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  1. Nordic Ware - Autumn Treats Pan

    Nordic Ware - Autumn Treats Pan Cooking

    Nordic Ware - Autumn Mold - Autumn Treats Pan

    The Bundt® molds of the Fall Harvest Bronze Collection line have unique shapes.

    Suitable for the autumn season, they feature accurate details.

    They offer extraordinary cooking performance.

    The series features a dark bronze finish.

    All molds are in die-cast aluminum, easy to use and clean.

    The non-stick internal coating is useful for easily removing the cake from the mold.

    Surface: L: 3.25 in. W: 3.25 in. H: 1.46 in.

    Material: Cast Aluminum

    Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

    Weight: 1.32 lbs 3 cups 3.25"x 3.25"x1.46"/cavity


    1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water. Extended soaking is not recommended.

    2. Before each use, brush with butter or shortening and dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Baking spray containing flour may also be used. Do not use regular cooking spray.

    3. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.

    4. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

  2. Zassenhaus - Digital Scale SPEED

    Zassenhaus - Digital Scale SPEED Rapid appearance. The design of the Zassenhaus Digital Scale SPEED is reminiscent of a cockpit. The speedometer displays the weight both digitally and analogously. Like the flat, aerodynamic weighing platform, it lies beneath shatterproof glass. The classic rally colors black and red add momentum to every kitchen. The total weight allowed for your food is 5 kg, the weighing unit is 1 g. To make your job easier, we have equipped the scales with some extras: weighing function, overload indicator and sensor touch. Now just a quick pit stop, insert the supplied batteries and then you can start. Digital balance with dual-display (LCD and analog) in the cockpit design Surface made of unbreakable glass Capacity: 5 kg, Weight: 1 g - Touch sensor TARE function - g / oz incl. 3 alkaline batteries Measurements: 26.5 x 16.5 cm
  3. Birkmann - Praline and Chocolate Moulds Merry Christmas

    Praline & Chocolate Moulds Merry Christmas

    A day without chocolate is possible - but pointless! For all chocolate lovers and all trendsetters: Homemade chocolate and pralines in creative flavors are on everyone's lips - and that is to be taken literally.

    Two moulds in food-safe silicone to create ever new taste experiences.

    With recipe booklet.

  4. Pulltex - Corkscrew - ROSE GOLD

    Pulltex - Corkscrew - ROSE GOLD

    Pulltex is the most important brand of wine accessories that provides a wide range of corkscrews and other accessories for professional wine lovers. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, now it occupies first place in the market.

    The corkscrew of Pulltex are protected with more than 20 international patents especially the patent for the original double lever corkscrew, as well as the double lever and retractable. These patents are a revolution for all the waiters  Pulltex brand is on the market with a smaller number of wine accessories and with the idea of ​​offering a better and easier. After the first lever corkscrew, and 'was launched on the market PULLTAP'S who reinvented a whole new way to uncork a bottle of wine, the patent has been around the international market  Currently, Pulltex is a brand well-placed on the market, offering a full range of accessories designed for all times used to serve wine. Pulltex is and stands for innovation, design, the 'originality, functionality and most importantly, the quality of its products.

    Professional corkscrew with metal handle, double-joint linkage, including foil cutter and worm steel Teflon coated.

  5. Dovo - Shavette - Red Acrylic - 201 031 - Beard Razor

    The shavette razor is a modern "freehand" razor, with interchangeable blades, widely used by barbers and chosen by individuals who require speed in shaving without neglecting the precision of the cut.

    This particular variant stands out for its red acrylic handle and black painted aluminum blade holder: very elegant and light, this shavette razor by Dovo is supplied in an anodized aluminum case and is equipped with a white plastic blade holder for traditional blades, to be split in half.

    The blade stop is extracted from the aluminum blade holder and, opening and closing like a book, allows the blades to be perfectly fitted inside, obtaining a safe and optimal blade fixing combined with the simplicity of replacement.

    Made in Solingen - Germany

    The package includes:
    - razor;
    - standard blade;
    - 6.5cm blade;
    - 1 standard blade holder;
    - 1 6.5cm blade holder.

  6. Nordic Ware - Autumn Leaves Pancake Pan

    Makes pancakes embossed with 7 Autumn leaves shapes with imported handle. Welcome autumn! Pancakes imprinted with charming fall designs will taste as good as they look. Seven 3-inch cavities 10-year warranty Material Aluminum Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.50 x 10.50 x 2.25 Inches.
  7. Nordic Ware - Brownies Bites Pan

    Nordic Ware - Brownies Bites Pan Crispy on the outside, fudgy on the inside with every bite! Makes 16 individual servings. The Nordic Ware's original Cast Aluminium bakeware provides fine details and superior baking performance. Distinctive premium non-stick interiors allow for quick release and easy cleanup. The heavy Pro Cast Aluminium bakeware provides superior baking performance and bakes evenly browned cakes time after time. Nordic Ware founded in 1946, is an American manufacturer of kitchenware and bake ware products. Nordic ware is known for its high quality, innovative and extensive line of quality kitchen, barbeque, bake ware products and best known for its Bundt Pan. Material: Cast aluminium with premium non-stick coating Product Dimensions: Length: 9.68 in. / 24.61 cm Width: 9.68 in. / 24.61 cm Height: .88 in. / 2.24 cm Capacity: 3 cups Made of heavy cast aluminium, bakes evenly every time, providing crisp detailing on your cake Premium non-stick interior assures quick release and cleanup For use in gas and electric ovens Limited Lifetime warranty on material and workmanship. Proof of purchase required to claim warranty
  8. Nordic Ware - Bundt Charms

    Nordic Ware - Bundt Charms Tiny yes, but not short on details. New plaque includes six Bundt shapes: Square, Jubilee, Chiffon, Crown, Heritage and Original. For cakes, brownies, candy, gelatins, and more. Bake a tasty Bundt cake with the exceptional Nordic Ware Bundt Charms Nonstick surface Oven safe up to 400 degrees F Cooking Surface: L: 11.88 in. W: 7.50 in. H: 1.00 in. Material: Cast Aluminum Weight: 1.04 lbs 1.2 cup capacity Hand wash Measures Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty Made in USA.
  9. Zyliss - Seafood picks

    Zyliss - Seafood picks Enjoy a mess-free seafood experience with Zyliss Seafood Picks. This set of dual ended stainless steel picks is perfect for removing meat from crab legs, lobster tails, oysters and much more. You can pick and pull difficult to reach spots with the fork end. Flip to the spoon end and you'll have access to a seafood tool that's ideal for scraping and scooping. Zyliss Seafood Picks feature a robust stainless steel construction that's tough enough for any task while remaining rust resistant. Focusing on functionality, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over 60 years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the company has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated. Set of 4 dual ended stainless steel picks Spoon end - ideal for scraping and scooping Fork end - shaped for grabbing and pulling 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee - Dishwasher Safe
  10. Waf - Corkscrew made in Italy JUNIOR

    Uncork a bottle is the meeting between the drinking culture and the importance of a ritual.
    Designed for the first patent in 1965, the corkscrew Waf reached in time a level of technology more and more sophisticated, so now considered to be a classic wine Article italiano.Un important route, where the evolution of an object is expressed in a gesture: uncork with ease and confidence a bottle of good wine.
    corkscrew waf are the only ones in their kind to be designed and built taking into consideration these factors, as well as for easy and safe removal of the cap.
    FEATURES: ITALY - mechanical movement is made of hardened steel and is guaranteed.
    - the rack and the spiral are made from a single steel bar for turning and milling.
    - the sharp profile of the spiral makes it particularly suited to the silicone plugs.
    - on the various models are installed bushings down or brass or Teflon.
    - on all models is provided a system for freewheeling at the end of extraction, so as to avoid jamming the mechanical movement.
    The corkscrew waf is provided with a hanger in wood for wall .
    - packaging: ribbed cardboard - black colour - material: fiberglass.
  11. Due Cigni - Detachable stainless steel kitchen scissors - poultry shear use

    Due Cigni - Detachable stainless steel kitchen scissors - poultry shear use

    Suitable for both home and professional use, made of stainless steel to guarantee a quality that lasts over time.

    Made in Maniago - Italy.

    Total length 220 mm

    Cardboard box.

    Computer designed and laser cut, in two pieces assembled with stainless steel screws.

    Exceptional characteristics of strength and lightness.

  12. Peugeot - ELIS TOUCH corkscrew

    This slender corkscrew is a little marvel of technology. Its onboard rechargeables mean no cumbersome, unsightly wires get in the way as it gently extracts all kinds of corks with an automatic start and stop. Complete with capsule-cutter, silent but powerful motor and LED charging light… a new-generation accessory that makes life simpler – soon to be an essential for all lovers of good wine.
  13. Cilio - Mug MOSCOW MULE

    Mug MOSCOW MULE hammer blow

    The cocktail shaker shines in the evening sun, the MOSCOW MULE mug and the small offshoot for MOSCOW MULE Shot are waiting to be filled.

    With the stylish accessories made of copper from cilio you can raise your house bar to a new level.

    The professional juice press, the bar measuring device and the caipirinha pestle made of the noble material ensure that the after-work drink or the glass tastes twice as good in a cozy atmosphere.

    Speaking of which: put the mugs in the freezer before serving - your guests will appreciate it.

    The MOSCOW MULE cups lie comfortably in the hand, they are optionally available with or without a hammer blow.

    The non-alcoholic version of the trendy drink with ginger beer, sugar syrup, lime juice, ginger and cucumber also comes out big.

    Special Price €13.03 Regular Price €13.52
  14. Bamix - Mixer to Mono bamix immersion blender for professional use - NEW COLOURS

    Bamix - Mixer to Mono bamix immersion blender for professional use - NEW COLOURS Bamix, (from the French "battre et mixer", beat and mix) it was founded in 1953 in Switzerland where is entirely produced. Thanks to the presence of four different types of stainless steel knives, multi-purpose knife, whip, knife for meat and vegetables, mixer, offers efficiency, convenience and speed of execution of a classic food processor concentrated in a blender space . Used by chefs around the world bamix is ​​able to prepare in a short time, any recipe. And 'ultra-quiet, no vibration and no splashing thanks to the Swiss technology. Whisk, sift, whisk, blend, swollen, chops, mixes all foods even those frozen and ice; emulsified sauces, prepared baby foods, smoothies and milkshakes; mounts eggs and foam for cappuccino. Grater, cut and chop through the grinder and the SliceSy, a container fitted with five blades to prepare julienne vegetables, pies, gratin and parmesan. Bamix is ​​high-tech, patented in Lausanne, Switzerland characterized by precision and reliability. Guaranteed for 10 years, it is incomparable to the versatility of its functions packed into such a small appliance, Made in Swiss. bamix many imitations were produced, even at lower costs, but neither can match its performance and functionality and reliability and the success that has remained unchanged over time. In recent years, it increased the production of food processors, many end up unused for lack of functionality, but bamix, continues to be present in our kitchens. It can be said that there is great chef, hotelier or restaurateur in the world who does not know bamix and are using the same model for years. The Bamix® Mono, has a power of 180 W, it comes with wall mounts, of a polycarbonate glass sealed with a stopper 600ml, used in refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Four types of stainless steel blades included: multi-purpose blade, whisk, knife for meat and vegetables mixer. Can be used directly in the pot because they do not scratch and are resistant to heat, do not bend or rust. And 'waterproof up to' handle. The younger brother of bamix Line, is a concentration of power contained in a modern design that gives rise to an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen, thanks to its enviable technical features: Features: Power: 180 W -Speed ​​1: 11,500 rev / min -Speed ​​2: 16,500 rev / min Total length cm. 34 Weight 940gr. 1,9m cable. Double insulation Double safety switch with soft grip Tested for Safety Certificate in various countries All parts that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel material suitable for food, odorless and tasteless. Available in: green.
  15. Peugeot - Les Impitoyables - Set whiskey tasting

    Peugeot - Les Impitoyables - Set whiskey tasting The exaltation of Rome and 'a key step to fully appreciate the taste of spirits and liqueurs: the whiskey with brandy to bitter. To this end, Peugeot has designed the new set tasting line Les Impitoyables, an object of value that enhances the flavor without dissipate. set to tasting of whiskeys, spirits and liqueurs that enhances the flavor without dissipate. A glass in glass rests on a metallic element, equipped in its turn with a detachable base. The metal part, previously put in the freezer, cools the liquor for at least 30 minutes, but does not cause thermal shock, because it is not in direct contact with the liquid. The particular shape of the glass prevents the elevation of the alcohol vapors directly to the nose, favoring instead the rise harmonic aroma of the spirit. Measures: 16 x 11 x 11 Curiosity The word "whiskey" comes from the Gaelic "uisge" (Scottish) or "ows" (Irish) that, strange but true, it means ... water. Scotland and Ireland for its paternity of this drink, as of the same name which they give: "whiskey" in Scotland and "whiskey" in Ireland. It is true that the tradition were the monks of the Scottish Highlands the first distillers? Or, as they say other legends, were the wives of the barley growers in Ireland to prepare for their husbands? Probably we will never know. From the British Isles, the whiskey is then spread in the New Continent, becoming a product characteristic of American culture. Bourbon is the whiskey of corn, rye and barley malt Kentucky. Rye whiskey is made from rye Alaska. Moonshine the whiskey was distilled illegally during the years of Prohibition.
  16. Peugeot - Clef du Vin set

    Clef du Vin set The '' Clef du Vin '' an innovative instrument The '' Clef du Vin '' is made of an alloy of 82 different metals assembled and worked with very particular methods. It was born from a scientific approach applied to the observation of tradition and techniques used in the world of wine. The '' Clef du Vin '' was invented for more than 10 years by Lorenzo Zanon, chemist and oenologist, professor of chemistry and biology, in collaboration with the sommelier Franck Thomas, "Meilleur Ouvrier de France", Best Sommelier of France and of Europe (2000). Lorenzo needed a tool to help him make winning decisions when making wine, to know when to intervene during winemaking. Today he uses the '' Clef du Vin '' as follows: When the wine, inside the vat, is in `` reduction '' (hints of closed, sulfur, mercaptan, as well as rotten egg) Lorenzo uses a 10 cl. and dips the '' Clef du Vin '' into it for 2 seconds. If the reduction persists, action must be taken immediately (decant, ...). Otherwise it can wait. The '' Clef du Vin '' has been made into a simple instrument to use and made available to all. What is the '' Clef du Vin '' for? Unique and playful object, the '' Clef du Vin '', is a measuring instrument that allows you to instantly know the storage capacity, the aging potential of your wine. The "Clef du Vin" gradually modifies the organoleptic qualities (the taste and smell, "the flavors and the bouquet") of the wine. But all in a controlled way. In fact, the `` Clef du Vin '' is calibrated in such a way that immersed 1 second in a glass containing 10 cl. (or a 75 cl bottle if we use the specific model) shows the wine's storage potential for one year. Effective on all types of wine (red, rosé, white, dry, fortified, sweet and sparkling), the '' Clef du Vin '' is in effect a unit of measurement, a detector.
  17. Rosti - Ciotola Margrethe inox - varie misure

    Rosti - Ciotola Margrethe inox - varie misure Elegante ed esclusiva edizione in acciaio della famosa ciotola Margrethe. La ciotola è realizzata in acciaio 8/18 e presenta una finitura satinata all'interno e una finitura lucida all'esterno. Con anche misurazioni all'interno. Può sopportare lavastoviglie e congelatore, ma non può essere utilizzato nel forno a microonde. Una nuova ciotola in acciaio inox. satinata all'interno e lucida fuori. Misure disponibili: LITRI 0,5 LITRI 1,5 LITRI 3
  18. Stadter- Snowflake fondant mold

    Stadter- Snowflake fondant mold With fondant moulds you can easily create three-dimensional motives with finest structures on their surfaces. Fill the mould with modelling clay and then remove it immediately. It is also possible to create multicoloured motives. Give free rein to your fantasies. After removing, you can decorate the motives with food colour powder or colour them with food colour pens. We offer you a broad range of different motives and themes. Have fun trying them out! Stadter moulds are made of flexible and food-safe silicone-caoutchouc of a professional quality. Only clean by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Not dishwasher-proof. Material silicone caoutchouc Size ø 6,5 cm Color white
  19. AdHoc - Finger Protection Safety Touch

    AdHoc - Finger Protection Safety Touch

    Safety Touch - Protection from contact with viruses and bacteria by AdHoc

    Now you can touch this!

    Many of the surfaces you come into contact with in public places are greasy, smudged or filthy.

    What's worse, they're covered in germs and bacteria that you probably don't want on your hands.

    Safety touch is a new tool that lets you touch public buttons, switches, touch screens and ATMs safely, without getting your hands dirty.

    It's made of antibacterial silicone, and it's designed to be carried on your keychain.

    The tool's chrome-plated storage case makes it a stylish, funky accessory that's sure to turn heads.


    Length 10 cm,

    Width 2.5 cm,

    Height 2 cm

    Weight: 0.03 kg

    Color: Assorted.

  20. Due Cigni - The Nutcracker

    Due Cigni - The Nutcracker

    Two-purpose nutcracker made of stainless steel .

    Thanks to the shape of the levers and the opening and closing system, this nut cracker allows you to break the shell of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds with extreme simplicity and practicality.

    Material: 2C 853/17 stainless steel

    Total length: 17 cm - 6.69 " .

  21. Pulltex - 40 Essences Set de Luxe

    Pulltex - 40 Essences Set de Luxe

    Wine Essences Set

    A set of wine aromas to educate the sense of smell by distinguishing the various olfactory notes in the wine. 12 flasks with flavours for the red wine, 12 flasks for the white wine and 16 flasks for the most complex aromas. A booklet explaining and describing aromas is included in the set.

    Patented Product

    Out of stock
  22. Dovo - Shavette - Aqua Green Micarta - 201 041 - Beard Razor

    The shavette razor is a modern "freehand" razor, with interchangeable blades, widely used by barbers and chosen by individuals who require speed in shaving without neglecting the precision of the cut.

    This particular variant stands out for its aqua green micarta handle and black painted aluminum blade holder: very elegant and light, this shavette razor by Dovo is supplied in an anodized aluminum case and is equipped with a white plastic blade holder. for traditional blades, to be split in half.

    The blade shape is extracted from the aluminum blade holder and, opening and closing like a book, allows the blades to be perfectly fitted inside, obtaining a safe and optimal blade fixing combined with the simplicity of replacement.

    Made in Solingen - Germany

    The package includes:
    - razor;
    - standard blade;
    - 6.5cm blade;
    - 1 standard blade holder;
    - 1 6.5cm blade holder.

    Out of stock
  23. Nordic Ware - Wildflower Loaf Pan

    Nordic Ware Wildflower Loaf Pan Garden of eatin’. The classic loaf pan is always reliable, but why not put it to work decorating too? This one molds your cake or loaf into a spectacular blossoming of floral shapes, that you can accentuate with frosting or leave as a simply textured statement. You don’t have to be a gardener to make this one bloom. NW 93148 Floral themed cake mold in die-cast aluminum. • Easy to use and easy to remove the cake from the mold • Made of die-cast aluminum for cooking perfect and optimal cleaning • Non-stick coating • Hand washing with a mild detergent • Dimensions: 25.7 x 4 cm ( 10.13" L x 10.13" W x 1.63" H; 2lbs.) • Capacity: 6-cup • Lifetime warranty • Made in the USA
    Out of stock
  24. Drosselmeyer -The Nutcracker, zink and gold

    Drosselmeyer -The Nutcracker, zink and gold The new Drosselmeyer version in exclusive design. The body nature (zinc) with golden handle, now already a classic, guaranteed! Shelling nuts was almost certainly one of the world’s first domestic challenges. This might explain why there are more than 200 registered patents on nutcrackers. Drosselmeyer is the first handheld nutcracker to have a double lever action and a container to collect the shells. This award winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It’s a quick, clean and easy way to crack nuts. Award winning design by Erik von Schoultz and Joakim Norin weight: 350 g length: 11 cm/4,33" width: 9 cm/3,54" Color: Gold Material: Zink Measurements: H 11.5 cm, W 5 cm
    Out of stock
  25. Birkmann - Tagliapasta 3D in acciaio forma Santa Claus

    Baking is so easy! Eggs, butter, sugar and flour are all the ingredients you need for baking cakes or cookies. If you use more eggs and less flour it will become a sponge mixture. With less eggs and more flour you will get a dough for crispy cookies. Cakes and cookies should surprise, enchant, inspire and especially succeed and we at RBV Birkmann develop cookie cutters and baking moulds for this purposes. Acciaio inox, lavabile in lavastoviglie
    Con ricette facili a riuscita sicura. Misura cm. 19 circa
    Out of stock