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ExtremaRatio - Fulcrum C Satin knife in San Mai V-TOKU2 - Limited Edition - knife

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Japanese steel merges with Italian excellence

For this 2019/2020 collaboration, exclusive to Collini Cutlery, we have decided to offer a series of best sellers produced by Extrema Ratio. Knives made with the famous San Mai steel produced by the Japanese Takefu Steel. Specifically, for the central sheet we used the carbonaceous V-Toku2 at 62 / 63HRC and the stainless SUS410 for the two external sheets, in order to guarantee a very high cutting, penetration and sealing capacity of the wire together with an ease of regrinding and maintenance but at the same time the blade has a remarkable resistance to corrosion and an important increase in resilience given by the type of foreign steel and the laminated structure.

FULCRUM C model: for this First Production Run, a circulation of 10 pieces numbered from 1 to 10 was produced.

FULCRUM C is the compact version of FULCRUM, it maintains all the characteristics of solidity and robustness and, thanks to the reduced dimensions of the blade (only 110 mm) and the handle, it is easily portable and concealable. The rigid sheath can be positioned horizontally, vertically or in a 45 ° inclined position. The only safety of the sheath is automatic with extraction and re-insertion by pressure, this detail makes it an intuitive and extremely fast tool, particularly suitable for emergency use and for personal defense.

Use: backup knife
Blade: integral, in Japanese laminated steel (San Mai) with cutting edge in V-Toku2 (carbon) at 62 / 63HRC and external cheeks in SUS410 (stainless steel)
Blade thickness: 6.3 mm.
Blade length: 90 mm.
Total length: 210 mm.
Balancing: set back to 0.5cm. from the guard branch
Weight: 210g.
Sheath: ABS with Tek-Lok multiposition attachment
Notes: Numbered edition - cardboard box with Extremaratio logos and certificate


As in the ancient swords of the Japanese Samurai.

Rolled steel - imported into Italy from Collini Steel directly from the Japanese Takefu Steel - is based on the ancient Japanese tradition in the creation of the famous Samurai swords. Already in 1100 the expert Japanese blacksmiths in fact combined different materials to give the Katana swords incredible cutting capabilities combined with a resistance and flexibility previously unknown. It is thanks to this revolutionary construction technique that the swords from Samurai have been preserved to the present day becoming one of the most fascinating objects made by man. Following this tradition applied to modern metallurgy, we are now able to have technologically advanced steels already tested and used in cutlery also by famous brands such as Fallkniven, Cold Steel, Mcusta, Kai, Sog, Zwilling, Rockstead, etc.

Characteristics of San Mai steel: These are different types of metals bonded together to create a composite that encloses and intensifies the strengths of the metals taken individually:


- Longer tool life
thanks to the use of high quality steel with a high carbon content (V-Toku2, VG10, CoS, Shiro) or sintered (SPG2), in the heart of the sheet (Core Steel), the blade once hardened, reaches hardness and cutting performance significantly higher than that achieved with the use of traditional steels.

- Greater resilience
built with the principle of Japanese swords, multilayer steel is difficult to break thanks to the toughness of the central steel (Core Steel) and the elasticity of the steel used for the lateral coating (Stainless Steel).

- Better corrosion resistance
the steel used for the external layers (Stainless Steel) guarantees the blade a high resistance to corrosion. The combination of the two or more materials used by Takefu Steel generates, at the galvanic level, a structure that improves the corrosion resistance also on the wire.

- Easy processing even after heat treatment
although normally the steel becomes harder after hardening, the lateral steel used in multi-layer processing does not lose its softness and allows easy processing, drilling or welding even after heat treatment. For optimum performance of the blade, cryogenic treatment is recommended.

- Improvement of the aesthetic result
The knives made with multistate steel or with damask pattern at the end of the processing are aesthetically elegant, refined and highly appreciated by collectors all over the world.

Company profile:
Extrema Ratio is specialized in the development and manufacture of professional knives expecially for Military, Public Safety and Rescue.

The level of production is high, the philosophy of the brand is to produce technical equipment of great functional value, long service life, serial consistent quality at reasonable cost to the public authorities and institutional customers. In other words, a top-quality product at competitive prices.

The production is characterized by industrial and handmade finishing process, feature that has a strong identity to the company: are automated and industrialized only the processes that guarantee uniformity, high production capacity and economies of scale, remain artisanal processes, such as checks, guarantee the reliability and high overall quality of the individual pieces within the series, as well as operations, which by their very nature, derive their functionality from the user's manual features such as flat sharpening, which are carried out and all exclusively by hand.

Thanks to the interaction with the Armed Forces, Italian and international, the company has collected and continues to accumulate valuable experience and information that allow it to proceed with the development of truly qualified and professional knives.

"We manufactured to specifications or we develop new products to solve problems that the customer indicates."

The company's success is that it has worked with the Armed Forces with the intention, successfully achieved, to raise quality and functional standards of the modern military knives.

The high level of quality is given by the design's function, from the choice of the best materials and the latest treatments.

The company carries out internal tests of effectiveness and durability of the products through the development of specific instruments.

With the collaboration of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Perugia who oversaw the ergonomics of its products: the essential skills of the same interface with the user.

With the collaboration of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Florence who care tests and analysis of structures, materials and surface finishes of the product. The production potential is sufficient to ensure governmental supplies on a large scale, with very high quality standards.

The company is certified ISO 9001 and is registered among the suppliers of the Armed Forces, NATO code (N / CAGE): AD856.

Extrema Ratio is the official supplier of the Italian and French Armed Forces, as well as actively cooperates and is a supplier of the best Italian units and some of the best military units and public safety companies around the world.



More Information
BrandExtrema Ratio
Country of productionItaly
Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length9/10cm
Blade TipTanto
Blade thickness6,5 mm
Blade FinishNone (Satin / Stonewashed)
Carbon SteelV-Toku2 laminato
Handle MaterialSynthetic
RarityVery Rare
Materials and Finishes8
Steel Quality8,5
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