare and serve without mess!

    The BABETTE Original is made of a combination of steel and silicone, perfect for cooking on an electric cooker, avoiding drips and spills on worktops and during table service. BABETTE is designed to allow you to leave the lid on. The bracket construction, with its rounded corners, rests gently on its side, to avoid any damage to your non-stick coating. Babette: a clever invention from Norway. When you hang the specially designed container from the saucepan, you have your main cooking utensils readily available while you cook and serve food. With babette hanging from the kettle, you avoid unnecessary mess and dirt on the kitchen worktop or cooker. The clever design allows you to rest the lid on the pan while babette is hanging. In addition, it has a graduated scale inside that allows you to use it as a measuring cup. It can be used directly on the gas cooker or hotplate if you want to heat or melt any food (not suitable for induction). Babette is dishwasher safe and made from recyclable materials.

    Babette steel is made of steel and has silicone rings, black and red. By inserting a silicone ring in the desired colour, you can easily lift or remove the container when it is hot without burning yourself. . The babette series is designed for those who like clever solutions. Whether you are an amateur, an experienced cook or simply a housewife, you will find that this is a very useful product in the kitchen.

    Babette is the ideal gift for "everyone who has everything".

    Out of stock
  11. IHR - Hipster Santa Stainless Steel Whisky Stones

    IHR - Hipster Santa Stainless Steel Whisky StonesIdeal for keeping the drink perfectly fresh without watering it.Includes: 4 stainless steel stones with a velvet pouchApplication: Wash the whiskey stones before and after use. Put the whiskey stones in the freezer for 4 hours. Completely odorless and tastelessDishwasher safe.
    Out of stock
  12. Schonhuber - BAMBU green cast iron teapot l.1

    Cast iron teapots were invented in ancient China and later developed by the Japanese who made them both functional and decorative.

    A specific treatment to the teapot allows cast iron impurities to be removed, and an additional enameling process protects its interior over the years.

    Enameled green cast iron teapot ( inside) with internal steel filter.

    Contains 1 L

    Pour water at the right temperature for the chosen Tea.

    Place the leaves in the filter. Respect the infusion time.

    If you use the teapot to boil water, you should remove the filter while boiling and use a flame spreader to be placed between the teapot and the gas flame.

    To make the best use of cast-iron teapots and make them last over time, it is advisable to precede the first use with this procedure: pour plenty of boiling water into the teapot, leave it there for a few minutes then throw it away. Repeat this 3-4 times, then dry the teapot with a cloth. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to remember never to wash it with detergent and to dry it immediately with a cloth after washing.

    You should also avoid putting the cast iron teapot in contact with oil or salt because it may ruin the inner enamel.

    Out of stock
  13. Schonhuber - Cast iron Teapot BASKET - Induction

    Beautiful BLACK tetsubin style hobnail teapot.

    Stunning BLACK coloured cast iron teapot with removable tea infuser basket.

    Hobnail design. This very sturdy teapot is particularly adept at keeping the tea piping hot for long periods.

    Enamel coated interior.

    Maximum Teapot capacity is 1000 ml.

    Normal usage capacity is 600ml.

    This teapot is perfectly sized to serve 1-2 large cups or many small cups in gong fu style. We highly recommend using a trivet as the teapot can become quite hot.

    This teapot can also be used as a kettle on a gas or wood burning stove to boil water.

    CAPACITY: 0,8 L

    Out of stock
  14. Schonhuber - Potato Brush

    Schonhuber - Potato Brush

    A great little brush for your potatoes that looks like a potato!

    This mimicry can be used to good effect when encouraging the children to scrub the potatoes, by lending an air of theatricality to the proceedings...just saying

    7 cm lg x 4 cm deep x 5 cm wide

    Out of stock
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14 Items