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Piexon - Guardian Angel III - irritating liquid for Personal Defense

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Only 4 left

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Made in Switzerland - capsium spray (chilli pepper) for free sale and free port, as per Decree of the Ministry of the Interior N ° 103 of 12/05/11 - G.U. N ° 157 of 8/7/11 in force since 9/1/12

Forbidden to children under 16

In life, the more reactive you are, the more likely you are to escape danger. MiDifendo GA3 is the evolution of its species: an improved pepper spray gun with anatomical grip and precision sight.

Pull the trigger and reach the threat with a quick, powerful shot that blocks them for 1 hour, giving you time to escape or call for help. Now that you know MiDifendo GA3 you can no longer entrust your safety to the common pepper sprays on the market.

Double charge of OC-based PIEXOL Gel (cayenne pepper)

The GA3 magazine holds 2 chilli rounds. Each of them contains about 6 grams of a very dense blend of Oleoresin Capsicum of the Piexon formulation, called PIEXOL. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is an extract of cayenne pepper which in the patented PIEXOL blend has a stinging capacity measured in 400 thousand SHU units on the Scoville scale, one of the most powerful on the market today.

The effects and symptoms

In addition to the strong impact, the attacker is impressed with a red halo that allows for eventual recognition in case of escape by the police.
The PIEXOL® liquid gel penetrates the mucous membranes and nothing can stop it, not even glasses, masks or tissues. In a few moments the attacker is immobilized for about 45-60 minutes with symptoms such as burning in the eyes, nose, mouth and skin, spontaneous closing of the eyes and inability to see temporal with strong tearing, difficulty breathing with cough, severe burning general. The effects and symptoms, although important, so as to completely inhibit the aggressor from possible actions and threats, do not leave permanent damage.

Main features:

2 shots included with range 3 m at 180 km / h
light and compact: 12 x 8cm, weighs 100g
precision viewfinder

A compact and lightweight pepper spray gun for self-defense, which fits in your hand because it is gun-shaped, but is also so small that you can hide it in your pocket or purse. In 12 cm there is all the power of a super irritating pepper jet that knocks out anyone for a whole hour.


- Measurements (W x H x D): 110 x 70 x 23 mm
- Weight: 120 g
- Maximum range: 3 m
- Minimum shooting distance: 50 cm
- Operation: trigger operated drum ignition, automatic charge change
- Magazine content: 2 charges with a volume of 6 ml each
- Irritant, non-flammable agent: 10% OC (capsicum) with a maximum capsaicin concentration of 1.4%
- Output speed: 50m / s - 180km / h
- Rechargeable: NO
- Trigger resistance: 3 kg
- Shock resistant: guaranteed up to a height of 1.5m
- Water resistance: YES
- Operating temperature: -20 ° C / + 80 ° C
- Material: Translucent black plastic
- Warranty: 3 years


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