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  1. Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM

    Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM These rolls are used with the vacuum machine and it is a convenient, convenient, efficient way to have food before cooking it at low temperature in the water oven. Also useful for the conservation of fresh food such as vegetables, fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, fish, meat and everything you want to keep for a long time without premature deterioration. 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM
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  2. SousVide - Vacuum Bags 20X30cm

    These bags are used with the vacuum machine SousVide and is a convenient , comfortable , efficient way to get food before cooking them in the oven at a low temperature water SousVide Supreme . Also useful for storing fresh food such as vegetables , fruits , cheeses, meats, fish, meat and all that you want to keep a long time without premature deterioration . Technical Specifications : ITALY Packaging: 50 pieces Size : 20x30 cm
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  3. Vesta - VAC 'N SEAL ELITE vacuum sealer

    The Vac ‘n Seal Elite from Vesta Precision is a compact and convenient vacuum sealer for all your food storage and cooking needs. Its roll storage feature lets you create customized vacuum bags for sealing both wet and dry ingredients. Its built-in pressure sensor that seals the bags after vacuum automatically while the removable liquid slot efficiently prevents liquids from entering the device. The easy-to-use digital touch panel features gentle and normal settings for automatic vacuum and sealing, manual pulse vacuum for full user control on the amount of vacuum applied, and manual sealing for protection without vacuuming or when the desired vacuum is manually reached. And the Vac ‘n Seal Elite can be used on bottles and canisters as well. Whether you’re freezing extra portions or preparing a bag for Vesta sous vide cooking, this vacuum sealer has you covered.

    ELEGANT, CONTEMPORARY LOOK A sleek and modern design that looks good in any kitchen with an easy-to-use and easy-to-read digital touch panel. Quieter and more efficient than similar products on the market.

    ROLL STORAGE AND MORE This food preserver features a built-in vacuum roll storage and cutter which makes it easy to create custom vacuum bags for sealing food. It also has a pressure sensor that seals the bags after vacuum automatically. The removable liquid slot efficiently prevents liquids from entering the device as well.

    VERSATILE VACUUM SEALER This kitchen gadget features dry and moist food options to ensure all your food is kept fresh. It also has a Gentle and Normal setting for vacuum sealing delicate foods that could be crushed. Alternatively, you could use the pulse vacuum feature that gives you manual control to start and stop the vacuum process. It also works with bottles and canisters in addition to vacuum bags.

    EXTENDS FOOD FRESHNESS Vacuum sealers can preserve food from 3 to 5 times longer than traditional storage systems like zipper baggies and containers. Works best with Vesta sous vide products, vacuum seal pouches and rolls.


    Pump Type Dry Vacuum Pressure -21"/ -711mbar Seal Bar Width: 2mm (0.08") Length: 305mm (12.1") Dimensions 89x380x199mm / 3.5" x 15.0" x 7.8" Materials ABS Volts 110-120V ±10% Watts 110W +5%/-15% Certifications GS, CE(EMC/LVD), RoHS, Reach, ETL Warranty 2 Years

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3 Items

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