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  1. Boska - Cheese Knife Set Monaco

    With the Cheese Knife Set Monaco+, you've got the cream of the crop, as far as cheese knives go. Over 120 years of experience has been poured into this series. The Monaco+ knives provide you with the best solutions for cutting cheese. Whether you've got a creamy Brie or a hard Parmesan, with these stainless steel knives, you can take on every type of cheese. This is the ultimate present for true cheese lovers and home cooks. Complete cheese knife set This complete set of knives provides you with the best cutting solutions for every type of cheese. The knives are extra sharp. They are also non-stick thanks to the quilted pattern, among other qualities. Use the Soft Cheese Knife to serve soft cheese. The cheese won't stick to the knife thanks to the thin blade. Your soft and semi-hard cheeses also won't stick to the Semi Soft Cheese Knife due to the holes in the blade which minimize contact between the knife and the cheese. The Hard Cheese Knife won't bend while breaking hard cheeses. All of these qualities make cutting and breaking cheese a piece of cake. Essential for home cooks The Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ is an essential set for every home cook or cheese connoisseur's kitchen. The knives are made of extremely strong stainless steel. You won't need to waste a lot of time washing up. The cheese knives are dishwasher safe, so they'll be clean again in a flash. On top of that, they come with a 10 year guarantee. This way, you'll be serving the most delicious cheese boards and other dishes for many years to come.

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  2. Consigli - Portaintavola - 2 piece cheese knife set

    2 piece cheese knife set CHEESE SET Savouring cheese is a pleasure to be accompanied by the right knife. Consigli proposes a Cheese Set complete with four knives in Plexiglas, an elegant, hygienic and strong material that ensures a product that will last. Cheese knives are equally important to serve your favorite cheeses properly and to make the most of their flavor and taste. Consigli’s cheese knives are handcrafted cutting tools that combine high-performance blades and an elegant and distinctive look. The sets of 2 include an almond knife and a soft cheese knife with their block. Consigli is a family of knife makers who has been producing high end cutting tools for more than 60 years. How to use cheese knives Product details: - stamped blade made of high quality stainless steel AISI 420 - full tang, 4.3 inches blade size - Plexiglass handles and block.
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  3. Masahiro - Utility 150mm - MV-Honyaki M-14904 - Japanese kitchen knife

    The Masahiro knives come directly from the city of Seki, Japan.

    The quality of these Masahiro knives is very high and they are characterized by an asymmetric processing of the blades: the left side of the blade is flat, the other side of the knife is beveled up to the edge and then polished. This modern Japanese blade design translates into a superior cutting capacity.

    The MV series is made of molybdenum vanadium stainless steel MBS-26 (similar to a Sandvik 19C27 or a 440C and predecessor of the VG-10). The handles are riveted to a full tang with thin layers of black-stained wood pressed into a transparent (but not polished) polyamide.

    Recommended use: Salami, Meat, Cheese

    Country of production: Japan
    Type of production: Industrial
    Blade: Hitachi stainless steel MBS-26 at 58HRC
    Handle: Synthetic, riveted
    Blade length: 155mm.
    Blade thickness: 2mm.
    Total length: 265mm.
    Weight: 75g.
    Cleaning and maintenance: hand wash - not dishwasher safe

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  4. Due Cigni - Cheese knife

    Due Cigni - Cheese knife A new Italian Cheese Knife (2C 1016 NO) blade length 2.95" overall length 7.28" thickness 0.08" weight 2.11oz
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  5. Berkel - San Mai VG10 67 layers - Utility knife 14 cm - kitchen knife

    Already back in 1100 expert Japanese forgers combined different materials to confer superior and unprecedented cutting potential potential, resistance and flexibility upon Katana swords.
    Inspired by this tradition, Berkel has created its own series of Japanese SanMai steel knives. The blade consists of a central layer of extremely hard VG-10 steel, which maintains sharpness over a long time, and two outer sheets in stainless damascus steel, with 33 layers per side, for greater resistance to corrosion and torsion.

    Blade material: Stainless Damask San Mai 67 VG10 (60/61 HRC)
    Blade length: 18 cm
    Overall length: 30.5 cm
    Weight: 170 gr
    Sharpening: Smooth, toothless
    Grip: Consists of two cheeks maple stabilized assembled with aluminum rivets

    Italian production and design

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  6. Laguiole en Aubrac - Cheese Knife Le Buron, Ebony wood

    Laguiole CHEESE KNIFE le BURON: some DESIGN with CHEESE ?! This superb Cheese Knife Le Buron from our cheese knife range was designed by the famous French designer: Benjamin Auzier for the manufacture Laguiole en Aubrac. Named by the same name as the stone buildings, with roofs covered with slate or slate which served as a place of manufacture and refining cheeses produced on site. With its frank and ergonomic shape, it exist in 3 materials. The blades are forged in one piece. The assembly, guilloche, adjustment and polishing of each model is done in one step by the same artisan cutler. It is in this long process of manufacturing that lies the difference between the industrial production and the French artisanal manufacture Laguiole en Aubrac. Laguiole en Aubrac - Cheese Knife Le Buron, Ebony wood A generous blade for cutting and serving, in 12C27 stainless steel. Size of the knife: Handle 15cm. Blade: 12.5cm. Minimalist Bee and Shepherd’s Cross on the handle. Blade called “pleine soie”: extension of the blade within the handle.
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  7. Forge de Laguiole - Philippe Starck - Jojo long legs - coltello formaggio - fuori produzione

    Laguiole en Aubrac - Philippe Starck - Jojo long legs - coltello formaggio All'inizio degli anni '80, nel villaggio di Laguiole in Aubrac, l'arte della coltelleria di Laguiole era scomparsa... Nel 1987 la fabbrica Forge de Laguiole rilancia la produzione di mitici coltelli nel suo villaggio d'origine, rispettando l'eredità dell'arte della tradizione. È la rinascita di un coltello cult, referenza del design, sinonimo di qualità e arte di vivere. Ogni coltello è un pezzo unico che può richiedere diversi giorni di produzione! Un solo coltellinaio altamente qualificato realizza, in più di 40 fasi, un coltello d'eccezione, che durerà una vita. Tra tradizione e creazione, Forge de Laguiole apporta un tocco di innovazione, rivolgendosi ai più grandi designer. Questo splendido coltello da formaggio firmato Philippe Starck ha un elegante manico in bachelite nera Presentato all'esposizione universale di Siviglia nel 1992, ha permesso a Forge de Laguiole di ricevere il premio del Design Europeo.
    Elegante, le sue linee inimitabili ed essenziali ne fanno un vero capolavoro d'equilibrio ed estetica. La forma del manico è stata semplicemente studiata perchè il coltello possa rimanere in equilibrio sul suo bordo. Philipe Starck, architetto e designer francese ha partecipato al progetto della Forge de Laguiole fin dall'inizio delle sue avvenure. Dopo aver ideato nel 1987 l'edificio della Forge de Laguiole ha ideato i primi negozi del marchio; così, sarà dunque anche il primo a ripensare il coltello di Laguiole. Caratteristiche:
    Colore : nero Materiale : Acciaio inossidabile - Bachelite Dimensioni : Lunghezza totale: 30 cm - Lama: lunghezza 15 cm Origini: Coltello originale Laguiole interamente prodotto a Laguiole in Aveyron (più di 40 fasi successive sono necessarie alla sua realizzazione)
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  8. Wusthof Germany - Ikon - 4986/12 - Spelucchino da 12cm. - coltello cucina

    Wusthof Ikon

    Utilizzo: coltello per ogni utilizzo - spelucchino, salumi, formaggi, frutta e verdura
    Lunghezza Lama: 120mm
    Tipo: Forgiato
    Acciaio: X50 Cr Mo V 15
    Manicatura: Legno African Blackwood

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  9. Made in Italy - Inoxart set with 4 cheese knives in wooden box

    Made in Italy - Inoxart set with 4 cheese knives in wooden box

    The Inoxart cheese set is a small masterpiece of design: tempered stainless steel blades are enclosed in a refined inlaid walnut block.

    Set with 4 cheese knives by Inoxart made in Italy A set of cheese knives, but also a furnishing accessory for your kitchen.

    Elegant and at the same time practical and functional.

    Knives protagonists in the cutting of both soft and medium cheeses.

    Handmade in Italy

    Blade: stainless steel 1.4116

    Sleeve: POM acetal resin

    Rivets: stainless steel 4 pieces.


    parmesan knife with almond-shaped blade for detaching flakes cm 15

    knife with forked tip to carry cheese slices in the dish cm.22.

    cutting and spreading knife for soft cheeses cm.23

    bell-shaped knife with a sharp blade for a firm and perfect cut cm.15

    Walnut wood box with handcrafted magnetic closure.

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  10. Wusthof Germany - Classic - Semi soft cheese knife 14 cm - 1040135214 - knife

    For hard or semi-hard cheeses, with a forked tip: equipped with a sturdy blade and a sharp edge, this knife can cut even the hardest cheeses, while the forked tip can be used to serve sliced ​​cheese. For other cheeses we recommend the soft cheese knife and, to make the perfect sandwich, our sandwich knife.

    - 14 cm blade
    Handles: made of synthetic material and joined with a triple riveting ensure a perfect seal, excellent stability and guarantee dishwasher safe.
    The Blades: are obtained using the best steels and combining the most qualified elements (chromium 15% - carbon 0.5% - molybdenum - vanadium).
    The production of a WUSTHOF forged knife requires the passage of about 40 processing cycles.


    Proper maintenance prolongs the life of the knife, makes work easier and safer and reduces the consumption of the wire. Some advices:

    - Pay attention that the knives placed in the dishwasher bump other objects; the blades could be damaged.

    - Knives guaranteed for dishwashers that are not immediately washed in the machine should be rinsed under the water tap to remove the remains of highly corrosive foods (fats, vinegar, fruit juices).

    - Make sure if the knives no longer cut perfectly, have them rectified or sharpened by professionals in the sector.

    The WUSTHOF knives sold by us are personally checked and further sharpened, in order to guarantee you the certainty of an excellent purchase.

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  11. Maserin - Parmigiano knife - 2008/OL - cucina

    Parmigiano code: 2008/OL Description Handle: Olive wood Lenght: 8 cm Blade: AISI 420 stainless steel HRC56 Packaging: gift box The new kitchen line created by Coltellerie MAserin is the result of careful study of materials and ergonomics applied to kitchen tools. The blades are cut by laser machine, they are made of steel with high carbon components, their sharpen edge is perfect and long-lasting. Their olive or P.O.M. (mytilene poli-oxide) handles have a very ergonomic shape that guarantees a perfect grip and an elegant look. They are all finished by CNC machine. All the knives are packed in a nice gift box of recyclable cardboard with a satin plastic cover. Their award-winning design was chosen to represent the important relationship between Quality Maniago and the well-known Montasio Cheese.
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  12. Tridentum - Professional set for hard pastry cheese

    Tridentum - Professional cheese set for hard pasta

    Each cheese has its knife and requires a precise cutting ritual:

    Cheese knife mod. Pavia (heart) 12 cm;

    Cheese knife mod. Vercelli 15 cm;

    Cheese knife with double hook grain 8.5 cm.

    Cheese knife with spear 14cm

    Cheese knife mod. Veneto 15 x 7.5 cm.

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