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  1. Marto - Wakizashi Edo Ceremonial 160 - resin - oriental sword

    Faithful reproduction of the ceremonial Wakizashi dating back to the Japanese Edo period. Precisely carved and chiseled resin scabbard, tsuba and hilt depicting rural scenes.

    Blade: not sharpened in 440 stainless steel
    Blade length (including habaki): 50.7cm.
    Sori: 2.4cm
    Blade thickness: 6mm.
    Kissaki: 2.5cm.
    Total length: 73cm.
    Weight: 832g. (without sheath) - 1324g. (including scabbard)
    Balance: advanced, at 1cm
    Handle: resin
    Sheath: in resin

    Small technical glossary: ​​Hamon: temper line on the blade * Hi: deep groove in the blade, also called blood-cola * Saya: sword sheath * Tsuka: handle * Tsukamaki: weave on the handle * Tsuka-Ito or Tsuka-gawa: webbing cotton, silk or leather that wraps the handle * Tsuba: guard * Fuchi: ornament between guard and handle * Kashira: ornament at the end of the handle * Menuki: medallions placed under the cordage of the handle * Habaki: collar that wraps the beginning of the blade * Seppa: seals of the guard * Shitodome: seals to which the Sageo is linked * Motohaba: height of the habaki blade * Sakihaba: height of the kissaki blade.


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  2. YariNoHanzo - Musashi Wakizashi - YNHR4W - wakizashi

    YariNoHanzo - Musashi Wakizashi - YNHR4W - wakizashi

    Blade: carbon steel 1060 - Blunt
    Hamon: style note, by acid treatment
    Hi: -
    Blade length: 38.0cm.
    Sakihaba: 2.2cm.
    Sori: 1.5cm.
    Blade thickness: 7 / 4.5mm.
    Kissaki: 4,56cm.
    Tsukamaki Length: 11,5cm.
    Total length: 57cm.
    Weight: 686G.
    Balance: advanced to 6cm from tsuba
    Saya: black lacquered wood
    Tsuka-gawa: black leather of same color white
    Sageo: black cotton
    Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira: antiqued metal
    Habaki, Menuki, Seppa and Shitodome: Copper
    Note: the sword is accompanied by bag in cotton

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    Only 5 left
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