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  1. Ad Hoc - Fine Grain Cheese Grater - CUTNSERVE

    Ad hoc - Fine Grain Cheese Grater - CUTNSERVE

    The grater with its fairly large cutting surface is equipped with extremely sharp "PreciseGrate" teeth, which guarantee excellent results.

    In addition to hard cheeses it is suitable for spices, nuts, chocolate and much more.

    The acacia wood collection container with non-slip feet keeps the work surface clean and is a real eye-catcher on any table.

    The grating blade is easy to remove and dishwasher safe.

    The acacia wood collection container should be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth.

    Translated with (free version)

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  2. Ad-Hoc - Oil or vinegar dispenser CRYSTAL

    Oil or vinegar dispenser CRYSTAL

    matt/black stainless steel/acrylic

    D: 5.6 cm, H: 18 cm capacity: 75 ml

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    For finest olive oil and vinegar and also suitable for soya sauce

    AdHoc pump device - easy, precise and economical dosing with the pump function

    Drop-free pouring

    Easy to open and to fill thanks to the large filling hole

    Not dishwasher safe.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  3. Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Special features 2-piece set

    To arrange and serve

    Curved shape, formed from one single piece, comfortably fits in your hand

    Dishwasher safe stainless steel L: 28 cm, W: 7.5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  4. Ade - Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station

    Frieling ADE Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station Features Multi-tasking digital kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station; compatible with all current iPods (not included) Offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams; weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram Includes an add-and-weigh (tare) function; includes battery and overload indicators, and an automatic shut off to preserve battery Speaker located in base; protective cover for iPod station is included Powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery; one battery comes included KAADEKE999REBOX
    Special Price €64.92 Regular Price €81.15
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  5. AdHoc - Acrylic/ Wood salt-pepper mill set

    AdHoc - Acrylic/ Wood salt-pepper mill set


    Spice mill using the cerastar ceramic article allows for optimal grinding results. The ad-hoc pepper grinders are all equipped with a self-locking safety screw for adjusting the thickness of the grinder.

    Thanks to the locking of the grinder, you will avoid having remnants of the grind on the supporting surface. You can grind the following dried substances: black pepper, coarse salt, comino, garlic, rosemary, oregano, various spices, mustard grains, anise, coriander, cloves and chocolate.

    Features: Pepper mill or salt mill , supplied with a high quality ceramic grinder "CeraCut", which is odorless, tasteless, stainless and absolutely corrosion resistant, with continuous grinding adjustment from fine to coarse.

    Dimensions cm. 13

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  6. Adhoc - Chili cutter PEPE

    Adhoc - Chili cutter PEPE BLACK

    The AdHoc PEPE Chili Cutter is specially designed to cut dried chilis. The stainless steel and acrylic design makes for a beautiful addition to your kitchen and turns any dry spice into a real eye-catcher on your table. PEPE Chili Cutter The stainless steel cutter is equipped with the original AdHoc PreciseCut® patent … a special cutting mechanism for the optimal cutting (not grinding) of dried herbs and spices. This patented mechanism allows for the release of individual aromas and flavors from essential oils. This item is characterized by its exceptional and elegant acrylic and stainless steel design. The PEPE Chili Cutter features a clear acrylic body that easily provides a view of what’s inside. The delightfully designed chili-style body is a conversation piece when filled with colorful dried chili, spices or herbs. Also, it fits easily in your hand for effortless filling and cutting. Add the unique AdHoc PEPE Chili Cutter Spice Grinder to your collection for all your dried spice needs! For Pepper refills, click here to purchase the Birds Eye Chilis.

    Features Patented PreciseCut® mechanism has special stainless steel blades with sharply etched teeth. Dried herbs and spices are cut, not ground, releasing more aroma and flavor. Suitable for: dried chili, dried ginger, pink pepper, fennel, caraway, coriander, mustard seed, etc.

    Bottom cap protects spices and keeps countertops and cooking surfaces clean. Product Details

    Product Dimensions: L: 1.77 inches, W: 2.16 inches, H: 8.07 inches

    Weight: 0.39 lb Primary

    Material: Stainless Steel, Acrylic

    Product Care: Wipe Clean Only


    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  7. Adhoc - Corkscrew CHAMP

    CHAMP corkscrew The CHAMP corkscrew works using the self pulling principle – simple turning removes the cork easily from the bottle. The corkscrew is suitable for natural and plastic corks. DIAGRAM OF THE COMPONENTS 1 Handle 2 Spiral screw 3 Body with positioning wings 4 Storage stand
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  8. AdHoc - Decanter pourer AIROVIN

    Decanter pourer AEROVIN

    For intensive aeration of the wine when pouring

    Venturi principle leading to more intensive flavour Simple, non-drip pouring including drip catcher

    The silicone stopper ensures it fits perfectly and secure in the bottle

    The fine stainless steel filter holds back coarse suspended substances

    Including storage and drip tray

    Not dishwasher safe

    stainless steel/plastic/silicone

    D: 3 cm, H: 16 cm, with stand: D: 5 cm, H: 17.5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
    Out of stock
  9. AdHoc - Double chopping knife WAVE

    Double chopping knife WAVE KH51 2-blade knife acacia wood/stainless steel L: 19.8 cm, W: 2.2 cm, H: 10.2 cm, with stand: L: 23.2 cm, W: 2.2 cm H: 10.9 cm Design: Gabriele Kaltenbach
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  10. Adhoc - Filter spices - Spice Bomb

    Adhoc - Filter spices - Spice Bomb SPICE BOMB
    filter spices spice Bombcan spice up his food
    withstands temperatures up to 240 °
    is dishwasher safe Spice Bomb Is stainless steel and silicone.
    Dimensions: Ø 7 cm.
    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  11. AdHoc - Finger Protection Safety Touch

    AdHoc - Finger Protection Safety Touch

    Safety Touch - Protection from contact with viruses and bacteria by AdHoc

    Now you can touch this!

    Many of the surfaces you come into contact with in public places are greasy, smudged or filthy.

    What's worse, they're covered in germs and bacteria that you probably don't want on your hands.

    Safety touch is a new tool that lets you touch public buttons, switches, touch screens and ATMs safely, without getting your hands dirty.

    It's made of antibacterial silicone, and it's designed to be carried on your keychain.

    The tool's chrome-plated storage case makes it a stylish, funky accessory that's sure to turn heads.


    Length 10 cm,

    Width 2.5 cm,

    Height 2 cm

    Weight: 0.03 kg

    Color: Assorted.

    Special Price €8.57 Regular Price €12.25
    Only 10 left
    Only 10 left
  12. Adhoc - Floating filter for Tea with hourglass

    Ad- Hoc Filtro galleggiante per tè con clessidra girevole.

    Il primo filtro ad uovo galleggiante per tè ed infusi. Grazie all'assetto perfettamente bilanciato, il filtro rimarrà sempre in superficie a portata di mano. Non sarà più necessario ripescarlo dal fondo del bricco o della tazza.
    E' il filtro ideale per la preparazione di tè ed infusi. La clessidra permette di sorvegliare il tempo d'infusione è magnetica e quindi facile da girare e togliere. Materiale: acciaio inox, vetro e plastica. La clessidra può avere una tolleranza di alcuni secondi
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  13. AdHoc - FORMA Porcelain salt and pepper mill set - VINTAGE

    AdHoc - FORMA Porcelain salt and pepper mill set - VINTAGE 

    Porcelain grinder for pepper and salt

    Also suitable for other dried flavourings

    Refill very easy: just remove the top

    Very efficient ceramic grinder 

    Progressive adjustment of the thickness of the grindstone from fine to coarse

    Material: Porcelain

    Height: 14cm.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  14. Adhoc - Gift Set MUSCATINO

    Adhoc - Gift Set MUSCATINO Muscat meets delicate! Nutmeg, beetroot, celery and semolina dumplings are four excellent ingredients for a delicious, autumnal soup.  The recipe for the autumn red beet and pumpkin soup is also included in the set.

    The Adhoc set from Mushino is a great gift for gourmets and cooking fans.

    1 PM87 Muscat mill MUSKATINO

     1 recipe of beetroot soup

    1 Multibag.

    Special Price €16.31 Regular Price €22.05
    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  15. Adhoc - Glass tea infuser - FUSION

    Adhoc - Glass tea infuser - FUSION

    For crystal clear tea enjoyment! The FUSION glass tea filter offers enough space for loose-leaf tea and fresh ingredients such as ginger, lemon, spices and more. Made of absolutely tasteless, heat-resistant and sustainable borosilicate glass, the FUSION is the ideal tool for your cup of tea. The last drops are collected after use by the glass holder. Tea lovers know that the pleasure of drinking tea starts with the pouring of the relaxing hot drink. With her design of the FUSION tea filter, designer Gabriele Kaltenbach ensures that even the eye is involved in this promising connection between hot water and tea leaves or herbs right from the start. The borosilicate glass offers a clear view. The FUSION tea filter is easy to fill and just as easy to close, thanks to the flexible, tasteless silicone lid The silicone arm of the lid is another typical AdHoc feature: it can be easily attached to the handle of the cup, and after sufficient brewing time, makes removing the tea filter child's play. This makes tea enjoyment simple and perfect!

    FUSION glass/silicone tea filter D: 5.5 cm, H: 7 cm, drip tray D: 6.5 cm, H: 3.7 cm

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  16. AdHoc - GUSTO Champagne Bottle Stopper and Saver

    Once uncorked, champagne bubbles give off zesty, sweet notes as the effervescent beverage explodes on the palate. On the rare occasion that your champagne goes unfinished, the GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver will help you preserve what’s left for later enjoyment.


    The GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver’s silicone stopper and retaining clamp provide an ultra-tight vacuum seal that not only preserves your champagne’s taste and bubbles but is also leak-proof. Lay your bottle on its side worry-free or store it in the refrigerator door thanks to the uniquely flat, low-profile design. Either way, the AdHoc GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver extends the life of an open bottle of champagne and makes it possible to enjoy it again in the future without waste.


    Virtually leak-proof

    silicone stopper and retaining clamps

    Preserves an open bottle of champagne’s taste and bubbles

    Allows horizontal bottle storage in your refrigerator without leaking

    Extremely flat, low-profile design 

    bottle easily fits upright in the refrigerator door

    Product Details

    Primary Material: Plastic/Silicone


    Diameter: 3.22 inches

    Height: 0.66 inches


    All AdHoc products come with a limited two-year warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or normal wear and tear.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  17. Adhoc - Ice rechargeable stick for 2 cups - cooler

    Novit by Ad Hoc ice stick ricaricabile per calice
    Raffredda la bevanda nel bicchiere senza annacquarla, si surgela nel congelatore, riempibile con ulteriori bastoncini di ghiaccio. Presente nella confezione anche lo stampo in silicone per la produzione di bastoncini di ghiaccio.
    Materiale acciaio inox/silicone.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  18. AdHoc - Icebar Wine Cooling Stick

    AdHoc - Icebar Wine Cooling Stick

    The ice cooler for the inside of the bottle

    With the stainless steel Icebar cooling rod from the AdHoc brand, drinks of all kinds, especially wine, can be cooled in the bottle without watering it down. The Icebar cooling rod seals the bottle practically airtight and clean and thus prevents further aeration of the wine. This ensures longer taste and freshness. When pouring the drink, the practical wine accessory can simply remain in the bottle and thus leaves no traces on the table. For the perfectly chilled drink and an optimal result, the Icebar chilling stick should chill in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

    Special feature

    Cools drink in the bottle

    for all types of drinks

    seals bottle airtight


    Material: stainless steel, silicone

    Dimensions: H 28 x Ø 1,6 cm

    Care instructions: clean by hand, not dishwasher-safe.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  19. Adhoc - Magnetic pepper or salt mill PEPNETIC

    Adhoc - Magnetic pepper or salt mill PEPNETIC Ceramic grinder CeraCut® stainless steel/plastic/acrylic D: 4.5 cm, H: 11 cm holder: D 4 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Special features: Integrated magnet for flexible attachment to magnetic surfaces. Incl. self-adhesive wall mounting for attachment to other mounting surfaces. Mill with odor- and taste-free as well as absolutely corrosion- and wear-free high-efficiency ceramic grinder CeraCut®. Removable lids for easy filling. Transparent lid for clear view of the ground material. Fully adjustable from fine to coarse. Aroma-protection cap to protect the spices and to keep the work surface clean. Not dishwasher safe.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  20. Adhoc - Magnetic tea infuser MAG TEA

    Adhoc - Magnetic tea infuser MAG TEA plastic/stainless steel D: 5,5 cm, H: 8,8 cm, W: 2 cm, with drip stand D: 6 cm, H: 9 cm, W: 2,5 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Special features Magnetic holder for fixing the filter in the glass Easy to open and to fill Suitable for fine teas like rooibos. Fine filter prevents bothersome tea crumbs from getting into the liquid Easy removal of the filter due to the magnetic holder Strong magnet for different cup shapes and materials After use, the storage stand catches the last drops Dishwasher safe
    Only 7 left
    Only 7 left
  21. AdHoc - Milk/sauce frother - RAPID 3

    AdHoc - Milk/sauce frother - RAPID 3


    High-quality milk and sauce frother

    Easy to use, starts at the push of a button

    Suitable for: milk, sauces, vinaigrettes, soups, cocktails and more

    Easy to clean thanks to removable whisk and practical container 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries included

    Material: plastic/stainless steel

    Height: 20 cm

    Diameter: 3.2 cm.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  22. Adhoc - Mortar Crush

    Adhoc - Mortar Crush Suitable for crushing, grinding and crushing of herbs and spices. Cast iron / acacia wood D: 13 cm, H: 7.5 cm Pestle: D: 4.2 cm, H: 12.5 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Handle of the pestle made of acacia wood, pleasantly in the hand Friction surfaces of cast iron for reliable crushing For crushing, grinding and crushing
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
    Out of stock
  23. AdHoc - OVAL Rechargeable Electric Pepper or Salt Grinder - EP71

    • Aromatize with one hand by pressing the button
    • 6 rechargeable batteries included
    • Charger with saucer
    • Continuous grind adjustment from fine to coarse
    • High-efficiency grind
    • With LED

    Recommended use: Grinding pepper or salt.

    Country of manufacture: China

    Material: Stainless steel/acrylic/silicone

    Diameter: 6cm.

    Size: 22.3cm.

    Packaging: Cardboard box


    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  24. Adhoc - Pepper or salt grinder BUD - MP22

    A practical salt or pepper mill is an essential accessory for every kitchen and dining room! Bud combines functionality and aesthetics, quickly becoming one of your favorite kitchen accessories.

    Its adjustable ceramic Mahlwerk grinding mechanism is incredibly precise, allowing you to grind salt and pepper with ease. Made from high-quality materials and protected from moisture, it is also extremely durable over time.

    The ergonomically contoured shape of the grinder makes it stable in the hand, preventing slipping and making it easier to distribute spices directly onto the plate. The transparent sleek window allows you to keep an eye on the level of salt or pepper inside, while also adding a unique decorative touch to your kitchen.

    AdHoc offers a 30-year warranty on these grinds. 

    Height: 15.5cm

    Width: 6.4cm


    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  25. AdHoc - Pepper- or salt spinning mill SPIN- MP303

    AdHoc - Pepper- or salt spinning mill SPIN- MP303

     Ceramic grinder CeraCut® acacia wood/plastic

    D: 8.5 cm, H: 18.5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team.


    With innovative system to adjust the grinding setting and grinding distribution

    Suitable for the most varied types of salt and pepper

    With odor- and taste-free as well as absolutely corrosion- and wear-free high-efficiency ceramic grinder CeraCut®

    Removable knob for easy filling

    Precise dosing of the ground product through outlet slot

    Setting disc to adjust grinding setting and as grinding mechanism cover Fully adjustable from fine to coarse Setting disc keeps the working surface clean

    The setting disc can be unscrewed and removed for cleaning.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  26. AdHoc - Pourer and stopper CasQ

    POURER AND STOPPER CASQ The "CasQ" series from AdHoc offers wine lovers three practical and beautifully designed products for sealing, pouring and storing their favourite drink. Also perfect as a gift, preferably together with a selected good drop! This drip-free pouring funnel made of oak wood, stainless steel, food-safe silicone and plastic enables accurate pouring and directs any collected drops back into the bottle. In a further function, the silicone stopper ensures a tight, secure and clean seal.

    This AdHoc product from the "CasQ" series also prevents further aeration of the wine. Its extremely flat design is ideal for storage in the fridge door. Suitable for all types of wine, especially for red and white wine, but also for pouring olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Collection CasQ Material Oak wood, stainless steel, plastic and silicon

    Design: Robert Franzheld

    Colour :  natural

    Height : 6,4 cm

    Diameter :  4,9 cm.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  27. Adhoc - Salt-pepper spice mill

    Adhoc - Salt-pepper spice mill

    The pepper mill or AdHoc Classic salt in brushed stainless steel is a product for those who appreciate aromas, fragrance and flavors. Thanks to the transparent acrylic you can see what and how much there is in the mill, the millstones are in ceramic with continuous adjustment from fine to coarse and high efficiency of grinding, resistant to corrosion and absolutely odorless and tasteless.

    Easy to refill, suitable for pepper, salt and many other dry spices

    Dimensions: length 13 cm.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  28. AdHoc - Spice Box POTTA

    AdHoc - Spice Box POTTA

    Spice box Potta

    Practical spice box made of cast iron and acacia wood

    Suitable for up to 3 different types of spices

    Easy push-to-open principle


    Length: 17 cm

    Width: 7,2 cm

    Height: 4,5 cm

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  29. Adhoc - Tabletop arc lighter

    Adhoc - Tabletop arc lighter

    • Flameless ignition of candles, wind lanterns, grills, gas ovens, etc.
    • Ignition even in high wind conditions.
    • Extra long ignition neck allows ignition from a safe distance.
    • Rechargeable, includes USB charging cable and LED charging display.
    • Safe and energy efficient.
    • Material: plastic/stainless steel.
    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  30. AdHoc - Tea Heart - Filtro per tè a cuore

    AdHoc tea heart
    E' ideale per tutti i tipi di tè ed infusi.
    Il filtro galleggia nella tazza mentre l'opposito aggancio in silicone poggia sul bordo, sempre a portata di mana.
    Per una preparazione ottimale di té ed infusi.
    Materiale: acciaio inox e silicone.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  31. Adhoc - Tea infuser INFUSION

    Adhoc - Tea infuser INFUSION stainless steel/plastic D: 6 cm, H: 13.5 cm, with drip stand H: 14 cm Design: Gabriele Kaltenbach Special features Suitable for all kinds of tea. Fine filter prevents bothersome tea crumbs from getting into the liquid Large tea filter for optimum aroma development even of large-leaf teas Easy to fill and remove the filter After use, the storage stand catches the last drops Dishwasher safe
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  32. Adhoc - Tea infuser TEA DROP

    Tea infuser TEA DROP Plastic/stainless steel L: 21,5 cm, W: 5,6 cm, with stand: W: 22.5 cm, W: 7 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Suitable for fine teas like rooibos. Fine infuser prevents particles from getting into the liquid. Large filter, optimal space for tea leaves to unfold. For the mug or the teapot. Easy and one-handed opening and filling. Thanks to its long handle easy to remove. The included stand collects drops after use. Dishwasher safe.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  33. AdHoc - TEXTURA Salt and Pepper Mill, Set of 2, Green

    A good salt and pepper mill set is one of the most important items in your kitchen - there are not many meals where you don't use them. The beautiful design and practical nature of the TEXTURA salt and pepper mill set from Adhoc is understandably popular given the perfect grinding results that put it in a class of its own.

    The reason for this is that the mills are made using odourless and tasteless CeraCut® high-performance ceramic grinding mechanisms that won't rust or wear. The grinding setting is infinitely adjustable, from very fine to beautifully coarse.

    The TEXTURA salt and pepper mill provides perfect seasoning for every dish.


    Size (H x ø): 15 x 5 cm

    Weight: 410 g

    Material: Painted beech wood, stainless steel

    Colour: dark green / light green wood colours

    Features High-performance CeraCut® ceramic grinder that won’t rust or wear.

    Continuous grinding adjustment from fine to coarse 30-year warranty* on the CeraCut® grinding mechanism

    Included in delivery AdHoc TEXTURA Salt and Pepper Mill, Set of 2.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  34. Adhoc - THERMO - GLASS double-walled french press coffee mug

    Double-walled french press coffee mug


    capacity: approx. 300 ml glass/stainless steel/plastic/silicone

    D: 7 cm, H: 19,5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    Special features Ideal for at home or the office

    Perfect thermal effect due to double-walled, heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

    Tasteless borosilicate glass

    Sealable drink opening.

    Silicone seal prevents easy leakage.

    Dishwasher safe.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  35. Adhoc - Toothpick dispenser STUZZI, white

    Adhoc - Toothpick dispenser STUZZI, white acrylic/stainless steel L: 8,5 cm, W: 7 cm, H: 4,7 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team The STUZZI toothpick dispenser, which looks like a molar, is very easy to use. Simply raising and lowering the tooth dispense a toothpick through the slot in the center. The enclosed design ensures hygienic storage and use. To fill STUZZI, simply lift off the top section. The storage compartment is designed for standard 6.8 cm long wooden or plastic toothpicks. Special features A toothpick is dispensed by raising and lowering the tooth Also suitable for plastic toothpicks Hygienic and practical for storage and use Can be filled with standard toothpicks (length: approx. 6.8 cm)
    Only 2 left
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  36. AdHoc - Wine and champagne cooler VINE


    Nothing beats a good glass of wine with nice people and good conversation. It's just a pity that the matching delicious grape juices then always get far too warm so quickly! This is where we need the "Vine" wine, sparkling wine and champagne cooler from AdHoc. It keeps pre-cooled wine or sparkling wine at serving and drinking temperature for around two to three hours - giving us more time and leisure to enjoy fine wines.

    The "Vine" works with NaturalChill, which means long-lasting cooling thanks to the natural insulating properties of wood and the outstanding cooling performance of stainless steel.

    With its elegant material mix of high-quality acacia wood and brushed stainless steel designed by Robert Franzheld, the "Vine" cooler fits into any ambience. It is suitable for standard bottles up to 10.5 cm in diameter and also for cooling bottles of water or other drinks.

    Vine collection

    Material Acacia wood and stainless steel

    Design: Robert Franzheld

    Colour natural

    Height 19.5 cm

    Diameter 13.5 cm.

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  37. Adhoc - Wine cooler - Ice stick

    Novità AdHoc, un modo elegante di raffreddare le bevande senza annacquarle.

    L'Ice Stick va raffreddato nel freezer è atossico per alimenti, non occupa spazio, semplice da usare.

    Materiale: acciaio inox e silicone. Linea VINOTAS Nova® - Dalla forma Stick, permette di rinfrescare il liquido col quale viene a contatto senza annacquarlo. La parte destinata ad essere impugnata è ricoperta in materiale siliconico, così da non venir a contatto con la superfice fredda. Prima dell'utilizzo l'articolo deve essere posto in freezer per qualche ora. VINOTAS Nova® È tradizione secolare quella di continuare a pensare ed inventare sempre nuovi strumenti per un più facile accesso al vino imbottigliato. È anche sicuro l’abitudine delle signore a fare “continui sforzi” per stappare le bottiglie di vino. “VINOTAS Nova®” è la nuova linea della AdHoc-Design®, elegante ed ingegnosa, porta via la paura di aprire una bottiglia di vino o champagne/spumante. I nuovi materiali e il design con cui sono stati progettati, permettono facilmente per chiunque di aver accesso alla gabbietta, al tappo di sughero o sintetico, o al tappo dello champagne/spumante; la fine dei botti, del tappo che vola, dello spruzzo di vino sulla tovaglia e non solo è ormai arrivato. Rimane solo la semplicità delle operazioni di apertura e la degustazione del vino.

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  38. AdHoc - wine kit - Vine - 3 pcs.

    The wine kit is suitable for both white and red wine.

    Perfect gift idea for any wine lover.

    The kit consists of:

    "Aerovin" decanting stopper 

    "Vine" wine pouring stopper with integrated microfilter 

    "Vine" bottle stopper 

    and an attractive storage stand.

     All placed on an acacia wood stand.

    Not suitable for dishwasher use.

    Dimensions: 13.5x4x18 cm.

    Material: Stainless steel, Acacia wood, Resin


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  39. Adhoc - Wine thermometer, pourer and stopper GUSTO, clear

    Wine thermometer, pourer and stopper GUSTO, clear Plastic/stainless steel/glass/silicone D: 4.5 cm, H: 15.3 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Thermometer, pourer and stopperPen-style thermometer reaches deep into the bottle for the best possible temperature measurement. Practical drip catcher with a return flow. Plastic lid and silicone bottle stopper seal the bottle airtight. Extremely flat, ideal to keep the bottle in the refrigerators door. With stainless steel casing. Not dishwasher safe
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  40. AdHoc - YASO pepper or salt mill, natural wood dark oak, height: 20 cm

    AdHoc - Yaso pepper or salt mill, natural wood dark oak, height: 20 cm

    Thanks to the easy-to-move handle, it is always ready to use at the dining table, in the kitchen or outdoors.

    Rust- and wear-free ceramic grinder for best aroma development and infinitely variable grinder adjustment.

    PreciseDrive system, specially developed for the best possible concentricity and a continuous grinding result.

    Diameter: 6 cm / Height: 17 cm | Fill the mill by simply pulling off the top.

    Always a great seasoning companion for outdoor cooking, grilling or BBQ!

    Pepper / salt mill "Yaso" - ready for seasoning anywhere thanks to the carrying handle! Design: Robert Franzheld

    The design company AdHoc surprises again and again with good ideas. Now the "Yaso" salt / pepper mill is equipped with an attractive carrying handle made of hard-wearing and tear-resistant natural fibre. Now the spice mill is easy to transport and always ready to hand - in the kitchen as well as at the table. At the same time, it is the ideal seasoning companion for outdoor cooking or a hearty barbecue.

    Yaso" always cuts a fine figure - thanks to its unique design, which harmonises perfectly with any modern or classic ambience. It is made of oiled oak wood and its organic shape is super comfortable to hold. You can choose between light or dark wood. -Another decisive advantage: the mill works with the rust- and wear-free CeraCut® high-performance ceramic grinder, which is also odourless and tasteless.

    This produces a perfect grinding result while preserving the unadulterated aroma of the spices to be ground.

    Function, aesthetics, quality and good taste - a strong quartet that sets the tone at AdHoc. Innovation meets "Design made in Germany".

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  41. Aeternum - Fish bowl with lid and grill

    Aeternum is a brand known for producing high-quality pots and pans.

    This pescera is a pot with a lid and an internal grill, used to cook fish in a healthy and gentle way. The grate helps prevent the fish from sticking to the bottom of the pan during cooking and allows adequate drainage of the cooking liquid. The lid helps retain steam inside the pot, keeping the fish moist and juicy.

    Aeternum pots and pans are renowned for their quality and durability; they are also designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring even cooking of food.

    Recommended use: Cooking fish.

    Country of manufacture: Italy

    Material: 18/10 stainless steel

    Lid: 45x13.5cm.

    Grill: 45x13.5cm.

    Fishbowl: 45x13.5xh.11cm.

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  42. AIR TENDER - Extra Stoppers (6x) Pack

    AIR TENDER - Set of 6 replacement caps

    AIRTENDER is a young company that has revolutionised the vacuum system. It has patented an innovative system that turns ordinary glass jars into vacuum-packed containers. How?

    With the simple help of a special punch, you pierce the lid of the jar, insert the Nano stopper valve and with the supplied pump you remove the air from the jar, making it vacuum-packed.

    AIRTENDER is a revolutionary alternative system to the many commercially available plastic containers.

    Less plastic and more reuse of containers that would otherwise end up thrown away. Nanostopper valves are also suitable for use with all glass bottles. -It is well known that air oxidises wine, altering aromas and flavours.

    With AIRTENDER you vacuum-pack your wine to be kept as fragrant as freshly uncorked for days on end.

    But AIRTENDER is not just about vacuum, playing with air it has also patented a revolutionary nano-aeration system and the micro-bubbles generated oxygenate and enhance the aromas of wines and cocktails!

    The products, all made in Holland, are packaged in blister packs with different combinations, or in 'premium' boxes, but always with attention to the use of recycled and still recyclable materials.

    Enlarge your Airtender vacuum set with 6 additional caps for jars and bottles. These Nanostoppers can be used with either the electric Airtender or the Airtender vacuum hand pump (6x Nanostoppers). Vacuum more bottles and jars. Minimise taste, packaging, time and food waste. Nanostopper with vacuum indicator Reusable and dishwasher safe BPA- and BPS-free

    Also works with the Electric Airtender

    Contents 6x Nanostopper

    The pack contains 6 NANOSTOPPER caps for art. no. AT9431 and AT9432

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