Peltonen Knives: The Essence of Finnish Tradition and Innovation

 Peltonen Knives: The Essence of Finnish Tradition and Innovation

The Art of the Knife according to Peltonen: When Quality Exceeds Quantity

Peltonen Knives

In a world where quantity often seems to prevail over quality, Peltonen Knives emerges as a beacon of excellence, proudly demonstrating how a limited assortment can embody the ultimate expression of mastery, tradition, and functionality. Peltonen's exclusive production focuses on three distinct models of knives, each with a unique story and distinctive features that meet the needs of the most demanding professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.


The Charm of Minimalism: The Peltonen Collection


Peltonen Knives

Ranger Puukko M95:

Born in 1995, this knife represents the pinnacle of Finnish tradition in the military and survival field. With a 15.0cm blade, it is perfectly suited for tactical and survival contexts.

Peltonen Knives

Ranger Puukko M07:

Introduced in 2007, this version with an 11.9cm blade is ideal for hunting, hiking, and bushcraft, proving its versatility and reliability.



Peltonen Knives

Ranger Cub M23:

The latest addition, presented at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024, is the smallest with a 6.5cm blade, perfect for carving and woodworking.



With customization options in terms of the handle's color and sheath, as well as various material options for the latter, Peltonen Knives offers a range adaptable to every need.


Innovation and Tradition: The Pillars of Peltonen Knives


Peltonen Knives

Juha-Pekka Peltonen, the mind and soul behind the creation of Peltonen knives, has spent years in extreme conditions, from the heat of South Lebanon to the cold lands of the North, developing equipment that meets the most demanding needs for quality and functionality.

This experience has led to the creation of knives that are not just precision tools but true life companions for those who own them.



Outstanding Technical Specifications

High-Quality Carbon Steel: Using 1.2235 (80CrV2) steel, Peltonen knives ensure exceptional strength and durability.

Precise Hardening and Sharpening: M07 and M95 boast uniform tempering at Rockwell HRC 59, while the M23 features an inductively hardened edge at Rockwell HRC 62, ensuring precise and lasting sharpness.

Innovative Coatings: Available with or without coating, the M95 and M07 models offer options in PTFE or Cerakote for enhanced protection and reduced friction.

A Journey Through History: The Evolution of Peltonen Knives

The journey of Peltonen Knives began in 1979 when inspiration struck Juha-Pekka Peltonen during a mission in Lebanon. Encountering an American service knife prompted him to create a knife that combined the ideal weight, manageability, and perfect balance, suitable for the rugged Finnish conditions. From this vision, the legendary Ranger Puukko M95 was born, followed by the M07 and the more recent M23, each designed to meet the specific needs of military personnel, hunters, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Winners of Tests and Awards

The Ranger Puukko M07 proved its superiority by being chosen as the winner in a direct comparison with other knives in an issue of "Messer Magazin," highlighting the undisputed quality and superior functionality of Peltonen knives.

Philosophy and Values: At the Heart of the User Experience

Peltonen knives are more than just tools; they are expressions of a philosophy that centers around the user, functionality, and a love for details. Each knife is designed to be a reliable companion in any condition, an extension of the user's hand, ensuring safety, efficiency, and comfort.

The Choice of Materials and Attention to Detail

The attention to detail is reflected in the choice of materials, from the quality of the steel to the selection of coatings and handles, designed to offer a secure and comfortable grip in any situation. The range of options available for handles and sheaths allows for complete customization, making each Peltonen knife unique.

Towards the Future: Innovation and Tradition

Peltonen Knives continues to look to the future, maintaining strong roots in the Finnish tradition of knife-making, while exploring new technologies and materials to further enhance the quality and functionality of its products. The commitment to innovation, coupled with a passion for tradition, ensures that every Peltonen knife is not just a tool but a true heritage to be passed down.

Peltonen Knives: A Commitment to Excellence

In conclusion, Peltonen Knives represents the pinnacle of Finnish knife-making, combining innovation, functionality, and unparalleled attention to detail. Each knife is a masterpiece of design, a tribute to Finnish tradition, and a faithful companion for adventures in every corner of the world. Choosing a Peltonen knife means embracing a life of adventure with a reliable partner by your side.


Coltelleria Collini: Your Authorized Peltonen Dealer

At the heart of this tradition of excellence, Coltelleria Collini stands as a reference point for enthusiasts and professionals seeking Peltonen knives. We are proud to announce that Coltelleria Collini is an authorized dealer of Peltonen knives, ensuring our customers not only access to superior quality products but also expert advice and attentive service.

Union of Traditions: Peltonen and Coltelleria Collini

The partnership between Peltonen Knives and Coltelleria Collini represents the union of two stories of passion, quality, and dedication to excellence. Through this collaboration, we commit to providing our customers not only with exceptional cutting tools but also with a superior shopping experience, rooted in the knowledge and respect for the Finnish tradition of knife-making.


Peltonen Knives

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