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  1. Coltelleria Collini - Pet scissors - to thin out 8" (close teeth)

    Scissors specially designed for trimming animals

    The scissors are made of high carbon stainless steel, characterized by 1 toothed blade ( narrow teeth ), thus ensuring an easier, more precise and longer-lasting cutting performance.

    Material: 420 stainless steel satin
    Blades:1 toothed blade

    Material: 420 stainless steel polished
    Blades: toothed/ smooth
    Blade length: 9.5 cm
    Total Length: 8 Inches - 22 cm ( including finger rest)

    Each shear is checked by our internal laboratory to ensure a perfect cut

    The colors of the rings may vary from the photos.
    Scissors specifically designed for the thinning of animals


    Only 8 left
    Only 8 left
  2. Alpen - NAIL NIPPERS – 5794.08

    NAIL NIPPERS – 5794.08 nail clipper cm. 8 with leather pouch MATERIALS Stainless Steel AISI 420, satin finish
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  3. Zwilling - NAIL NIPPERS – 97470

    Zwilling - NAIL NIPPERS – 97470

    Large size nail clippers Stainless steel Black or white.

    Nail nippers are the instrument for easy shortening and forming

    -even for tough nails.

    More information:

    Cuticle twezzer

    High quality stainlees steel forged matt finish

    Made in Solingen-Germany

    Blister gift box

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. Microplane - Large Shaver Grater - GOURMET BLACK

    Product Description/Characteristics: Photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra sharp, stainless steel blade- Made in USA Ergonomic soft touch- handle for comfort Non-slip rubber feet for stability and flexibility whilst grating Convenient cleaning: Simply rinse under running water and allow to drip dry Also dishwasher safe Easy storage: reusable protective cover (not dishwasher safe) Measurements: 31,2 cm x 7,5 cm x 3,00 cm Exact grating surface: 12.6 cm x 6 cm 7 different blade styles available in this series The Microplane Gourmet Series with its timeless design fits seamlessly into the product range. Extending the Premium Classic series, by offering a large range of blade styles and wide friction surface. Due to the sharpness of the photo-etched blade - Made in USA - food is cut precisely without being crushed. The large shaver has an impressive six elongated, ultra-sharp blades with which you can grate chocolate, carrots, zucchini, ginger, cheese, truffle, butter and much more with a wide grating result. Ideal for creating an eye-catching garnish and the cutting edge technology guarantees brings out the foods natural aroma and flavor. The ergonomic soft-touch handle and the rubber foot ensure a firm hold and a flexible handling. The following blade types are available in this series: coarse blade, ribbon blade, fine blade, large shaver, extra coarse blade, star blade and ultra- coarse blade. The selection of the blade can be tailored to meet your needs and the desired friction result.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  5. Triangle - Slicer Set - 3 pieces

    As indispensable kitchen tools for peeling, garnishing, decorating and carving the Triangle kitchen tools are appreciated by professionals as well as by privat cooks. These kitchen tools should not only lead to a tasty result but the user should also have fun by applying the tools and should be animated to cook. In 1946 the founder of the company laid the foundations for a large product assortment of kitchen tools, which are still produced in Solingen, when he started the fabrication of rotary whisks of solid quality. n line with his slogan, "There's no alternative to functionality and quality", the product range was gradually expanded and successfully marketed over decades, usually under the famous brand names of their key producers. Since the markets and the manufacturing processes have decisively changed in recent years, the third generation of family owners decided to market the products made by the Hill company under their own trade name of triangle®. Under this label, consumers and the trade have access to a product range covering over 300 different kitchen utensils - marketed all over Triangle 3-piece Slicer Set is perfect for creative vegetable dishes. There are no limits to creativity from fine and delicate vegetable carpaccio to a delicious Mediterranean grilled vegetable quiche. With exchangeable blades in 1 mm, 2 mm und 3.5 mm thickness. Suitable are all solid vegetables such as zucchini , carrots, cucumbers , eggplant , radishes , celery and potatoes . Simply the different knives are to be replaced , the slide without any effort by the vegetables . All parts are rustproof and dishwasher safe .
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  6. Bolin Webb - Magnetic stand made of aluminum for R1 and X1 razors - Razor accessory

    Bolin Webb is a young British brand specializing in the production of stylish and practical razors. With four international awards in design, Bolin Webb razors stand out due to their soft and ergonomic lines inspired by the most prestigious British automotive brands; Jaguar and Aston Martin.

    Stand made of heavy duty aluminum with non-slip silicone base, designed specifically to accommodate the X1 and R1 razors Bolin Webb.

    The stand incorporates in its interior a magnet holding raised the razor. The magnetic effect is only compatible with the X1 models, the R1 will support models instead normally based.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  7. Collini - Pet Stripping Knife 6 - Fine - Medium all on one blade

    Pet Stripping Knife- Fine and Medium Fine - Medium Knife all on one blade. No need to down tools anymore when you have them all at hand. This stripping knife has been specifically designed for professional use. This type of knife used to remove the old hair from the coat of your dog, for it lighter and make it healthy and beautiful. The blade is fabricated with excellent quality steel to ensure a high precision work. The ergonomic wooden handle shape will be very comfortable for long periods of use. Short - Extra Fine - Rounded End detailed work on face, head and ears . The wide blade of the knife is ideal for the back and for the lower part of the body. Blade length: 4.5 cm. Total length: 15,5 cm.
    Only 18 left
    Only 18 left
  8. Collini - Pet Stripping knife - 11 - coarse

    Collini - Pet Stripping knife - 11 - coarse We knew, that we will need a tool for a rolling coat - knife which will take all on surface, but not too deep, so new coat will be able to develope all the time and can be kept in show condition over whole show season. Such a coat demands tool, which can take only some of the coat with light hand. Well, our knife can actually do all, even we didn't expect so many functions from it. Anyway in praxis it can strip for rolling coat, it can also take all if you will use the deep teeth and to our surprise it's also a good undercoat remover, even it wasn't first plan of this tool. You will be impressed once you tried this clever tool.
    Only 12 left
    Only 12 left
  9. Alpen - CUTICLES NIPPERS – 1690.06

    CUTICLES NIPPERS – 1690.06 cuticle trimmer cm. 06 with leather pouch MATERIALS Carbon Steel C50, nickel-plated polish finish
    Only 0.147 left
    Only 0.147 left
  10. Alpen - NAIL NIPPERS – 5794.06

    NAIL NIPPERS – 5794.06 nail clipper cm. 06, with leather pouch MATERIALS Stainless Steel AISI 420, satin finish
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  11. Kai - Nail Clipper

    Japanese antibacterial nail clipper, with stainless steel curved edge, durable and not easy to damage. Materials: Blade: Stainless Steel Handle and stopper: Stainless Steel, Elastic Resin, Polypropylene (including antimicrobials) Size: 80x23x20mm
    Only 12 left
    Only 12 left
  12. Star Wars - To Go Cup - 475 ml

    The Star Wars™ To Go Cup can hold a solid cup of coffee, tea or another hot beverage to help fans stay attentive all day while on the journey towards new adventures. 475 ml of any hot drink stays warm in the cup guarded by a Storm Trooper, Master Yoda or Darth Vader himself. The cup is made out of hard, durable plastic, and the lid can be twisted off for easy filling, refilling and thorough cleaning. The clip on the lid flips back to give access to the hot drink and keeps the drink safely inside when once again clicked into place. Volume: 475 ml Dimensions: Ø 94 x 185 mm Material: PP, Silicone BPA and Phthalate free. No PVC used.
    Special Price €6.89 Regular Price €9.01
    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  13. Rivsalt - Big Grater & Stand for pink salt Himalayano

    Rivsalt - grater pink salt Himalayano- Rivsalt is a new way to appreciate a vital and valuable as the salt. It consists of a rose bud pure Himalayan salt, a mini-grater Japanese stainless steel and a cylindrical base of oak untreated. Each bud of Himalayan salt has an irregular shape, different from one another, each grain that is ground is unique: can be pink, like crystal from which it comes, or white, as the striations that characterize it. Rivsalt you take the right of the center of your table, creating a satisfying experience gustatory, tactile and visual.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  14. Lékué - Flip Storage Set

    Lékué - Flip Storage Set

    These food storage containers are the perfect storage system. Change the volume from 600 ml to 850 ml and 1350 ml to 1600 ml to adapt to different spaces, ingredients, and cooking scenarios. The Flip accessory gives you an extra 250ml capacity when you need it.

    This set includes: one Flip Storage L (from 1350 ml to 1600 ml), two Flip Storage M (from 600 ml to 850 ml) and two Flip Storage Accesories.

    Create your own ideal combination and save space! Flip containers are designed to be used as a single system. Organize your kitchen and make the most of the space with this stackable and modular solution, suitable for use on shelves or in drawers. The unique design of the lid makes the containers easy to stack together.

    These food storage containers are ideal for salt, nuts, pasta, and cereal for example. The transparent container and lid keep the contents on view from any position, so you can organize kitchen drawers and units fuss-free. And at Lékué we've always got our eye on the aesthetics: these aren't just kitchen storage, they're part of the decor. You'll want to have them on show!

    They go beyond simple storage and include 2 accessories for easier emptying: a sprinkling accessory, perfect for powdered goods like cocoa and flour. And a pouring accessory, with two openings to suit a wider range of ingredients.

    The accessories are suitable for the two containers, regardless of capacity, and are placed inside the Flip component. They're easy to fit and remove, depending on how you want to use the container.

    Measures Flip Storage L: mm L103 - W103 - H260/290, Flip Storage M: mm L103 - W103 – H130/162

    Material Platinum silicone + PP + SAN

    Temperature -15ºC / +80ºC

    Capacity Flip Storage M: 600 ml. / 850 ml. | L: 1350 ml. / 1600 ml.

    Appropriate for Dishwasher.

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  15. Wilton - Halloween Witch Hat Mini Cookie Cutter Set

    HALLOWEEN WITCH HAT MINI COOKIE CUTTER SET What’s better than a Halloween treat? Making them with your family. Gather up the kids to make a batch of fun and festive Halloween cookies using these iconic cookie cutter shapes. Set includes: bat, cat, pumpkin, crescent moon, ghost and Frankenstein-shaped cookie cutters. 6-Piece Halloween Cookie Cutter Set Metal cookie cutters cut precise shapes Includes: bat, cat, pumpkin, crescent moon, ghost and Frankenstein-shaped cutters Enjoy a fun Halloween treat for the whole family Hand wash.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  16. Collini Coltelleria - Scissors Thinning mod. Style by Salon Professional 6.5 "

    Scissors Thinning mod. Style by Salon Professional 6.5 "

    Material: Stainless steel 420 satined
    Blade: a smooth and notched
    Blade Length: 6.5 cm
    Overall Length: 6.5 Inches - 16,5 cm
    Sharpening: Plain
    Finger rest: Removable
    Weight: 46 gr.

    Each scissor is controlled by our laboratory in order to ensure a perfect cut

    Only 0 left
    Only 0 left
    Out of stock
  17. Bolin Webb R1 Gold Gillette Mach3 - Razor

    Good design counts for Bolin Webb. The young UK brand specialises in premium razors and shaving accessories, and has picked up four international design awards in the past year, including a nomination as a British Coolbrand™.

    Bolin Webb razors certainly stand apart. “Our razor was originally inspired by the smooth lines of classic British cars,” says company founder Derrick Webb. That inspiration remains today: curved and balanced lines, automotive paintwork and immaculate finish.

    Bolin Webb keeps true to this heritage, making its handles in Birmingham, England, the home to premium automotive marques including Jaguar, Aston Martin and other iconic names of the sports car world.

    Colour as well as shape defines the eye-catching look of Bolin Webb razors. Monza Red, Signal Orange and Ferrara Yellow are among the selection of automotive colours applied to handles painted to the same exacting standards as your car.

    The shave of course has to be great too – a performance Gillette blade attached to an ergonomic and tactile handle ensures you get a close and clean wet shave. The razors come in two ranges: the R1 with a Mach3 blade and the X1 with a Fusion blade.

    Bolin Webb aims to create beautiful, innovative grooming products that turn everyday experiences into exceptional ones. Their awards show they can.
    Razors made in England.

    * A striking finish from the stable of classic racing colours. Now you know you're going somewhere.
    Compatible with Gillette's Mach3 blade.
    Made in the UK.
    Presented in a Bolin Webb gift box.

    - Total Length: 14cm
    - Weight: 44 gr.

    Out of stock
  18. Coltelleria Collini - Professional animal scissors - for thinning 7"

    Scissors specially designed for animal thinning

    The scissors are manufactured from high-carbon stainless steel and feature serrated blades, thus ensuring easier, more precise and longer-lasting cutting performance.

    Material:420 satin-finished stainless steel
    Blades:2 toothed blades

    Material: polished 420 stainless steel
    Blade Length: 8 cm
    Total Length: 7 Inches - 18 cm

    Each scissor is checked by our in-house laboratory in order to ensure a perfect cut

    Ring colors may vary from the photos.

    Only 0 left
    Only 0 left
    Out of stock
  19. Wilton - Set 3 of cookie cutter Halloween / Fall

    Set 3 of cookie cutter Halloween / Fall Sept 3 colored metal cutter depicting: turkey, pumpkin and leaf. Ideal for decoration with dark, salty dough, chocolate, sweet and savory biscuits, for Halloween and other events. Size cutters cm. 7x5,5.
    Only 0 left
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    Out of stock
  20. Birkmann - Cookie Stamp Skull - Halloween

    Birkmann - Cookie Stamp Skull

    Skull and Crossbones Cookie Stamp

    This high-quality stamp is made of wood and features a removable silicone head for hygienic cleaning.

    Size: 7cm

    Made in Germany.

    Only 0 left
    Only 0 left
    Out of stock
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