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  1. Fissler - Vitavit Quickgreen Pressure Cooker 4.5lt cm.22

    Fissler - Vitavit Quickgreen Pressure Cooker 4.5lt cm.22

    FISSLER PRESSURE COOKERS -FAST AND GENTLE COOKING Nowadays nothing is more trendy than healthy eating. The new wellness-oriented cooking is ideal for everyone who wants to stay active and fit. Thanks to steam cooking without the presence of oxygen and shorter cooking times, all foods are cooked more gently. Because of this, vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients and aromatic substances vital to our bodies remain unaltered.

    The Vitaquick® Green is the ideal pressure stove for healthy cooking and saves time and energy.

    Thanks to sophisticated safety technology, nothing can go wrong. It works much more efficiently than conventional cookware and saves 50% energy.

    In addition, more vitamins and minerals are preserved than preparation in ordinary pots.

    A metal tab on the lid makes it easy to insert the lid.

    And with the ingeniously designed edge of the pot, the closure also works smoothly. If the pot has been closed properly, you will hear a click.

    The Vitaquick® pressure cooker has two cooking levels. With the superthermic base, the Vitaquick® pressure cooker is suitable for any cooktop.

    Removable handle makes Vitaquick® pressure cookers easy to clean and stackable.

    Positioning aid -2 cooking levels Detachable handle with lock indicator Universal cookstar® bottom.

    Interior measuring scale Stackable

    Made in Germany


    Safe Sealing with Handle

    When the pot is securely closed, a click is heard and the colored indicator on the handle moves from red to green.

    Only then pot is ready to cook Easy to place Lid Thanks to the metal tab on its handle, it is extremely easy to place the lid in place, and thanks to its innovative rim, closing the pot is even easier.

    Large cooking indicator With the gentle and quick cooking level.

    Lock indicator

    As soon as the lock indicator turns green and clicks clearly, the pressure cooker is locked firmly and the cooking process can be started.

    Removable handle makes this pressure cooker easy to clean and store.

    Practical advantage for many cookware in the cabinet: they can be stacked into each other.

    For all cooktops: the base can be used with all cooktops, including induction, and provides excellent heat absorption, retention and distribution.

    Positioning aid The handy fastening aid makes it easy to securely close the pressure cooker lid.

    Given as a gift, the steam cooking basket.

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  2. Bra - Vitesse pressure cooker

    Bra - Vitesse pressure cooker

    THE PRESSURE COOKERS BRA FAST AND DELICATE COOKING Pressure cookers are the perfect kitchen tool for those who love to cook in a healthy and genuine way, without sacrificing practical aspects. The first of the enormous advantages of pressure cookers lies, in fact, in a considerable saving in cooking times. The very high temperatures reached with pressure cookers speed up food preparation operations, obviously also leading to evident energy savings. Speaking instead of quality and genuineness, we certainly cannot deny the fact that pressure cookers are able, thanks to steam cooking, to keep the nutritional properties of food unaltered. In fact, the hermetic sealing system of these pans, which makes cooking faster, helps to reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals which, on the contrary, are dispersed with traditional cooking methods. Technical features: produced in 18/10 stainless steel (Aisi 304) certified and suitable for food contact Thermo diffuser bottom sandwich, welded to the rocker arm, particularly suitable for use on induction plates Wall mm. 1,2 compliant with CE regulations. Tank mirror polished externally, satin internally. Pressure regulation system with weight valve for use with 2 different pressure levels (normal and fast). System for opening the lid only in the absence of pressure Indication on the internal drum of the minimum and maximum filling levels, for cooking in total safety Automatic closure of the lid only if positioned in the correct position Orientation of the valves in the opposite direction to the user 3 active safety systems Dedicated lithographed box The pressure cooker BRA is designed to work in all types of cookers: induction, glass ceramic, electric and gas.

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  3. Gefu - Steam Insert VITALA

    Steam Insert VITALA For food preparation that is healthy and full of flavour! With the practical, collapsible steam insert you can cook vegetables, potatoes and tender fish in a way that is particularly efficient and tasty. Steaming is a method of food preparation where fish, meat or vegetables are cooked in a small quantity of liquid, such as wine, broth or stock, or just in water. As this is an extremely low-fat mode of preparation it is particularly suitable for dietary food. Collapsible steam insert for pots from a diameter of 18 - 26 cm Collapsible feet with silicone coated feet, keep it separated from The bottom of the pan and prevent the surface from getting scratched Telescopic handle to keep a safe distance From the hot bowl and space-saving storage Stainless steel Dishwasher safe
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  4. Lagostina - BRAVA pressure cooker 9 litres diameter cm. 26

    BRAVA pressure cooker 9 litres diameter cm. 26

    Cooking is an art and a ritual rooted in Italian culture. Over many years of tradition and consolidated values, Lagostina has been able to transform it into the brand's territory of reference, into a creed that allows it to produce products for maximum success in the kitchen. Ideal for large families.

    Pressure cooker La Classica Lt 6 cm 26

    Since the 1960s, Lagostina has been synonymous with pressure cookers for Italians who love the values of family, sharing and being together.

    La Classica returns to our kitchens with the original design of the pressure cooker, combined with the most modern technologies for stainless steel and safety.

    La Classica brings a taste of authenticity to the tables of new generations of Italians, combining the know-how of the past with the desire to experiment with passion, fun and ease of use.

    Diameter 26 cm

    Bakelite handle

    Pan in 18/10 stainless steel

    Not suitable for induction hobs.


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    guida alla scoperta dei diversi tipi di meccanismi e sistemi di apertura dei coltelli da tasca

    L'arte di aprire un coltello da tasca ha radici antiche e si è evoluta nel tempo attraverso vari metodi. Dall'apribile classico "Incavo per Unghie", simbolo di tradizione, all'innovativo e rapido sistema "Flipper".

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    La lama in acciaio CPM 3V si è dimostrata sorprendente, mantenendo il filo praticamente inalterato nonostante il lavoro prolungato nel bosco. È un coltello che non perde facilmente il filo, e questo è sicuramente un aspetto positivo per chi lo utilizza per compiti di precisione.

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