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  1. Glassy - SparkY champagne glasses - 6 pieces 175ml.

    GLASSY series FriendlY

    Lead-free crystalline glass is used for machine-blown goblets. Thanks to a special tempering process and the adoption of special additives, it is possible to prevent corrosion of the glass, so-called "washout wear."
    A perfect tasting in the name of functionality and convenience, both whites and reds, or rosés, need a proper goblet in order to fully develop their aroma.
    The SPARKY model is ideal to sparkling wines and champagnes.
    Capacity: 175ml.
    While supplies last.

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  2. SwissMar - Epivac Wine Saver Set

    SwissMar - Epivac Wine Saver Set Includes: vacuum pump and 2 wine stoppers, Epivac wine saver is designed to seal in freshness of remaining wine, To use: place wine stopper in bottle, place pump firmly in center of stopper and pump until resistance is felt, To release wine stopper, tilt valve stem inside stopper then remove and serve, Wine stoppers are reusable
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2 Items

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