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  1. Betty Bossi - Burger press for filled burgers

    Betty Bossi - Burger press for filled burgers

    Treat your family and friends with your own homemade burgers, filled with a delicious secret.

    Meat or veggie burgers – anything goes with Betty Bossi's Filled Burger Press.

    Get perfectly shaped burgers.

    Fun and easy to make, without the usual mess.

    • Make your own filled burgers from scratch, and know exactly what’s in the mix

    • Large burger mold with practical hollow shaper for surprise fillings

    • Makes uniform, perfectly shaped burgers

    • Additional mold folder for mini burgers without filling.

    Serve them as finger food or appetizers

    • Remove the burgers from the mold in one piece, thanks to the smart bottom

    • Recipe ideas for burgers with different fillings included

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  2. Betty Bossi - Baking pans golden with nonstick coating - 2 pcs

    Betty Bossi - Baking pans golden with nonstick coating -2 pcsJust ask a Swiss how you call the most famous Swiss housewife. "Betty Bossi" will answer probably nine out of ten.Who is behind this name? Un'arzilla grandmother who delighted the palates of grandchildren with simple but succulent recipes? Nothing like that. Betty Bossi is a bit 'as Santa Claus, for years we believed, then it all collapses like a house of cards.Behind this name is not hiding in fact a character in the flesh. Betty Bossi is simply a brand, an imaginary housewife born in 1956 from the mind of an editor in advertising, Emmi Creole-Maag. Recipes for everyone, often vaguely exotic. These are two of the ingredients that have made the success of Betty Bossi.Betty Bossi brought a style of recipes "where everyone can get an acceptable result which is similar to that which appears on the photo, which is not always the case with books of great chefs," says Isabelle Raboud-Schüle, curator of the Museum of Nutrition Vevey.One of the merits of Betty Bossi is to be familiar with the Swiss products come from other parts of the world, adapting to the tastes Swiss.It is a cuisine 'a little' Swiss German, which has nothing to end and that is addressed to a general public, "continues Isabelle Raboud-Schüle.After focusing for some thirty years of activity exclusively publishing, in 1986 Betty Bossi began to diversify, launching cooking classes. Today it organizes about 200 per year, with over 3,000 participants.The company also produces items for the home and kitchen. Annually produces 40-50 new items, sold 1.8 million copies.Product DescriptionBaking pans golden with nonstick coating. Ideals for the cooking of vegetables, fish, fruits of sea. Heat resistant up to 260 ° C. Suitable for barbecue and oven. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 28 x 18 x13 cm.
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    Only 1 left
  3. Del Ben - Stone cooking with knife Sintesi

    Stile Elegante a Tavola. La cucina è in Italia la stanza più vissuta ed amata di tutta la casa. Scegliere come arredarla è compito di chi la sente ogni giorno, di chi la abita. Il piacere di completarla è di chiunque possa scegliere un regalo unico come le proposte S.E.T. della linea Del Ben. Del Ben presenta Stone cooking, un modo di cucinare la carne seduti comodamente a tavola su una lastra di vera pietra lavica. La pietra lavica a differenza delle varie pietre ollari che si trovano in commercio, è molto resistente perchè non è venata e resiste maggiormente agli shock termici. Cucinare sulla pietra lavica fa si che le sostanze nutritive dell’alimento non si distruggano e il sapore degli alimenti rimanga intatto. Non si richiedono aggiunte di condimenti e non si producono fumi. Del Ben presenta il tutto in una confezione regalo con un supporto in acciaio inox, la pietra e un coltello da bistecca. Il set Stone cooking si rifa a modi di cucinare e tagliare dell’uomo primitivo rivisti in chiave moderna. Dalla ricerca della forma perfetta, quando storia e tradizione incontrano ricerca e cambiamento, nasce un prodotto innovativo. Una natura curiosa e pioniera ha condotto l’azienda all’intento di creare elementi secondo un altissimo concetto di stile che deriva dall’uso dei materiali, unito all’attenzione per le lavorazioni e da un design contemporaneo caratterizzato da ispirazioni senza tempo. Coltello con lama in acciaio inossidabile e impugnatura ABS, lunghezza totale cm 22. Caratteristiche: Lama : acciaio 1.4116- X50Cr MoV15 Lunghezza lama : 110 mm Lunghezza impugnatura : 110 mm Lunghezza totale : 220 mm Manicatura : materiale LEGNO BOCOTE Paese di produzione : Italia Pietra lavica 20 x 15 cm

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  4. Giannini - Set of 6 steel lids mod. BRIDGE with support - Kitchen accessory

    Giannini - Set of 6 steel lids mod. BRIDGE with support - Kitchen accessory

    Set of 6 Bridge lids by Giannini from the size of diameter 14 cm. to the size of diameter 28 cm. in steel with a special handle. Thanks to the special bridge-shaped handle, the lids stack perfectly with the other lids in the collection for a maximum size of 6.6 cm.

    The lid holder can also be used as a ladle holder and is included with the purchase of the set.

    Special Price $76.48 Regular Price $95.59
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    Only 1 left
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4 Items