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Cured meat and Bagged

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  1. Maserin - Ham holder

    Maserin - Ham holder

    Design By Coltellerie Maserin

    Maserin - Ham holder, adjustable, with wooden base, painted metal frame.

    Size: cm 57,50 x 21,5 x 35,5 height.

  2. Gefu - Hamburger press SPARK

    Gefu - Hamburger press SPARK Making hamburgers the easy way. Just press the desired quantity of minced meat or another mixture into the stainless steel dish and get it into shape with the porcelain plunger. Take the burger out and fry it in the pan or on the barbecue. Thanks to the dimple in the stainless steel dish the burger keeps its shape, and the ridges in the plunger make sure it is done in no time at all. Simple, quick, delicious! Meat quantity CLASSIC: 120g; KING-SIZE: 180g Stainless steel container dimpled to keep the burger in shape Ridges in stainless steel container and plunger shorten frying time Ø 13,3 cm, H 8,0 cm high-grade stainless steel / porcelain dishwasher safe
  3. Due Cigni - Ham holder stand

    Due Cigni - Ham holder stand Due Cigni Ham Holder Stand 2C BBC8 - Walnut Wood Base and S-Steel Structure - Size 17.7x9.5x1.8 Inch - Made in Italy By Due Cigni Ideal for cutting ham by hand, positioning the ham comfortably and perfectly. A truly exceptional ham grip, first choice materials and excellent Italian design.
  4. Vin Bouquet - Rotary Ham Holder, Wood

    Vin Bouquet - Rotary Ham Holder Ham carving stand with adjustable rotating head. Its design makes horizontal cutting easy and comfortable. Perfect for hams or shoulders of any size, as the stand can be adjusted. Very stable, strong and easy to clean. Measurements: 44.50 x 33cm Weight : 2180 g.
  5. Vin Bouquet - Guillotine Slicer

    Vin Bouquet - Guillotine Slicer Designed to give quick and precise cuts of salami, vegetables.... Easy to use; cuts with simple back-and-forth motion Body is made of atural wood and the blade is made of tempered stainless steel Non-Skid feet at the base to prevent slipping during use Locking mechanism for safety when not in use
  6. Lékué - Microwave Corn Cooker

    Lékué - Microwave Corn Cooker The easiest way to make corn at home! Easy, quick and clean in just 5-7 minutes. The easiest and quickest way to enjoy corn cobs at home. With capacity for two cobs, it saves time, water and energy during the cooking process. Easy and clean to use with handles for a more comfortable user experience. The material withstands high temperatures, the design it is efficient with a comfortable system to rotate the corn cobs. Includes four reusable spikes that makes a cleaner eating experience. Dare to try new recipes, in a short time and with delicious results!
    Special Price $17.26 Regular Price $21.58
  7. Made in Italy - Tongs for slices

    Made in Italy - Tongs for slices Stainless steel spring for professional use, using the tongs is used to take the slices and place them in a uniform manner. Practical for you to use the slicer safely, without fear for the fingers. It guarantees maximum hygiene because the slice is not grasped with the hands. Dishwasher safe. Height cm. 5 Length cm. 10.5
  8. Made in Italy - Horse bone for ham

    Made in Italy - Osso di cavallo per prosciutto Vi è un gesto dal sapore arcano in grado di trasformare una coscia di maiale stagionata in un prosciutto e un personaggio dal fiuto straordinario, capace di maneggiare con arte un appuntito ago che “assaggia” incessantemente, uno ad uno i prosciutti.
    Con un osso di cavallo sottile ed appuntito, si verificano le proprietà organolettiche e la perfetta stagionatura del prosciutto, grazie alla particolare porosità di questo tipo di osso che trattiene e trasferisce intatti gli aromi della massa carnosa. Ogni puntatore passa in rassegna circa 300 cosce l'ora: sono tanto abili da puntare a varie profondità per poi giudicare l'idoneità e la qualità del prosciutto prima della spedizione al cliente. Come si usa L’inserimento dell’ago va fatto nel punto di contatto tra la parte magra e quella grassa. Dove finisce il grasso e comincia la parte muscolare magra il prosciutto lavora sempre ed è il punto nel quale eventualmente scarica i suoi problemi interni. Con questa sorta di ago biologico, non bisogna però scendere troppo in profondità, si potrebbero creare dei danni al prosciutto, è sufficiente introdurlo per circa un centimetro. Misura circa 18cm. Essendo un prodotto naturale non è sempre conforme la foto e le misure.
  9. Sagaform - Meatball Tongs

    Sagaform is one of the leading brands that develops, distributes and markets the so-called "Nordic Design". The company's products are created under the guidance of disigner having genuine roots in the tradition of Swedish design. The Sagaform products are always a "gift idea" for if lying or others that broadcast "pleasure" and "innovation" in the kitchen, on the table or for themselves. Sagaform - Meatball Tongs Indispensable for perfect meatballs, but also useful to prepare dumplings, croquettes or simply to give a pleasantly spherical shape to each dough. To make beautiful round meatballs! Material: ABS Plastic Forceps meatballs: 22.5cm x 7cm x H5cm
  10. Schonhuber - Pressa per hamburger in acciaio inox

    Schonhuber - Pressa in acciaio inox per creare il perfetto mini hamburger. La Pressa Hamburger by Schounuber pressa la carne, contribuendo ad evitare che l'hamburger di disintegrarsi sulla griglia o rimanere crudo nel mezzo.
    STAMPO forma PRESSA HAMBURGER in acciaio inox. Facilmento smontabile per la pulizia. Diametro: cm. 6,50.
  11. Westmark - Hamburger press

    Westmark - Hamburger press FEATURES: - makes a 4.5” (11.4 cm) burger - makes compact burgers that are tender but do not fall apart on the grill - heavy duty plastic – very durable - oversized handle for less strain on hand - dishwasher safe - made in Germany - 2 year warranty
  12. Lékué - Microwave Bacon Cooker

    Cook bacon in the microwave quickly and cleanly.

    The grill-shaped base of the Bacon Microwave Cooker drains excess fat from bacon to ensure a crunchy effect.
    Product handles are comfortable for convenient transportation. You can pour the fat and excess liquid through the channel at the base.
    The product’s lid — designed to prevent splashing — also makes cooking bacon cleaner.
    You can cook up to 6 slices in just 3-4 minutes.

    Base material resistant to high temperatures (Xarec) - Dishwasher-friendly and BPA free.

  13. Gefu - Meat pounder TENERA

    The TENERA meat pounder combines extra solid quality with ergonomical design, guaranteeing that escalopes and roulade meat are flattened quickly and thoroughly. for flattening escalopes and other meat slices ergonomically designed handle extra solid quality burnished high-grade stainless steel dishwasher-safe Using the super solid TENERA meat pounder escalopes and roulade meat can be flattened to the desired thickness in no time at all. Made of burnished stainless steel, the dishwasher-safe kitchen aid has an ergonomically designed handle which is comfortable to hold, and it is at home on any kitchen rail thanks to its hanging-hole.
  14. Gefu - Party burger press SPARK

    The party burger maker gives an ideal shape to finger-food burger patties– whether vegetarian or with meat. perfectly shaped 60g party burgers 2-piece set: mould and press ridged pattern thanks to the furrows in the press base with central elevation to dimple patties for shape retention during frying Ø 7,8 cm, H 8,1 cm high-grade stainless steel / porcelain dishwasher safe
  15. Sagaform - Press Hamburger

    Sagaform - Press Hamburger Sagaform is one of the leading brands that develops, distributes and markets the so-called "Nordic Design". The company's products are created under the guidance of disigner having genuine roots in the tradition of Swedish design. The Sagaform products are always a "gift idea" for if lying or others that broadcast "pleasure" and "innovation" in the kitchen, on the table or if stessi.Sagaform - press Hamburger. Create the perfect burger with this brilliant Hamburger press today. The press Sagaform Hamburger press the flesh tight and evenly helping to avoid disintegrating burgers on the grill or remain raw in the middle. Features: MOULD form HAMBURGER PRESS Diameter: cm. 11.5 plastic base. slip knob
  16. Vin Bouquet - Stainless steel Ham Holder

    Vin Bouquet - Stainless steel Ham Holder Model of stainless steel, its shape and design makes slicing of ham handy. L 49,5cm H 35,5cm
    Out of stock
  17. Lékué - Press burgers silicon

    MyBurger è l'utensile semplice da utilizzare in cucina per preparare autentici hamburger: grandi, piccole, di carne, di pesce, vegetariani o...ripieni!!! Ha due anelli di silicone dove potrete preparare i vostri hamburger con gli ingredienti di vostra scelta. Carne macinata di manzo, pollo, tartare di salmone, cipolle, pomodori a cubetti, con le erbe fresche ... Poi basta premere il vostro ripieno con la stampo per ottenere un hamburger di forma perfetta e che terrà bene la cottura . Con il pestino doppio di myburger Lékué è possibile preparare anche degli ottimi panini,, ciambelle, Tartar ecc... Per dare ancora più sapore, è possibile inserire pezzi di formaggio all'interno della vostro myburger, per sorprendere i vostri ospiti, Le possibilità sono infinite. Semplice da pulire. All'interno ricettario in italiano. My Burger prepara dei veri hamburger in casa tua! set permette di ottenere: hamburger cm.10 (gr.200.) normali o farciti ,, cm.6 (gr.50) normali. il set è composto da: 2 fasce in silicone(rosse) 1 pressacarne doppio in plastica alimentare, ricettario con 6 ricette originali Materiale: Platinum Silicone e plastica ABS
    Out of stock
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17 Items