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  1. Woll - Crepe pan suitable for induction - Diamond Lite

    Woll - Crepe pan suitable for induction - Diamond Lite

    Woll Diamond Lite Products are guaranteed to make cooking fun and safe.

    All products are individually hand-cast from a fine, unstressed, bubble-free aluminium alloy.

    The surface is extremely cut-resistant as it is treated with the unique, reliable and proven non-stick coating that allows healthy cooking without added fat and rich in vitamins. 5-layer hardening coating with cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant diamond.

    The reinforced edge offers high impact resistance and prevents dripping.

    Fast distribution and retention of heat due to steel bottom for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

    Patented, removable, simple, practical, safe handle.

    Bottom of about 8 mm also suitable for induction, for optimal heat absorption without deformation at high temperatures.

    Oven-proof handles up to 250°C. PFOA-free manufacturing process and coating.

    Woll - Frying pan suitable for induction cm 26 - Diamond Lite

    Special Price $105.16 Regular Price $122.78
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    Only 3 left
  2. Made in Italy - Pan for cooking Italian piada

    Made in Italy - Pan for cooking Italian piada - bipiastraThanks to the new ring radiant system with a flame breaker function, it cooks the piadina more evenly and quickly, it is also equipped with a convenient closing hook. Only at the first use the mold must be greased with oil on the inside and dried with paper. The package leaflet and the re
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    Only 1 left
  3. Staub - Cast-Iron Crêpe Pan with Spreader & Spatula - home

    Staub's special set turns out thin, Breton-style crepes worthy of an authentic French crêperie. The enameled cast-iron pan conducts heat flawlessly, so you enjoy consistent results from the first batch to the last. Includes a wooden spreader and a companion spatula.The durable black enameled coating resists rust, chipping and cracking, and unlike many cast-iron pieces it requires no additional seasoning. Combines black matte interior with glossy exterior.Made in France.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  4. Made in Italy - Pan for Tigelle Modenesi

    Pan for Tigelle Modenesi Mold for tigelle Modenesi in aluminum for food.

    Available: 7 seats - for tigella measuring 70 x 10 mm in height approx

    Suitable for cooking on a gas stove! Tigelliera is aluminum and allows baking tigelle in a simple and fast, the size of the mold that are more suitable for the preparation and the 7 seats.

    Light but unsurpassed as with the new radiant ring flame arrestor, so tigella bake more evenly and in depth.

    Comfortable grip and, thanks to the hook closure, the rotation of the tigelliera in baking is facilitated. Suitable for cooking on a gas stove.

    Crafted by Emilian company backed by many years of experience you can not miss in your home!

    Out of stock
  5. Made in Italy - Plate for romagnola piadina - 30 cm

    Plate for romagnola piadina - 30 cmPlate is a flat pan with double edge, patented and difficult to find outside of Romagna. Its main use is the cooking of the piadina, to which from a particular fragrance that is not obtained with traditional pans. The oldest plates were made of terracotta, being a material that perfectly conducts heat. Currently the most modern models are made of cast iron or aluminum, sometimes covered with a non-stick layer. The handle is always made of athermic material to guarantee prehensility, usually in wood or in various types of plastic. Although this particular pan has been designed for cooking piada and cassoni, due to its flat shape it is best used to cook crepes (sweet or savory), and roast anything. The text allows cooking completely dietary, because the surface is neither greased nor buttered. The foods are more fragrant and more pleasant if they are put on the text after it has been preheated for a few minutes. Measure: 30 cm (including edge)
    Out of stock
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