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  1. Lékué - Magnetic trivets - assorted colors

    Lékué è un’azienda spagnola ed è stata una delle primissime aziende che a partire dagli anni ’80 ha cominciato a specializzarsi nella produzione di oggetti in silicone. Nel 1999 ha ottenuto la licenza europea ed americana per la fabbricazione di stampi in “Silicone Platinum”.
    Gli stampi in Silicone Platinum Lékué possono essere lavati in lavastoviglie, e resistono in freezer a temperature fino a – 60° e in forno a microonde fino a 220° rimanendo assolutamente inalterati.
    Il Silicone infatti non è tutto uguale e anche tra quello alimentare, il Silicone Platinum è il migliore che si può trovare in commercio.
    Magnet Dot
    Il Sottopentola" Magnet Dot" aderisce alle vostre pentole e non dovrete più preoccuparvi di dimenticarlo, magari mentre siete con entrambe le mani impegnate a reggere la pentola. I vostri tavoli saranno salvi!
    " Magnet Dot "aderisce ai recipienti metellici. Composto da due parti separabili ( diam. 18 cm e 10 cm), protegge dalle scottature di superfici di tutte le dimensioni.
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    Only 2 left
  2. Staybowlizer - Support for bowls and pans Silicone

    Staybowlizer - Support for bowls and pans Silicone How many times we would like to have a third (and even a fourth) hand, especially while we're cooking! One of the classic situations is the stability of the vessel that we are using, for example, the bowl where we are mounting the clear. If we want to prepare a meringue without the planetary or simply mayonnaise, we assemble with one hand and pour the other hoping that the bowl does not "escape route" called for by the vibrations of electric whips ... Someone has thought of a solution and has invented Staybowlizer, a slip ring that rests on the work surface and accommodates bowls of different diameters, just lay them over with a small pressure so that Staybowlizer suction cup adheres to the work plane. Another interesting thing: it is made of silicone and is resistant up to 260 degrees in temperature, so it can be washed in the dishwasher but especially also use it in the oven, for example for preparations with a water bath.
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    Only 4 left
  3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Sottopentola Twin - cucina

    Zwilling J. A. Henckels - Twin Sottopentola.
    - antisdrucciolo, composto sintetico termoresistente (acciaio inox e silicone resistente fino 200°C)
    - pieghevole, salvaspazio.
    Dimensioni: 10,5 x 3,5 cm.
    In utilizzo: 22 cm x 22 cm.
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  4. Gefu - Pot mat Gardio

    This flexible, slip-proof pot mat makes the worktop heat-resistant: being of adjustable size, it is suited for any commercial pot format. adjustable to fit any commercial pot size (15 - 26 cm / 6 - 10 in) heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F slip-proof foldable for space-saving storage high-grade stainless steel, silicone, nylon The combination of high-grade stainless steel and silicone and nylon, both heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F, makes the pot mat a practical kitchen utensil of utmost flexibility: its size is adjustable to fit any commercial pot format, and it provides slip-proof protection both for table top and worktop. After use it transforms into a compact triangle which takes up little space in the kitchen drawer or on the kitchen rail.
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