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  1. Zwilling - Cool Touch Kettle Pro 1,5l - INFINIGY

    ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch Kettle Pro

    The Cool Touch Kettle Pro features 6 pre-set program settings on the 360° docking base so you can choose your temperature with just one touch. The docking base boasts a hidden display when powered off for a clean, minimal design that keeps your countertop looking as sleek as the appliances on it. The heat insulated double-walled body keeps water hot, longer, while the outside remains comfortably cool to the touch. Additional features include precise temperature control +/- 4°F. and a 30-minute keep-warm function.

    6 pre-set program settings for the ideal temperature selection for coffee, tea, baby food, and more

    Keep-warm function holds water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes

    Double-walled body keeps water hot longer while the outside remains cool to the touch

    70° lid opening prevents direct contact with hot steam

    Seamless stainless-steel kettle for easy, residue-free clean up

    Developed by ZWILLING in Germany, designed in Milan, Italy by Matteo Thun & Antonio

    Rodriguez Integrated cord winder for convenient storage.


    Color: black matte

    Country of origin: China

    Substance: plastic

    Number of parts: 1


    Net weight: 2.87 lbs

    Capacity: 1.59 qt

    Length of product: 5.98 in

    Width of product: 5.98 in

    Height of product: 9.61 in.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Schonhuber - Cast iron Teapot BASKET - Induction

    Beautiful BLACK tetsubin style hobnail teapot.

    Stunning BLACK coloured cast iron teapot with removable tea infuser basket.

    Hobnail design. This very sturdy teapot is particularly adept at keeping the tea piping hot for long periods.

    Enamel coated interior.

    Maximum Teapot capacity is 1000 ml.

    Normal usage capacity is 600ml.

    This teapot is perfectly sized to serve 1-2 large cups or many small cups in gong fu style. We highly recommend using a trivet as the teapot can become quite hot.

    This teapot can also be used as a kettle on a gas or wood burning stove to boil water.

    CAPACITY: 0,8 L

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  3. Cilio - Classic milk frother - Cappuccino Creamer

    Cilio - Classic milk frother - Cappuccino Creamer

    Classic Maxi Cappuccino Creamer for 6 cups.

    Made of polished stainless steel.

    Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction.

    Polished steel surface with 4mm 2-layer, also suitable for induction.

    Potential heat transfer depends on the minimum diameter of your stove.

    Diameter: 8 cm.

    Capacity: 800ml.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. Inoxpran - Teapot steel Dolcevita -10 cups

    Inoxpran - Teapot steel Dolcevita -10 cups Triple bottom for induction. 18-10 stainless steel with lid Capacity: 95 ml
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  5. Staub - Cast Iron Kettle, 1QT

    Staub - Cast Iron Kettle, 1QTDescription Features & Benefits• Made in France • Heavy weight; tight-fitting lid retains moisture • Oven Safe up to 500°F • Nickel steel knob • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops • Each piece is one of a kind • Gloss Black Enamel Interior. • Dishwasher safe
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  6. Schonhuber - BAMBU green cast iron teapot l.1

    Cast iron teapots were invented in ancient China and later developed by the Japanese who made them both functional and decorative.

    A specific treatment to the teapot allows cast iron impurities to be removed, and an additional enameling process protects its interior over the years.

    Enameled green cast iron teapot ( inside) with internal steel filter.

    Contains 1 L

    Pour water at the right temperature for the chosen Tea.

    Place the leaves in the filter. Respect the infusion time.

    If you use the teapot to boil water, you should remove the filter while boiling and use a flame spreader to be placed between the teapot and the gas flame.

    To make the best use of cast-iron teapots and make them last over time, it is advisable to precede the first use with this procedure: pour plenty of boiling water into the teapot, leave it there for a few minutes then throw it away. Repeat this 3-4 times, then dry the teapot with a cloth. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to remember never to wash it with detergent and to dry it immediately with a cloth after washing.

    You should also avoid putting the cast iron teapot in contact with oil or salt because it may ruin the inner enamel.

    Out of stock
  7. Zwilling - Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

    From 1731 ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS conquers the kitchen lovers and gourmets around the world with a well-defined brand image and a wide range of products with the excellence of excellence.The product range ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS expands with a new, complete assortment of stainless steel pots. Benefit from a first-class supply that uses the best and most current technology for bottom making and perfectly meets all the needs of a modern kitchen.Kettle Plus: stainless steel with mirror finish, with valve. Thanks to the SIGMA Classic bottom, which contains an aluminum core to ensure the heat distribution evenly on the surface of the kettle. Another advantage of the Zwilling kettle is the external stainless steel magnetic surface that ensures compatibility with all types of cooking surfaces, including induction Design by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez Capacity 1.5 liters.
    Out of stock
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